Most Fashionable Celebrities

Most Fashionable Celebrities

The year is about to end, and needless to say, this year has offered us a lot of big fashion moments and one-of-a-kind fashion trends. We will be facing more breathtaking creations next year but before we get too excited for next year's fashion, let us look at the best-dressed celebrities.

1. Lily Collins

The brunette British beauty is like the younger version of the most loved Hollywood heroine, Audrey Hepburn. Lily Collins embodies it all, from her grace to her fashion taste to make up the trademark. She steps out in basic outfits that she expertly transforms into something banging. Pictured here is Lily Collins wearing a pink sweater accentuated by sparkly layered bangles.

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2. Jessica Chastain

They say that gingers don't easily stand out from the crowd. Well, Jessica Chastain is not one of those gingers. With a style that is a cross between ultra-feminine and ultra-flexible, she always stands out from the crowd. She looks golden in this sparkly Met Gala number she wore for the said event. We love the amethyst earrings, too.

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3. Ellie Goulding

She may have first emerged as a singer-songwriter, but this English beauty slowly captured the fashion lenses as well. With great celebrity style, Goulding is hard to ignore. She is known for donning simple pieces made spectacular with her platinum blonde hair. She looks sexy with this all-black mini dress paired with a cross necklace.

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4. Lily James

Hollywood's new IT girl is making waves in the fashion world. Lily James is one of the newest young Hollywood fashion icons. Her style is dainty and classy and always crisp down to a T. Here, she is pictured wearing a suede top accentuated by a lovely necklace. So chic this girl!

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5. Katy Perry Like Lady Gaga

Katy Perry's style is also one that is quirky and a little bit eccentric. However, hers is also the fashion many would want to copy. This girl can rock the blue hair, the grandma boho fashion, the classy red carpet look, you name it. In this photo, she's looking extra regal with the gorgeous ensemble and a multi-layered jewelry.

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6. Gigi Hadid

Undeniably, Gigi Hadid is one of the most sought after models of today, and there's one good reason for it. Whether she's on the runway or rocking her celebrity street style, Gigi's looks are always for the books. Take this Parisian chic outfit she wore and the sparkling gemstone necklace that donned her neck as her style example.

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7. Rita Ora

The singer-slash-fashionista has her trademark when it comes to fashion -- fashion and style that is loud but classy. Rita Ora's style focuses on color blocking, or shall we say shade blocking. She rocks her black ensembles so gloriously, and she makes the look more noticeable by adding a funky hairstyle. 

8. Zoe Saldana

For a normal person, it's not every day that you look downright spectacular. But don't assume about that when it comes to Zoe Saldana. This exotic beauty carries with her a sense of style that is not like the others. Her skin tone also makes everything pop a little more. Posing for the camera is Zoe with a black and red ensemble top she accessorized with a stunning statement rings.

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9. Diane Kruger

Blonde, daring, beautiful. These are just certain words that can perfectly describe Diane Kruger. Even in her 40s, she still rocks whatever outfit she decides to wear. We are in love with this Met Gala look of hers with the glimmering top and the stunning diamond dangling earrings. May it be on the red carpet or just out for a walk, her style is phenomenal.

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10. Cara Delevingne

Even though Cara Delevingne has slightly turned her back from modeling, it's still a fact that her style and fashion are still looked up to by many. Well, we think there's a good reason for it. Cara indeed brings spice to the runway and the red carpet. But even though she wears casual clothes, she still looks smashing. Take this photo, for example. A sparkly jacket always deserves a pair of Chanel earrings.

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11. Kerry Washington


Kerry Washington is an icon. You don't always see someone classy all the time, but this woman is a definite exemption. For her celebrity style, she always opts for classics both in the outfit and in jewelry. We are in love with this peach-colored dress and shoes she is wearing. We also can't ignore the diamond stud earrings winking at us.

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12. Sienna Miller

Time and time again, Sienna Miller proves to us that her style and her taste are eternal. This celebrity loves to play with fashion trends by opting for the hottest look and then looking a spin of her own. We love how she looks so sassy in this number. Those fringe earrings should have a dedication of their own.

