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Jewelry Ideas for Special Occasions

Jewelry Ideas for Special Occasions

Who could ever forget the butterflies you get on a first date? Who could ever ignore the jitters that came with meeting his parents for the first time? These are the memories that will stay with us for a long time, and these are the events we would always take the stops on to make sure we look our best. Making the first impression last is easier said than done. A lot of effort (and money) is all it takes on our part. Looking good is never easy, so they say. Some feel it is a bit superficial that first impressions are based on physical appearance, but let's face it.

It happens every time, especially that the other people involved don't know much about you yet. So, truly make a first impression count by dressing up for the occasion. Nothing will hurt with a little touch of fancy styles. Don't forget your jewelry on your box. They will come in handy. They will help you look more classy and well put together. Read on and take some inspiration and ideas for fashion and jewelry for all occasions.


Of all the special events in someone's life, perhaps the most unforgettable of all is the wedding day. That's why brides pull all the stops to make sure that she'll look like a queen in the moment of her life. However, this very fact can sometimes make her more stressed. What would her wedding gown be? What kind of jewelry should she wear? As the bride-to-be, looking for the best accessories is one of your stresses right now, but don't fret. Here are three jewelry ideas for special occasions that can help you find the perfect jewelry to put on your wedding day.

• One gorgeous jewelry to don on that particular day is the dangling earring. It is romantic, it is beautiful, and it makes a statement on its own. It complements the wedding gowns so well, too.

• If you are an adventurous bride and want to add a bit of unique jewelry to your wedding look, you can add bling for your hair. The combination of the gold chandelier earrings and the hair bling is ethereal.

• A pearl hairpiece and a pearl and gold necklace will do the trick for you if you are more of a classy gal. This jewelry for the wedding will make you look like an exact throwback to the 1950s, too.

Look stunning at your wedding with these jewelry ideas for special occasions.


It's the most beautiful time of the year, and it's time to look your best. Whenever Christmas comes near, I immediately think about events and endless events that will soon occupy my planner. It can be a Christmas party in the office, a special gathering of my family, a charity event of the sorority I'm joining. The list goes on and on. Sometimes, I get so lost at what to wear and what to use as accessories.

I don't want to look like I just prepared for it for 10 minutes, nor do I want them to look at me like a human Christmas tree with all the accessories and jewelry dangling in me. Thank goodness for fashion inspirations. Christmas fashion shouldn't always stress us out because we get all the freedom we want to dress up in layers at this time of the year. However, these fashion tips might come in handy when you no longer know what to do.

When all else fails, opt for a dress with a Christmas-theme color. Add more touch of Christmas cheer by donning some Christmas-inspired jewelry. Play like a vintage diva with a red skirt and stripe top. Look like a modern chic with basic colors and shades and crystal chokers. Have fun with your Christmas events without forgetting to look beautiful with these fashion and jewelry ideas for special occasions!


This guy whom your workmates have been rooting for too long now wants you to go out with him. He seems very interesting, and you can't help but be curious about this mystery guy that sounds so dreamy and perfect. You agreed on the date. Now what? Perhaps you suddenly find yourself in a battle of opinions on what to wear on that most awaited event of your workmates. Shall you play the sweet feminine type of gal, or should you settle for a laid back look? How about your jewelry choice? What will impress him? What will intimidate him?

You badly want to make a good first impression on this guy, and you just have to know the right pieces to make up a killer ensemble. Fashion tip? Be yourself. Well, probably that does not help a lot, but choose pieces that you are comfortable with and follow your gut! There is nothing is more attractive than a woman who knows and who is confident with the look that she is wearing. Choose clothes that won't scare the heck out of your date.

Go for the outfit that shows not only more of your feminine side but also your fun and exciting personality. Make sure your outfit fits the theme of the date. Dress for the occasion. For jewelry inspiration for special occasions, throw in some statement necklace and leave all the accessories behind if you want to have a classy look. If you want to look carefree and fun, opt for necklace layering and some cool looking sweater.

Be the modern muse that every guy would want to see again by donning an edgy look of bold blazers and sparkling shorts while keeping everything else on the subtle side of things; a gold chain necklace and a gold bracelet will suffice in this look.


Nothing is more delighting and nerve-wracking at the same time than "Hey, my parents are coming over for the weekend. It will be nice if you can meet them". Yes, I'm sure red alert sounds and light will be everywhere. Meeting his parents also means you have to be at your best self. Who said that's very easy? Thankfully, fashion has taught us the way to make fantastic first impressions. It also gives us unlimited options to channel what look we like the most.

Making that great first impression to his parents does not always mean you have to overdo it by donning fancy stuff; just be yourself, and your shining personality will shine through. Here are some date-with-the-parents looks examples that can capture their approval. When you go out with the folks, opt for an essential shade. This gorgeous all-white slacks-and-top look is an immaculate outfit that makes you look classy and neat.

Add on some gold chain necklaces and some gold bracelets for accent. If you are not a fan of white, you can put on a sleek black jumpsuit and pair it with a colorful layer of necklaces. Keep your layers subtle. Add a gold cuff bracelet for added drama. You can incorporate a sleek top with a dainty colored midi skirt. For the jewelry idea for this special occasion, pop on some crystal choker for a sophisticated look. 


I saw a gorgeous all-black ensemble one time, and I fell in love with it hard. It wasn't the silky, sparkly black; it was matte black, and it made the look more sophisticated. The look was emphasized by her sterling silver necklace and bracelets that she layered. I love the overall look. Another look that I love is the sparkly skirt x gray shirt. It looks comfortable and sassy at the same time. Another plus is it is gray; you can have all the freedom in the world to rock whatever accessories float your boat.

The model stack on some gold trinkets and my eyes just can't be taken off that chunky, shiny gold cuff bracelet. The last look that I fell in love with features a combination of black and sparkly. Oh my gosh! Does it look so on point? It is evidence of how a simple outfit can look equally elegant. The black and gold ensemble gets an additional accent with the big shiny buckle belt. The accessory here is A+ with a vertical bar pendant and a gold cuff bracelet.


You're young, you're fun, you're smart, and you're already the boss. Ladies owning the business world have dominated the spotlight, a strong, powerful woman who can do her thing and can succeed with flying colors. If you're this kind of woman, it sometimes takes a lot of effort to look the part; to look like someone young, beautiful, and someone to be taken seriously. If you're the boss, you would surely kill it in the fashion sense.

A lady boss with a high fashion IQ? Perfect. Whether you go for meetings, or business launches, or brainstorming sessions, take these simple fashion and jewelry ideas for special occasions. Look sassy and funky with a bright-colored sweater and bell-bottom jeans. Keep the lady boss class with a crystal choker and a dainty watch.

Channel the classy, sophisticated, cool, and collected boss by putting on some romantic-colored blazer that looks exceptionally good with gold accessories. Just look at that influx of rings and its effect on the look. Excellent, just beautiful. Give life to a seemingly plain and boring ensemble with a bold turquoise necklace. 

You'll get a lot of praise for being the Miss Independent, but you'll also get a lot of stares along the way. We women come from all walks of life, and we have different fashion needs. Thankfully, jewelry and fashion are so versatile that they can cater to our different style needs. All required of us is a bit of creativity and our unique style. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling. :)

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