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Jewelry Trends for Fall 2020

Jewelry Trends for Fall 2020

Soon, summer is about to end, and we will be introduced to a whole new set of fashion and jewelry trends that will undoubtedly be conquering the market. So long to the 90's grunge and vintage pieces. We know that they were so loved in the spring and summer fashion. Let's say hello to the jewelry trends for fall 2020! These jewelry pieces will soon dominate the market (and perhaps the red carpet scenes), so we better get you ahead. Here are 13 of the jewelry styles that you should put your heart on this fall 2020!

1. Asymmetrical Earrings

Bring on the queer and the unique jewelry because one of the most trendy pieces this fall includes something that can be way out of the comfort zone of some people. Yes, they're what we call the asymmetrical earrings. It seems that fashion nowadays has its take on seeing beauty out of the not-so-ordinary. Fall is all about layering, so I guess this jewelry style will go perfectly with the fall season's layering trends. Layered jackets and asymmetric details do provide such a stunning and magnetic contrast to each other. We can't wait to see this style conquer fashion scenes.

2. Layered Pearls

They may be considered prime classic jewelry, but there's no denying here that whatever the season, pearls don't ever get missed on the trend. I mean, who can ignore the magnificent beauty that can only be given by pearls alone? A time of layered clothes deserves a complement of layered jewelry that is why one of the jewelry trends for fall include layered pearl necklaces. Layering pearls always create a regal dimension look: classy, sophisticated, and downright high-fashion. So bring the pearls out of your box; it's time for them to make an appearance soon!

3. Single Earrings

No, this isn't the case of "Oh my gosh, did she lose the other pair of her earrings?" She has not, and she has just found a trend in jewelry that is so unique: donning single earrings. Now, this popular way of wearing earrings started in the runways of New York during its fashion week. It got its seal of approval when models from the Paris runways started wearing them to their shows. The best part, there are no rules. Whether you love the hoop, statement, diamond stud, or dangling earrings, the best way to wear them now is on their own.

4. Punk Jewelry

Punk's not dead, y'all; it's not dead. It has made an appearance in some of the most prestigious fashion shows in the New York and Paris Fashion week! Sterling silver pieces with distinct, iconic details are one of the must-haves for the upcoming fall fashion. This reminds me of a throwback to the 90's grunge phase. This is just one reason why the 90's era is considered a big influence in the world of fashion, and if you feel like rocking out this look, time to bring out those sterling silver, black, and bronze jewelry pieces and layer them together!

5. Raw Stones

By themselves, gemstone jewelry is a huge hit to many. They're lovely, they're colorful, they complement many looks, and they're majestic. But, make them raw, and you get a different kind of beauty. Raw stone jewelry is a huge hit in the fashion scene today because they offer such a unique touch to any fashion item you wear. Either you wear them as rings, necklaces, or bangles, these raw stone jewelry are sure to make a statement. It just signifies that you don't need to get all polished to achieve such breathtaking beauty.

6. Bangles over Sleeves

Brace yourselves because the cold seasons are coming. This does not mean that our jewelry game won't be as strong just because we will be wearing our sweaters and jackets. All thanks to the gods of fashion, we can still look just as chic even though we are totally wrapped in layers of clothing. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a new fashion trend today is called "bangles-over-sleeves," where bangles are placed on wrists over the clothing. This trend had caught so many eyes when it first made its way to the red carpet. So long, jewelry troubles during the cold months!

7. Across-ear earrings

Across-ear earrings, also known as ear cuffs, are now domineering the world of earrings since they first appeared on the runway. Emma Watson could not resist getting hooked to such a jewelry trend when she stepped out on the red carpet looking A+ per usual. We love this jewelry as it bridges the line between sophistication and looking edgy. Across-ear earrings look so good when they're made out of crystals, gems, and studs. If you're looking for a statement to go with your staple little black dress for the fall, this style of earring should be a top pick for you!

8. Talisman Jewelry

As unusual as it may sound, yes, you still hear it right. One of the most famous jewelry pieces for the fall is called the "talisman jewelry." Well, for me, whenever I hear this title, I immediately think of warrior jewelry. Although we won't see pieces of jewelry that are too weird for everyday use, we will see necklaces that are unique but still beautiful. Think of ancient-inspired jewelry for modern use. It's as dandy as that. What's impressive about this trend is that the colors of this jewelry style also blends with the colors of fall, thus making it a perfect complement to your favorite fall outfits.

9. Safety Pin Jewelry

Safety pins? Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The world of fashion has changed so much that simple household items are now created into stunning jewelry pieces that you can use for your everyday style! Those little silver and gold safety pins are now choker necklaces, bangles, even dangling earrings! How rad is that? So, if you're looking for unique jewelry that can surely make your fall fashion statement stand out, this jewelry trend is something that you should consider!

10. Bold chokers

Without a doubt, chokers are considered one of the most sought after jewelry. This makes a perfect addition to any outfit every fall. They're simple, don't make a lot of drama with your look, and make a statement. However, the fashion designers have decided to take their love for the necklace to a whole new level. Yes, for this fall, brace yourselves for bold chokers. May they be in gold, sterling silver, or bronze, these bold chokers will surely be stealing shows in fashion. Chokers just got fiercer, guys. And there's no denying that we just want to get our hands on it!

11. Statement Necklace

You got your clothes-to-layer ready, a bold lipstick, and some stunning pair of heels, but you feel that there's still something missing. What could it be? Yes, you got it right, you forgot your statement necklace! Indeed, a statement necklace is a staple accessory for the fall. It's chic, but it sure is loud and perfect as an exclamation point for all the clothes you have layered on. The love for statement necklaces doesn't just stop on the streets; even the people in the runway give importance to this stunning piece of accessory. If you are making a statement, make it beautiful!

12. Baroque Jewelry

And since the fall is when we make massive statements through our fashion, there is one jewelry trend that has come out, especially for the fall! It's bold, it's quite overwhelming for some, but it surely is one of the best fashion ensembles one can wear. I'm talking about baroque jewelry pieces. Baroque jewelry pieces bring us back to the time when royalty wear stunning and eye-catching pieces. It's like a combination of statement earrings and statement necklaces in one. Want to have a princess-vibe this fall? Give this trend a try! You will love it.

13. Layered Necklace

The love for layered necklace doesn't just end during the summer, and it continues up to fall! If you are looking for a conventional, easy, and versatile jewelry trend, layered necklaces are the ones you should look out for. They're chic, and they're effortless to do. Just throw in some gold chain necklaces, and you're good to go. Also, they go well with almost every outfit! There's a reason why this look is still not going out of the market. Surely we will see more of this from the fall time to the Coachella days!

These trendy jewelry for fall are surely big must-haves for everyone who wants to own the cold seasons with their fantastic fashion. If you're still on the goal for amazing pieces for jewelry that you can use after summer and spring, check out's collection of long-chain necklaces, gem jewelry, statement chokers and earrings, and many more. You will never be disappointed! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!

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