13. Kendall Jenner

The most long-legged daughter of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is the most sought after style icon by many people. Yes, Kendall Jenner is a masterpiece of her own. This supermodel loves to combine luxury items with everyday pieces like in this photo. She also loves to embrace her chic boho side by going for dainty choker necklaces.

14. Alexa Chung

Two words can perfectly describe Alexa Chung's fashion sense: tomboyish and classy. In the streets, she can rock the most casual attire out there. On the red carpet, she's a different icon. That's not an easy feat, but she kills it every single time. Alexa Chung can rock a vast choker necklace like that on the streets.

15. Jennifer Aniston

Not every style icon reaches the age of 40 and still be considered as such. It's a different story for Jennifer Aniston, though. This "FRIENDS" star proves time and time again that age is just a number, and fashion for her is eternal. Even her airport outfit is one for the books, especially with those layered jewelry pieces on.

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16. Beyonce

Queen B is Queen B for a reason. Whether it comes to vocals or whether it comes to fashion, Beyonce knows how to make her fashion statement. Here she's looking casual, but she gave this look a classy spin with gold drop earrings.

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17. Blake Lively

Could we ever forget Ryan Reynolds' bae on our list? Of course not. Personally, Blake is a fashion favorite. She looks good with whatever she wears! She is a real darling, and her beauty is not easy to beat. Oh, and can we mention that she looks dazzling with whatever jewelry pieces she chooses to wear?

18. Emma Stone

"The Help" actress Emma Stone has a style that has a league of its own. The one thing that is remarkable about Emma Stone's celebrity style is that she knows how to take fashion risks -- risks that eventually pay off. She's one example that yes, ginger beauties can stand out, too.

19. Scarlett Johansson

One thing that sets Scarlett Johansson from the rest is her no fear of fashion personality. She can rock the mohawk hair, and she goes all floral in the red carpet. This woman's style has been underrated; it's a good thing that her style is recognized now.

20. Angelina Jolie

The next one on the list is Angelina Jolie. Need we say more? This woman has been an ethereal style icon for years. She's even considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the world today. There's no question about Angie's appeal and fashion style. She also is never late when it comes to jewelry style; take that diamond bangle, for example.

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21. Victoria Beckham

By virtue of her being a fashion designer, Posh Spice can always make heads turn with her ensembles. She''s a fashion trailblazer, that is why her style stands out among the rest. Just look at how she fiercely added her touch to this black and white number!

22. Jennifer Lawrence

Like Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence is a star everyone watches out for in the red carpet. Her fashion tastes surprised because they're fierce and not ordinary. But, when it comes to street and casual style, J Law also knows how to rock it. In the photo is Lawrence attending a "Passengers" premiere night. Can we shout out to her pin-inspired earrings?

23. Lupita Nyong'o

Ever since Lupita Nyong'o came to the scene, her beauty and her fashion sense became one that always stands out among the rest. Because of her unique beauty, her face has been featured in different fashion magazines. Hers is the style that is both timeless and classy. We can't wait to see more from her.

24. Emma Watson

Emma Watson may have said goodbye to Hermione, but we feel that her fashion choices are still affected by this lady. Emma Watson's style always looks smart and unique. You add Emma's fashion sense, her brain, and her good heart, and you get a total icon. We love this chick right here.

25. Taylor Swift

Last but not least, we have Taylor Swift. Taylor has brought us into a roller coaster of fashion as we witnessed how she changed from being a sweet country girl from Nashville into a metropolitan woman from New York. She knows how to keep her style sweet and dainty while fierce and one-of-a-kind at the same time. Here she is looking fresh with a floral top on.

These 25 celebrities are indeed, fashion-forward. Their trends and their style are to die for. If you want to find more inspiration when it comes to fashion, these celebs are your top bet. If you're looking for great jewelry pieces that will help you copy these celebrity jewelry styles, head over to! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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