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Guide to Buying the Perfect Vintage Engagement Ring

Guide to Buying the Perfect Vintage Engagement Ring

Whether you are a groom-to-be or a girl who wants to channel a vintage bride at your wedding, it's time to introduce you to vintage engagement rings. Although we sometimes spend our time going to contemporary engagement rings that are so popular in jewelry stores everywhere, there is beauty in antique and estate engagement rings. They are affordable and unique engagement rings, but these art deco-slash-retro-inspired-rings can be beautiful symbols of love. These rings can be quite a stand out as well. If you are one of those couples who are shunning the traditional take on the engagement ring and don't mind if you don't go for a famous clear diamond ring, you might take a good look at estate jewelry. But choosing for the perfect ring can be a difficult task. Here is a guide on how to buy a vintage engagement ring.

First Things FirstLike choosing for other engagement rings, there is an important criterion that you have to remember when you are searching for the best ring you would use for your proposal. Knowing these criteria will save you a lot of time and money as it helps you filter the rings you are trying to see. This criterion is more popularly known in the jewelry world as the "4 C's of Diamond Grading." This engagement ring guide will assist you in finding the best quality for your engagement rings.

♦ First C, Clarity

The clarity in a diamond is measured using the flaws, inclusions, and even damages found in a diamond. These inclusions can sometimes affect the luster and brilliance of the diamond. The clearer the stone, the more valued the diamond. Clarity is grade from Imperfect 3 to Flawless.

♦ Second C, Carat Weight

The next C in diamond grading is the carat weight. Carat weight is the unit to measure the weight of the diamond.

♦ The third C is Cut

The secret to making a diamond sparkle like heaven is its cut. When a diamond has a perfect cut to it, it can emit sparkles that no ordinary diamond cut can. If you want to get the best sparkle to pay off from your rock, go for an exemplary cut.

♦ Fourth, is the Color

Color in a diamond is essential. Since the clearer the diamond, the more expensive the price, you have to go for a diamond that has a little or no tint of color ar all.

Popular Vintage Engagement Rings

1. Georgian Era Engagement Ring

If you truly want a ring with "years of experience" with it, go for the Georgian Period engagement rings. These rings gained widespread attention between the years 1714-1837; pretty ancient, huh? These types of rings became extremely popular during King Georges (from George the I to George the IV). Are you looking for something unique engagement ring styles? Better search for one from this period as the craftsmanship of this era was beyond compare. Designers from this era crafted new and innovative designs personalized for every customer; jewelry mass production was not popular.

Engagement rings from the Georgian period have one distinct quality: they are all inspired by nature. Go and look for a Georgian ring, and you will see a display of nature-inspired rings like crafted leaves, a floral-like arrangement, and love for the luscious beauty of the green emerald. Leaf designs were always present in these kinds of rings. Some of the rings even had intricate designs of flowers in them; how amazing is that? If you and your bride-to-be are in love with outdoor adventures, go for the engagement ring for nature lovers, the Georgian Era engagement ring.

2. Victorian Period Engagement Ring

This era was named from the reign of the famous Queen Victoria of England, one of the queens who exhibited a great love for family, fashion, and jewelry. A huge amount of romanticism became visible to the jewelry and engagement rings of this time, approximately between 1836-1901. Among the prominent designs found in these rings are hearts, birds, bows, and ribbons, exuding a feminine touch. It was also a popular fact that Her Majesty was a great admirer of the stone opal, so rings often hold opal stones in them during this era.

During the time of the Victorian reign came huge discoveries and changes in the jewelry resources. In 1867, a huge reservoir of diamonds was discovered in South Africa, and since that time on, the love for diamonds became very popular. Also, platinum started to get discovered in Russia while a tremendous Gold Rush began to happen in California. The discovery of these resources brought a lot of changes to the rings of this era. If you purchase an engagement ring from this period, you will get a Victorian flair with a contemporary touch to them. Isn't that such a deal to get?

3. Art Nouveau Period

This period came up starting the year 1890-1919, a preview of the modern designs that will soon come to the jewelry world. This era gave a defining attribute to the contemporary age designs. In the age where women's freedom started to be the primary voice of society, the designs of accessories for women changed a lot. Design and unique craftsmanship was the main focus of every engagement ring during this time.

If you are to search for these engagement rings from this period, you will notice a very intricate design yet very light and little gem. If you are more of the design type of person than a gem lover, then the rings from this age are for you. The quality of rings from this era, without question, is one of the best. The stories and significance that come with it are of the essence, too.

4. Edwardian

A glorious era for engagement rings and romantic jewelry, the Edwardian era for engagement rings featured animated designs and classic regal touches to their rings. The period before the Art Nouveau reign, this Edwardian fashion inspiration started from the year 1895-1914. During this era, craftsmanship was one for the books as it featured a more refined, sophisticated approach to feminine style. The Edwardian era avoided the enormous gems on their rings and settled more on giving focus to the ring's overall look.

This era's rings have a cosmopolitan touch to it, perfect for anyone who loves to go all modern in their proposals, engagements, and eventually, weddings. If you'd like to purchase a ring from this era, be prepared to see lots of diamonds, as this rock was a crowd favorite during this time. If you want to go for the dainty but very refined and dignified look, take a plunge to get this Edwardian Era engagement ring. Don't forget your flair of flamboyance by making your ring personalized. A ring that is vintage and personalized, who can beat that?

5. Art Deco

If you love the era of the saxophone-and-piano dominated society of the roaring 1920s, the art deco engagement ring might be the ring that is perfect to go with your most awaited proposal. Art deco engagement rings were once again thrown back to the spotlight when Avengers star Scarlett Johansson flaunted her oh-too-gorgeous Art Deco engagement ring from her doting boyfriend. And oh my gosh, her ring beats everyone else's ring in Hollywood. Classy, sophisticated, and undeniably unique, S.Jo's ring awoke every bride-to-be's interest towards art deco rings and other jewelry.

The art deco period started in the year 1920 and ended in 1935 and allowed a massive change in style to pass. Unlike the previous eras who loved intricate, complicated designs ring from the art deco period feature a ton of gem. Without gems, the art deco rings are incomplete. Bright colors and sharp lines also gave this time a distinct attribute. Gemstones like emerald, sapphires, and rubies, took center stage when designing art deco rings. The Jazz era was a powerful inspiration for the creation of this kind of jewelry. If you want an engagement ring that is funky yet very sophisticated, you know what to get. Grab some art deco engagement rings!

6. Retro Period

The next period for the engagement rings is the one that truly made a significant impact on engagement rings today, the Retro Period. Engagement rings from this era meant only two things: chunky and colorful. During the years of the retro age, 1920-1935, the Great Depression and World War 1 affected the jewelry trades tremendously. Platinum became very rare, and you are tremendously fortunate during this time if you get to have authentic gems on your ring. Poverty may have affected some of these Retro Period rings' quality, but the story that came with them is invaluable. If you want rings rich in survival and history, go for the retro period engagement rings.

After seeing the lovely rings from different fashion eras, I could not wait to try them all. Lucky is the girl who would find a guy who would get down on one knee and propose using antique and estate engagement rings. And if you're on the hunt for the ring suited for your life's love, check out our vintage-inspired engagement rings. Don't sit there waiting. Propose with flair, darling!

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