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Jewelry and Clothes: Color Coordination Made Easy

Jewelry and Clothes: Color Coordination Made Easy

Shania Twain once said, "The best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun!" And isn't she right? When it comes to women's fashion and jewelry, girls can indeed have a little bit of fun. The fun thing about it all is the mix-and-match of jewelry to our clothes. Are you also a fan of matching jewelry with your clothes? If you have always wondered what jewelry fits with yellow, or what colors work with gemstone, here is a blog that will help you coordinate your jewelry with the color of your clothes. Read on to know more what jewelry fits your black, white, blue, yellow, and neutral clothes.


Are you a fan of white tops? Are you in love with the fact that white tops can make you look clean and immaculate? Then, you are a fan of a top that allows you to wear whatever jewelry you like. Here are the top pieces of jewelry exceptional with white clothes.

1. Going for the sophisticated looking street style?

White clothes go best with jeans and a ton of white dress jewelry. If you want to achieve a look that shows off your classy side even in your street style, go for the gold jewelry. Gold jewelry and white tops create magic together. This white dress jewelry is on the classic side (same as the white top), and you can never go wrong with them. Always in a hurry but still want to be in style? Go with the white top and gold jewelry.

2. But yes, if you want to go all out with white, you can!

If you think white tops and white jewelry don't go together, think again. You might be shooting away from one of the fabulous looks you can ever don. Match your crisp white top with a geometric white choker necklace or a white statement necklace, and you will surely create wonders for your look.

3. Springtime calls for floral prints and fun colors.

If you're into the mix-and-match fashion, you will love to mix your white top with floral skirts. And what jewelry goes well with a floral skirt and a white top? You need something to cool the tone down, so go for a sterling silver crystal necklace. The necklace will add detail and tone the look down at the same time.

4. Gem Necklaces

Another jewelry that goes well with the white dress is colored gem necklaces. These necklaces are fun, funky, and can turn a simple look into a stylistic one.


Perhaps your style inclines more towards the dark side, and you just can't help but wear dark outfits. The best thing about wearing dark outfits is that they can immediately look like you're dressed to kill; you always exude sophistication at its finest. If you want to amp up the style that can only be given by the dark dress, here are some jewelry you can try for your favorite black outfit.

1. Black is elegant!

Do you want to go all black from head to toe, but don't want to look all too dead? Here is one of the jewelry for black clothes that can surely bring life to your outfit. Sterling silver necklaces add depth and a stark contrast to the look.

2. A blacktop, like its white counterpart, goes perfectly with floral skirts.

If you plan to add a romantic touch to the black outfit by donning a floral skirt, you can always go for more romantic jewelry for a blacktop. Gold necklaces give a perfect complement, and since black and floral can be quite a statement, gold necklaces work for black dresses because they are not too overwhelming.

3. Pearls, pearls, pearls!

Speaking of contrast, did you know that pearls are perfect black dress jewelry? Pearl jewelry provides an excellent and elegant contrast to a blacktop. Double the sophistication of your black dress with pearls!

4. But honestly, any color can work perfectly with the black dress.

Be brave, be bold, be fun, and go for colorful jewelry for your black dress. Opting for a colorful necklace for your black dress. Go for the turquoise necklace or a coral choker. These fun and colorful necklaces can make any black outfit pop.


Blue is a primary color, and it always looks so refreshing to the eye. As a primary color, you shouldn't take it as something on the basic side. You can mix blue with any color you want because, for you to add a little more to a blue outfit, you have to think outside the box. Here are some jewelry pieces for the blue dress.

1. Turquoise necklaces always complement the blue tone perfectly.

Jewelry, which is in secondary colors, always goes well with blue clothes. Review the look of your overall outfit to determine the best jewelry that goes with it. If you're wearing a bottom that is in the secondary color, coordinate your jewelry to add a complementary beauty.

2. When wearing a deep blue color, opt for bright, pastel jewelry to make the darker color pop.

The way the canary yellow statement necklace made the blue top stand out is exemplary. Look romantic and stunning with pastel jewelry and blue clothes.

3. Be sleek and elegant with your blue jumpsuit by going for gold jewelry.

Since blue is in the darker shades of the hue, adding gold can amp up its look. Be careful not to wear overwhelming gold jewelry like overbearing statement necklaces because they can make you look overdressed, and it's a liability.

4. Have Fun!

If you're going for a lighter shade of blue and want to achieve a relaxed but still a fashionable outfit, have fun with your jewelry. Fun and girly icons (like flowers and hearts) can make your simple look zesty. Have fun with jewelry and your blue dress.


1. Go with Pearls!

When we talk about green tone clothes, we can always go for sophisticated pieces and simple pieces that can blend well with this cool, classy color. The top pick for green jewelry is still the pearl. Pearl necklace creates a soft complement to a green dress. If you are going to a romantic look, green and pearls always go well together.

2. For street style, dark green colors are a staple.

If you're with this kind of strong green, a sterling silver necklace or a leather chain necklace will do. Keep it sassy but edgy.

3. Green tops with flowing material always require a sophisticated touch to them.

What is more sophisticated than a pair of gold chain necklace to add an elegant contrast to the look? Gold and green are always on point.


1. Want to stand out among the crowd? Go for a yellow themed dress.

It is a great move to do! The color yellow is an eye-catcher with its bright, refreshing color. This shade shines more during springtime, and if you want to channel the brilliant, bubbly fashionista, go for the yellow tones. What jewelry goes well for yellow clothes? The first rule to follow: don't underestimate contrasts. The best jewelry for the yellow dress is one that offers a stunning contrast to it. Think of blues and other secondary hues.

2. Go for your favorite statement jewelry!

Gold itself can make any jewelry pop! A piece of good and unique jewelry can make a yellow dress more exciting. Think of eye-catching designs and don them.

3. A total standout!

A yellow dress and standout gold jewelry always make the best outfit—no time to choose a piece of jewelry for a yellow dress. Grab your favorite gold chain necklace, and you're good to go!


1. Neutral colors often remind us of classic, timeless pieces.

So when you pair jewelry with neutral colors, think of stylish, timeless pieces as well. Do you believe pearls and diamonds will make the cut? Of course! Classic pieces combined result in perfection. If you can't find a legit diamond choker, a crystal necklace will do.

2. The second rule, there's nothing wrong with staying within the range of neutral colors.

Go for pastel and neutral colored jewelry, and you will never be wrong. Looking romantic through classy pieces is always possible, girl! Go on and experiment.

3. The third rule is: don't be afraid of bold colors.

Neutral colors are user-friendly. That means you can combine any jewelry with them. There's nothing wrong with mixing your neutrals with your intense pinks and turquoise. Add some spice to your look with colored jewelry. Neutral outfits will surely appreciate a pop of color.

Matching jewelry with our outfits should never be intimidating. With the right knowledge of the correct color schemes, you can stand out with your fabulous fashion taste and excellent color choices. Still on the hunt for the perfect jewelry for your favorite outfit? You can check out's collections! There is a huge amount of fantastic jewelry that can complement any outfit well. Come on, indulge! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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