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Kids Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2021

Kids Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2021

New year. New beginning. Let not this pandemic intimate you or your kids' stylish aura from sashaying the fashion world. The world is changing, and fashion keeps on evolving. What was once a little baby is now a trendy fashionista! Yes, admit it, social media has been a big influence when it comes to jewelry items. Many child celebrities showcase their style, especially their jewelry ensembles! Many parents are more indulged in letting their young kids appreciate fashion by engaging them in wearing precious jewelry. Who doesn’t want to amplify their kids’ beauty? None, right?

There are tons of assortments to choose from when it comes to styling kids. Don’t worry! You won’t run out of styles at all. The only thing you need to worry about is the confusion you’ll encounter when varying among various gorgeous designs. Well, that’s not really the primary concern because the more choices available, the better!

Let’s face it, despite the new jewelry trend for kids, giving jewelry has already been a long time tradition worldwide. It entails a commemoration of a cultural or religious reason or merely marking a milestone that occurred in one’s life. And don’t forget the fact that jewelry before was used to ward off evil and bring good luck, so this can be one of the many reasons people, especially parents, choose to buy jewelry as gifts for their little ones.

Yes, we should not ignore the fact that there’s a lot of rules to follow, especially during this pandemic. We only go out to buy necessary stuff, our makeups are replaced by masks and shields, and even kids aren’t even allowed to be outside. However, don’t let this pandemic stop you from accessorizing your precious ones. You can let them enjoy their jewelry items in the comfort of your home. Doing roleplays, mini-games, and many possible things that will lead to a delightful mood is genuinely welcome! Now, allow me to give you some of the kids' fashion jewelry trending this 2021. Starting with:

1. Children’s Necklace

There’s always a different approach when it comes to fashion jewelry for kids. And when selecting necklaces for kids, how early do you think they can wear a necklace? Twelve years old and older, they say. However, of course, it's your choice to let your kids wear lovely ensembles that will enfold on their necks. With proper guidance and supervision when wearing necklaces, kids will learn how to be responsible enough to care for their belongings. Well, we would suggest choosing the length that’s just right for them. Necklaces are still available in different metals like what adults wear, so you’re free to offer them the metal of their choice. And another thing, you can surely choose a choker style to long chain necklaces. With pendants or without, you name it!

2. Beads! Let’s Make a DIY Bracelet!

Are you tired of the usual chain bracelets? Bring out that artist in you and choose among the beautiful selection of beads. Exquisite pieces that you won’t have doubts about having! Spend quality time with your kids and gather your selected beads with you. May it be letters, shapes, or even crystals! Crystal fashion jewelry for kids is truly an astonishing sight that everyone will fall in love with. Want to have your kids name imprinted on their bracelets but would prefer to have it customized? Don’t fret! Personalized jewelry for kids is already in the groove this new year! A simple “L-O-V-E” bead bracelet or simply the letters of their names can undoubtedly bring a glint to a once dull-looking string! Take note; this can be for your kids as well as you!

3. Dangles All The Way

Who wouldn’t want to see a sparkling beauty that dangles from your earlobes? Well, I do! Let those ears glimmer while ravishing the movement of the beautiful dangle beauties! However, we’re talking about earrings for kids here. So, do you think it’s appropriate for kids to have dangle earrings? Remember, no matter how gorgeous these earrings are, we would still recommend having your kids wear stud earrings first. Once their ears are already used to have a piece attached to them, you can switch to having a light dangle earring. Designs vary, so pick the best one that you think will suit your kids’ personality—their own style, what they want to portray, and what look they aim to achieve matters. When buying dangle earrings for kids, give them the freedom to pick what can suffice their taste!

4. Let Me See Your Birthstone Jewelry!

A stone that embodies their birthdates is genuinely one of the most favorite ideas to keep in mind when looking for a piece of jewelry. Birthstone jewelry doesn’t only apply to adult’s fashion glam, but kids can flaunt them too! You don’t want your kids to be the last ones for this trend, right? Showcase their birthstones by choosing the right gems ideal for them. Though you do have the choice to pick the color of the stones that you like, it would be best to choose the ones designated for them. There is a vast selection of these jewelry items, from earrings to anklet bracelets, so you will undeniably have fun hunting for the ideal present for your little ones. What jewelry piece would you prefer for your kids? Me, I would say, RINGS! Yes, they are undoubtedly gorgeous, eye-catching, and ideal for any occasion! Choose wisely!

5. Animal-themed Jewelry

Want to explore that adventurous side of your kids? Let them embrace the beauty of nature and indulge them in the beautiful selection of animal-themed jewelry items. Let their imagination soar and explore different wonders! These are not only limited to alluring pendants that dangle and gracefully enfolds on every lovely chain necklace. Hence, these can also be a stunning piece that can be attached to DIY bracelets, or even lovely brooches! Who would not enjoy that? Imagine having your kids’ favorite animal character be included in their jewelry collection. You will never get tired of browsing our collection, from a cute butterfly design to a mesmerizing elephant charm. Plus, they are available in various sizes that suit your kids' fashion. Amazing, right?

So, there you have it! As you can see, you can find ways to accessorize your little fashionistas. You don’t need to be outside your houses for you to be creative enough. All you need is an ample scoop of creativity, plus a little spice of imagination to obtain a mystic outcome, trendy setters! You don’t need to shell out a tremendous amount for your gift to be appreciated. For a kid, simple thought counts.

Money can’t buy happiness, they say. Still, spending a few bucks for something memorable, especially for your precious bundle of joy and knowing that they love your gift, is truly an extraordinary moment. What a perfect feeling!

Well? Have you already chosen the right gift for your little ones? Or still in doubt about what surprise to give them? IceCarats is always here for you! We offer a vast selection of fashion jewelry for kids that you will genuinely adore. You can always reach out to us if you’d like to know more about our items, and we’ll be glad to be of service! Indulge and discover! There are a lot of beauties to uncover! Keep sparkling!

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