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Main Precious Gemstones? Let's Name Them

Main Precious Gemstones? Let's Name Them

Gemstones have already evolved over the past few years, molded into different jewelry ensembles, and as we all know, they have already paved their way to be a part of our fashion world. Yes, there seem to be quite many types of gemstones, and sometimes, we don’t even know which one was discovered first or whether it is more important or used by people the most. By month, various gemstones are available in the market, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the vast selection.

All gems are entitled to their beauty and glamorous vibe. In fact, having these stones bloom across the years leads to having gemstone jewelry become one of the best prospects for hunting for a mesmerizing gift. Take note; it’s not only because of their beauty, but they also carry interesting facts and information. Well, make way. In this article, we’ll tackle the four prominent precious gemstones.

1. Diamond

What usually is the first thing that enters your mind whenever you hear the word “Diamond”? Sparkles! Right? But let’s not limit ourselves to that label only. Our love affair with a diamond has already captivated the hearts of many since the beginning of life. And did you know that they have healing abilities? Yes! Diamonds were labeled as “the miracle stone,” and it was noted that it could heal any illness with its touch.

The earliest known diamonds were found in India during the 4th century BC. Sanskrit also recognized the stone’s undeniable value and significance. In the 15th century, diamonds started becoming a favorite among Europe’s noble families. Also, the diamond’s brilliance played a vital role in the Jews’ lives before. They used diamonds to identify if the accused needed punishment or not. All that needs to be done is to place the diamond before them. If proven innocent, diamonds will sparkle. Otherwise, it will be dull if they’re guilty as charged. Confusing how it worked out like that, right? But yes, that truly is one fascinating piece of information about diamonds that you would never have known that happened.

2. Ruby

The color of love merged with the urge for desire and passion. Be fierce as a lion, and slay like Ruby. Ruby is believed to be the “Queen of all Gems, and the Gemstone for Kings”. There are also other aspects of the community that they placed a vital role in. Trading and identifying ranks or classes are just a few highlights of the booming glory of Ruby. They stand as the symbol of remarkable power and prosperity. Another thing, these stones make a memorable present in celebrating the 40th wedding anniversary.

Did you know that rubies are available in other colors? Yes, they are! Rubies are known to have secondary colors like pink, purple, and orange. For centuries that have passed, these stones are said to obtain properties of power and energy. And based on ancient folklore, Indians believe that rubies can help them make peace with their enemies. Astonishing, right? Does this mean that if ever I’ll have an enemy that I can just give him or her ruby, and everything will be okay? Well, I don’t know if that will still work out nowadays.

3. Emerald

Are you on a hunt for one of the best alternates for Diamonds? Emerald is the answer! They are the most valued stone next to diamonds and are sought after for their deep green color. Emeralds were originally mined way back in 1500BC in Egypt, where it signified fertility and rebirth. Even Incas and Aztecs worshipped these gems as gods! A fascinating fact about them is that mummies were buried wearing these gems to symbolize eternal youth.

Well, it will not be surprised anymore to know other facts about this stone. Based on ancient folklore, if you put an emerald under your tongue, you’ll see what the future holds. It can also be an excellent aid for improving intuitions and protecting from memory loss. Moreover, this stone is a gemstone for loyalty, and they are softer compared to other stones. Also, we understand that 55 years of togetherness isn’t just a short while. It’s forever. So, if you’re planning to celebrate your anniversary, we would recommend giving this Emerald gemstone to your special someone.

4. Sapphire

Sapphire projects a deep blue color that signifies royalty and romance. They are known as the “stones of wisdom” in honor of the “higher mind”. For ages, sapphires have been labeled as emblems of the truth and faithfulness. But did you know that Sapphires are available in other colors? Yes! It comes in a rainbow of colors, mainly yellow, pink, orange, and green! Let not the term “True Blue” trick you. Sapphire comes in varieties of hues.

Way back in the late 17th century, if anyone aside from royalty or high priests were caught wearing sapphires, they would surely be punished. Ancient Greek and Roman kings and queens wore these stones to protect them from envy and harm. And later, in the middle ages, their robes were embellished with sapphires to denote Heaven. It was also believed that these gems cure eye diseases! Wow! And to top it all off, the very famous sapphire engagement ring was worn by Princess Diana and now, passed over to Kate Middleton. Fascinating, right?

So, there we go! Remember, everything in life sometimes needs to be compromised, and we know that we can’t please anyone else. Whatever your preference is, it may not work out for the others. However, whatever gems you choose to define your beauty as well as your fashion style. So, many gemstones were available in the market, but only these four topped up to the main ones that made history. Which one would you choose?

May it be a gift for yourself or to someone dear to you, select the ones that will highlight the wearer's personality. The size, color, shape, quality, and price are some of the bases you can ponder to ensure that you get the right one. If you’re willing to get the best of both worlds, you’ll be willing to pay the price. Think well. Furthermore, if you need assistance or want clarifications about these gorgeous gems, IceCarats will always be more than happy to help! What are you waiting for? Indulge and discover! There are a lot of beauties to uncover! Keep sparkling!

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