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Gigi Hadid's Instagram: Supermodel Jewelry Style and Fashion

Gigi Hadid's Instagram: Supermodel Jewelry Style and Fashion

If someone says they don't know who Gigi Hadid is, I would probably lose my mind. What is there not to know about the famous model? This 21-year-old Victoria's Secret Angel is the daughter of former supermodel Yolanda Foster and real estate tycoon Mohamed Hadid. She is a best friend to Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner and the Baldwin sisters. She is siblings with Bella Hadid and younger brother Anwar (both good looking, so I guess it's safe to say the good genes run hard in their blood).

Gigi Hadid's face can also be seen everywhere! Like, everywhere. In the year 2015-2016, Gigi was the face of Vogue, Tom Ford, and has walked for A-list designers during fashion weeks. Hadid's style, whether on the street or the runway, is always for the books and Instagram posts. From her street style to her runway looks, to her jewelry, everything is perfection. Here are 13 snaps of Gigi's supermodel jewelry that we will surely drool over, darlings.

1. Be a Beach-Fashion Inspiration

When it comes to beach fashion and style, you can always trust Gigi Hadid's Instagram for serious fashion inspiration. This alluring and athletic 20-year old just shows us what it means to strut your stuff on the beach: you wear your white bathing costume with the most dazzling jewelry you can ever find. Gosh, she looks so divine. Honestly, it's quite too much that you wear jewelry while you are on the sea. This is Gigi Hadid, and she does what she can do. We can't deny the fact that we sure want to try this kind of style, too.

2. Runway Goddess

Darlings, modeling, isn't just about mastering the trademark walk that would make everyone look at you like Athena from the Greek Mythology. No. It turns out that there's more to it than just doing your job and walking in flashy clothes without tripping over. Opening and closing a show seems like a big deal, too. Well, so is the case with Gigi Hadid's closing walk for Rihanna's winter wonderland fashion show. She even said it was an "honor" to walk on Rihanna's show. With this supermodel making the pretty dress and jewelry look like they are from best-dressed haven, I guess the honors go for the other way around.

3. "#Chanelfie."

Gigi added the enviable hashtag to this breathtaking photo of hers channeling Chanel. Do you still remember the last time you got to have a glamor shot AND wear expensive designer earrings? Nada? Well, me too. But Gigi Hadid's Instagram feed is fed by her fantastic fashion, style, and hard-to-have jewelry pieces. The young supermodel looked like a 1950's rocker chick with a Harley Davidson-riding boyfriend. Oh, and can we start raving about THE Chanel earrings? Love, love, love it! No wonder this lady is considered one of Hollywood's "It Girl." When you're the daughter of a supermodel who was also a famous face, it's not that hard to tell that you will someday land your magazine shoot. Yolanda Foster's beautiful daughter said she just had a "dream come true" to her, making it to Paris' edition of Vogue magazine. Isn't it nice to see your daughter's modeling career growing out so well? I can't blame Yol if she would beam with pride for this cover because who wouldn't? Gigi looks stunning here with her intricately detailed dress and her pearls!

4. