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How jewelry is made and How to maintain it

How jewelry is made and How to maintain it

How Jewelry is made?

Ever wonder how your jewelry is made? From the combining of the metals to the connecting of the delicate clasps, your jewelry undergoes a thorough process to make an outstanding finish. Gorgeous gems combined with precious metals and lovely ornamental materials create a fabulous glam. Let's do a quick rundown on how jewelry items are crafted.

Making a Sketch

It would be best to have a specific or desired for the jewelry you want to be carved. We understand that nowadays, technology plays a huge role when it comes to graphical designs. Nevertheless, many designers still prefer using pencils to express their perspectives.

Wax Mold

Jewelry items usually start with a wax pattern. As metal gets heated, it becomes more malleable and effortless to be designed. Once the mold is set for the desired jewelry shape pattern, it is encased with plaster to create an invested mold. After that, once the plaster hardens, jewelry molds will be placed into the oven, which leads the wax to melt, leaving the hollow pattern inside the mold of wax.

The Pour

A method with a wax-free pattern, molten metals, is placed in a centrifugal casting machine, wherein it is being poured into the hollow design that will fill the portion of the wax melted out. After a few minutes, the mold patterns will be placed in cold water to cool down. Once it cools down, the plaster is then opened to showcase the piece of jewelry, which is the same as the initial wax design. Then, sharp edges are smoothened and neatly polished.

And lastly,

Now that the piece is appropriately polished, gems and other ornamental materials are added to beautify the jewelry. Making sure that stone settings are perfectly balanced, protects the style of the item from being damaged. Delicate designs with a stunning finish will indeed adorn the entire jewelry style. Once the setting is all set, rubbing the jewelry by hand paves its way to the final step of the process to make sure that everything is good, leaving it shinier and prominently beautiful.

Choosing a piece of specific jewelry that will match your style will always adorn your outfit and make you feel good. But noticing that it doesn’t stand out or create a luminous glow anymore, well, that doesn’t seem to be a good style combination. Over time, jewelry tends to be exposed to chemicals or air that often take away its shine. Keeping it clean, we can’t ignore the fact that we often forget it. Good news, there are easy ways to keep the shine like the way it should.

A piece of clean jewelry depicts an elegant personality. As we all know, taking good care of our precious items is a must-do task. After a while of wearing it, you’ll eventually notice that your jewelry had lost its glow. Of course, you want to keep it looking chic and fascinating, like the same as the day when you originally got it. Luckily, there are ways and easy steps that you can do, and there’s no need for you to get a professional jewelry cleaner to bring back the glow of your precious items. Less time and effort, these convenient home jewelry cleaners create an innovative yet budget-friendly way to regain the sparkling sensation you always wanted.

In order for you to clean your precious jewelry, here are some tips that you can do:

Mild Soap

One of the simplest steps that you can do to clean your jewelry is to create a solution with mild soap and water and care. Fill a bowl with warm water, then mix it with mild soap and soak your jewelry for about 15-20 minutes. Once done, you can use a toothbrush to remove the dirt on small corners of the jewelry.

Soak with Vinegar or Warm Water

Simply soaking your jewelry within 30 minutes is all you have to do to allow it to be deodorized. After that, wash it and dry for it to create a sparkly clean finish.

Baking Soda Solution

Please take a little amount of water and combine it with baking soda, then using a damp cloth or sponge, gently rub it to your jewelry. You can leave it for a few minutes and wash and dry with a cloth or let it dry by itself.

Jewelry Cleaner

If all else fails and still the odor won’t be removed with simple home remedies, you can purchase a jewelry cleaner at most drugstores to provide an attractive solution for cleaning your item.

So, there it goes! There are many ways to make sure that your jewelry stays sparkling and glowing all the way! Flaunt those sparkles pretties! Don't just sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darlings! :)

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