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How to Choose Jewelry For Every Eye Color

How to Choose Jewelry For Every Eye Color

All of us have unique features that make us stand apart from the rest. One of these characteristics is our eye features. Thanks to geography, most of us have a variety of eye color differences. The five most popular eye colors are blue, gree, brown, hazel, and black. If you are in any of this category, perhaps you may have wondered, "What jewelry fits me and my eye color?" Here are some of the jewelry ideas that go perfectly with different eye hues. Whether it be jewelry for blue eyes, jewelry for brown eyes, or jewelry for hazel eyes, these jewelry suggestions can work a lot for you. Take a look!

1. Jewelry for Blue Eyes

When you choose jewelry for blue eyes, remember that jewelry pieces are there to help you emphasize the blue eyes feature. Your choice of jewelry should not overpower the main attraction in your beauty. Like the gorgeous Alexis Bledel, choose jewelry pieces that are dainty and neutral. You can opt for a pair of dangling gold earrings, which are of average size. Sweep your hair up if possible. Make sure the attention is not only on your jewelry but on your eyes as well.

One blue-eyed beauty that you can take fashion and jewelry inspiration from is Angelina Jolie. The certified trendsetter and head turner has used her unique features to her advantage. Like her, if you are opting for a classy take on fashion, know that silver hues and gray sparkles are your friends. Make good use of your silky silver pieces. Go for pearls with a hint of gray touch to it. Pair it with a gown that has a silver detail to it. These hues and colors can do wonders for your look. Khaleesi knows exactly what to choose as her staple accessories. When you have blue eyes, you can't always freely play with color. However, you can have more fun with clear gems like diamonds, clear topaz, and clear sapphire. When you find sparkly jewelry that works in your favor, it can do wonders for your look. You just need to look for dainty sparkly pieces, and you are ready to flaunt your blue eyes confidently.

2. Green Eyes

Like the blue eyes, green-colored eyes are not too common. That is why if you have green eyes, it is to your advantage. Be careful with your color selection if you have green eyes. Some colors and hues make green eyes look drab and boring. Since you have such a captivating eye hue, don't be afraid to be adventurous with it. Play with some colors. Have fun. Try these jewelry suggestions:

There is no denying the Emma Stone is a green-eyed goddess. Nope, not because she's jealous or what. It's because she holds the most captivating green eyes in Hollywood. The La La Land actress went to the Golden Globes, all glittered up, thanks to this statement sparkly necklace. If you also don some green eyes, diamond jewelry pieces are your greatest bets if you want to stand out among the rest.

The next one on the list is Amanda Seyfried. This multi-talented actress is also a beholder of green eyes. With her strawberry blonde hair, Amanda has gotten away with some stunning red carpet looks. If you are looking for jewelry for green eyes, set your focus on jewelry pieces that has a touch of gray on them. Gray and silver, any of these hues will do. It's the ultimate choice for the classic, luxurious look.

Bryce Howard Dallas knows this: if you have green eyes and ginger hair, you're on a roll. You can look perfect with every look possible as long as you get the right color that works for you. In this case, the Jurassic Park actress went for a pair of salmon-colored dangling earrings. She combined it with this stunning navy blue number whose contrasts offer just the right touch to her look. She looks totally glam.

3. Hazel Eyes

Perhaps the most mysterious eye color is hazel eyes. You can't easily predict whether they search for the color of blue, lilac, or green. Ladies with hazel eyes are captivating, always having that sense of mystery in them. If you are a hazel-eye beauty, you're in for a lot of stares and a lot of compliments. How do you accentuate your eyes more? Here are some beautiful examples:

Like Diana Agron, you can go for soft but statement details. A perfect example is the classic but a head-turner of an accessory: her diamond statement necklace. Paired with her blushing pink gown, Agron is the look of perfection. If you opt to stay on the safe side for your jewelry choice, always go for the diamond. This gem can bring wonders (and wonderful accents) to your eyes.

However, you can also be like Sofia Vergara, who isn't afraid to take the bolder side of accessories. Since hazel eyes copy the colors around them, you can bring your eye game to the next level by choosing a piece of jewelry that comes in vibrant colors. Please avoid going for blacks and grays. Instead, go for turquoise, pink, and lavender. Be as bold as Sofia Vergara with this gorgeous turquoise jewelry for hazel-eyed women. Another option is gemstones. Gemstones have become increasingly popular, especially those who want to take their looks to the next level.

If you are like Gwyneth Paltrow, who isn't hesitant to rock major gemstone bling, try going for colored gems. The best colors that can go with your eye hue are purple and red. Go for amethyst if you are feeling a little bolder. Want to be on the safer side? Opt for the romantic red sapphire gems. Experiment with gemstone colors that will emphasize and not dilute the beauty of your eyes.

4. Brown Eyes

Although more common than the first three eye colors, brown eyes are still so attractive. If you want to see romance just by looking at someone's eye, make eye contact with someone who has brown eyes. Brown eyes are exotic, fierce, beautiful. Fortunately, unlike the first three eye hues, brown eyes can be paired with just about any jewelry out there. However, some pieces go best with it. Here are three examples of jewelry pieces that look fantastic when worn by a brown-eyed woman.

Every brown-eyed woman should know that gemstones are her best allies when it comes to styling up. The best gemstone choice for a brown-eyed beauty is gemstones in green, blue, and turquoise. There's a way of bringing out the unique eye feature. You can use them as you layer your necklaces or as you choose your dangling earrings. If you are feeling a little fancy, start with blue sapphires and emeralds.

Probably, one of the most popular brown-eyed beauty in Hollywood is Vanessa Ann Hudgens. This former High School Musical star continues to surprise and amaze with her jewelry and fashion choices. If you are a brown-eyed woman who is looking for fashion inspiration, you can find that from Ms. Hudgens. One of the must-have in your jewelry box is a classic black leather choker necklace. This will help emphasize the fierceness of your brown eyes. Hudgens sports the bohemian kind of brown-eyed beauty.

Priyanka Chopra, on the other hand, sports the classic beauty. The Indian celebrity has fascinated Hollywood with her best-dressed list-worthy fashion taste. One of the options for brown-eyed women is pearl jewelry. Rock some pearl necklace or some pearl headpiece. It will make the color of your eyes pop even more!

5. Black Eyes

Also, one of the most common eye colors is the black hue. If you belong to this category, then rejoice. You have plenty of fashion inspirations to choose from. Ranging from Lupita Nyong-o to Kim Kardashian, black eyes have become #eyegoals. Look the classy chick by donning some bright white trinkets. They will give dimension to your dark eyes. Also, you can be playful with your gemstones like Kim Kardashian's style. Thanks to black eyes, yes.

They say that people's differences make them stand apart from the rest—no need to compare. Every eye color, may it be blue, brown, black, green, or hazel, is beautiful, especially if you know what to do to make them pop even more. With this guide, you can now choose accessories that will work fantastic with your eye color. Still don't know where to get the bling that fits you? Visit and check out our collection. You will love them for sure. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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