Most Memorable Pendants in Movies

Pendants are a fashionable addition to our jewelry collection; they are fun, versatile, and have a vast selection. Pendants allow you to have an adventure and apply your creativity with every pendant choice you make. Sometimes, a more significant meaning comes with pendants. Some movies also saw pendants as a fashion accessory and an essential part of the story. Some pendant featured in the different film is a form of encouragement to one character; another pendant is a source of willpower to another.

Another unique pendant is a girl's only link to the past. These movies just increased our appreciation for these small, memorable trinkets. These great pendants will surely be in our memories because they are great like that. We surfed the internet and found ten of the most famous pendants in movies and their roles in the characters' lives and stories. Is your favorite pendant on the list? Let's find out!


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She is one of the few princesses not officially launched by the famous Disney Studios, but boy she is well-loved by many. Perhaps the reason is that in real life, the search for Princess Anastasia Romanov is an intriguing and curious case itself. The adapted story tells about a lost princess who forgot everything about her and her past. The only thing that she considers the link to her past is the green hexagon pendant she wears with a gold chain and a song she sings with her grandmother.

The grandmother, it turned out, was the current Queen of Russia. She was only able to discover the real Anastasia (after millions of people claiming they're the Princess) was when she took out her green pendant. The famous green pendant was a key to a music box to which Anastasia and her Grandma would usually sing with. Thanks to the meaningful pendant, the Princess got her family and identity back. 

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Cramming for the finals, and you wish you can turn back time, so you'll get all those hours wasted on Facebook? Well, you would probably envy Hermione's famous time turner pendant! With this useful pendant, you can turn back time whenever you want. The brightest witch of her age got the time turner from Professor McGonagall (I smell a teacher's favor here) to help her manage all the activities she joined in Hogwarts. Though owning the time turner caused more stress for the young witch, it came in handy when it was time to rescue Harry Potter's godfather, Sirius Black, from eventual execution. Many dangers come with using the time turner pendant, but hey, who does not want an accessory that can bring you through time? This trinket is seriously one of those pendants to own!

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Ahh, the famous Heart of the Ocean. If I were to receive a gift as lavish as this, I would feel so honored. Upon receiving the luxurious gift from her lover, Rose told her rich fiance, "This is very flattering." We surely know where she's coming from, darlings! The pendant, according to the story, once belonged to King Louis XVI. An expensive pendant and a touch of royalty and history do make a great engagement gift. Unfortunately, Rose did not have the same ideas as we do. At the end of the movie, when she was all old and frail, she threw the necklace and pendant back to the ocean. Many people believe it is her way of saying that Jack (who died in the water due to hypothermia) would always have her heart. Aww, that's very sweet, but we still wish she gave to us. 

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Would you trade your magical skills for someone else's singing voice? Ursula has an answer for that, which is to encase the voice inside a magical shell pendant. Very classy. But what does Ursula know about class and grace when she only wants the King's throne and power? She used Ariel's carefree and desperate behavior as a way to trap the sea king. Fortunately, though, Ariel's friends found out that behind the disguise of the beautiful Vanessa was the evil Ursula and her plans. They got to break her plans of overpowering the king by breaking the magical shell necklace. Way to go! Even though this shell pendant is filled with a sinister history, it is a pendant to own, aesthetically speaking.

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Anne Boleyn is famous for her influence over a king, who made him decide to divorce his wife and change religion. She was also renowned for her undeniable charisma and her equally loud B pendant she would always be seen wearing. We are not sure what the meaningful pendant stands for, but we know that her pendant is one of the well-known iconic pieces in movies and history. Natalie Portman immortalized the role of Anne Boleyn with the B pendant again. According to history, Anne Boleyn started wearing this after she had been banished temporarily from the court. Perhaps a necklace for vengeance? Or maybe a brazen way of saying, "I'm back!" like what Emma Robert's character did in Easy A? I don't know, but this pretty much inspires me to buy my initials pendant, too. 

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Yes, we know, this is technically a ring and a powerful ring for that matter. But basically, Frodo also used this as a pendant when he and Sam were on the journey back to Mordor. Some scenes in the movie showed how Frodo avoided putting it on his fingers for the primary reason that it proved to be more dangerous if he will do that. This ring comes with a ton of evil stories to tell, but this is one of those pendants in movies that are too cool that you just want to own them. Who would have thought that a piece of popular evil jewelry would make a meaningful pendant?

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Popularly known as the "Jewel of Arwen," this beautiful pendant of the equally impressive Arwen. This pendant is aesthetically stellar, but it also saw many things in its existence. The pendant stood as a symbol of love for Arwen and Aragorn, knowing the fact that Arwen has lived for so many years. She gave this to him as a token of their love. Fast forward after Arwen and Aragorn were married, the new queen gave this pendant to Frodo to bring with him as he leaves Minas Tirith. This famous pendant is not only magical in its design, and it is absolutely peculiar to LOTR characters.

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We might not always see the colors of the wind, but we will never forget one of the most iconic Disney Princess necklaces ever made, perhaps the most memorable jewelry ever in Disney cartoons. Pocahontas' necklace was given to her by her father. This comes with the hope to win her heart into agreeing to marriage to Kokoum. The necklace was from her mother; his father would add, and he was giving it to her because he remembers his deceased wife in his daughter.

Unfortunately for the Chief, Pocahontas never truly wanted the idea of just settling down for marriage. Plus, a handsome white man named John Smith came wooing her, so the deal of marriage is done and gone. The necklace became a piece of iconic jewelry for her even as she traveled to London, preferring it over all the fancy trinkets the Londoners had to offer. Well, what a fashionable way to always look back to your roots. Jenny from the Block should take note.

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Here comes the symbol that started all the rebellion in the Capitol. The Mockingjay is an emblem of rebellion or going against the system the Capitol has set. The Mockingjay pin is not only an essential accessory in the movie, but it was also its prime symbol, appearing in all the three films. The famous wearer of this symbol is Katniss Everdeen, who was the first who broke the Hunger Games system. She's viewed as someone who can change the policy, thus the title Mockingjay. It is impressive how a pin-like and sometimes a pendant like this can ignite people's hearts to do what's right. Forget all the singing in Les Miserables for a moment. Bask in the power of this popular pendant and pin!

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"One alone is not enough. You need both together." Mulan and General Shang are complete opposites with each other, and yet they fell in love. Mulan's father saw these differences would one day get in the way. That's why he gave a yin yang necklace pendant to Mulan and Shang. True to his suspicions, the differences did get in the couples' way as they had disagreements of their own. However, everything went well after they were reminded of how they should work out their differences for their excellent. Thanks to the yin yang pendant, of course. 

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These pendants are not just part of the fashion of the characters; they also have their roles in the story. Do you want to have a meaningful pendant yourself? Check out our vast pendant collections and find one that suits you. You will not be disappointed. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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