July Birthstone: Ruby's History, Meanings and Uses

Red, fiery, and definitely beautiful. These are just mesmerizing words that can perfectly describe the luscious red gem called the Ruby. For those who are born in the 7th month of the year, Ruby is July's birthstone. This fiery red beauty has lore, history, and magical beliefs that are so interesting, and you'll want to have it as your birthstone, too. Do you want to learn exciting things about the gemstone of July? Here are some of Ruby's history, lore, powers, and uses that prove that it has every right to be called a rich man's jewel.

Overview of Ruby

Ruby is a gemstone whose color can be either pink or deep red. Considered as a variety of a mineral called the corundum. This gem got its name from the Latin word "ruber" which means red. The red shade of the gem is caused by the presence of an element known as chromium. This stone is sometimes confused with the other gem that also has a red shade, the sapphire. This July birthstone is named as one of the four most precious stones together with the emerald, the diamond, and the sapphire stone.

The price of this gem is often based on the vibrancy of its color. The most expensive rubies are those that hold blood-like color. The one Ruby known as the most costly and the most beautiful among all is the Sunrise ruby. Rubies are often worn by the most popular and influential people in the world. Check out any red carpet event, and you would always see a ruby hanging here and there. But this birthstone's popularity did not just start in the modern era; it is deeply rooted even to those in ancient times.

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Lore and Meaning

The ancient people had very high regard for the ruby stone. To them, this red gem is considered "the King of Gems"; it was a reliable reflection of their high respect and valuation of the gemstone. To the people of the Orient, they believe that this birthstone was a drop of Mother earth's blood, nature's gift of beauty to people. It was believed that when someone possessed this jewelry, he or she would be granted access to great success and fortune in life. Royalties favored the rubies when it comes to ornamenting their possessions and jewelry pieces. Most of the ancient crowns are often embellished with red stones like Ruby.

The meaning of the said stone is often associated with values such as purity, courage, devotion, romance, integrity, success, and great fortune. To the people of the ancients, owning a stone such as Ruby meant that you belonged to a higher level of society. The Hindus called the stone the leader of all the gems. Like their prevalent caste system, the rubies are also distinguished into the lower, middle, and higher class according to their beauty and flawlessness. One should not allow a lesser level stone to have contact with a much higher one as they believe it could cause the stone to lose its magic and powers. For the Chinese, wearing a piece of ruby jewelry distinguishes you as one of those who belonged to higher ranks in society. Anciently, the boom of ruby jewelry pieces was significant because both males and females loved them. The lighter rubies often belonged to the women, while the darker ones belonged to the men.


As one of the four most precious stones and a most ancient one, it is undeniable that rubies have been associated with many beliefs throughout the years. As a stone called the "king of all gems," people believed that all good virtues and results come from the stone. Its powers and magic are without equal even to the point that it was esteemed greater than the diamond stone. May it is in wars, romance, finances, and also health, this shimmering stone of July has been recognized as an essential part to get fortune and success.

Because of its stark red color, rubies are believed to bring back the spark of life into anyone. With its flaming red, the ancients thought that it could revive even the coldest of the relationships. It can bring back the romance. They also say that once you have Ruby with you when you pursue someone, you are guaranteed success. A couple granted with a gift of Ruby gets a promise that success and prosperity will follow them all through their married life. When it comes to jewelry gifts, nothing is more romantic than a ruby ring. Royalties esteemed Ruby even until now, and it is known as a gemstone for love. Fergie Ferguson got a ruby engagement ring from Prince Andrew.

But it's not only romance that can benefit from the prowess of this fiery red gem. In the ancient, this gemstone is considered efficient protection against death, injury, and other kinds of misfortunes. It is a widespread belief that warriors of a long time ago used to implant the said stone under their skin to bring honor from battling days. If used as a talisman, the said stone can warn its owner of impending danger and other malicious events that could bring harm and danger. It was noted that rubies were also used as a captivator, which can usually lure other leaders into being conquered. Pulverized Ruby was used by the ancients to provide healing for sickness. They hold it right that if a powdered gem is placed on the tongue, it can heal illnesses in the blood and the respiratory systems. If a person is having a hard time sleeping, he could sleep with Ruby by his side, and he will be assured that he will not be visited by nightmares and sleep interruptions.

Another fun belief about the stone is that it can bring good luck in business AND gambling. If a person wants to get an advantage over a game, one needs to bring a ruby, and he is assured of winning all the time. He needs to be careful that the said stone won't be stolen from him because the old belief also says that because Ruby is such a brilliant stone, it can even shine through one's clothes.


What does it mean if you give your friend or have received a gift of rubies? It turns out that ruby jewelry pieces aren't just there for the sake of looking beautiful. It has impressive meanings to it, too! If you have a friend who seems exhausted and drained out with life, give her a simple ruby ring! Since it is believed that Ruby brings back the spark for life, giving her a ruby stone can bring excitement back to her life, whether in love, family, daily battles, or health. And of course, who won't appreciate a pretty ruby ring? Your friend will surely love you!

If you are looking forward to personally using the Ruby, you can also use it as a modern-day talisman. As you endeavor on new journeys, new adventures, meeting new people, taking new tasks, make sure to embrace anything new and fresh. If you know friends who are getting married, give them simple ruby tokens as a symbol of your good wishes to be happy in their married life. If you are planning to propose, make your queen feel the greatest by giving her the king of all gems, a ruby engagement ring. Renew your marriage vows with a ruby anniversary band to bring back and retain the old spark and romance in your relationship.

Popular Ruby Jewelry

A ruby engagement ring is one of the most sought after rings in the proposal department. Though considered unconventional by most, a ruby engagement ring, in my opinion, brings more glow of romance to the ring. It is also a great way to say to your bride to be that you are going to keep the love alive with her. Next to the diamond, a ruby engagement ring ranks in popularity. It is most requested, especially for those who want to go out of the ordinary.

Make a statement with your ears with these ruby earrings. They're sexy, sophisticated, and downright red carpet favorite. This jewelry is enough to brighten up anyone's wardrobe! Pair it with your black, white, or little black dress, and you'll surely stand out. If you don't believe me, go check out some of the hottest red carpet jewelry in Hollywood! Lastly, who could ever forget the iconic ruby necklace given to the female protagonist in Pretty Woman? This scene will continue to live in years; so is women's love for the ruby stone!

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There are so many interesting things about the July birthstone! It's history, magic, lore, and uses is enough to make us say that those who have it as their birthstone are indeed the lucky ones. If you're looking for high quality but affordable ruby jewelry, visit IceCarats.com!Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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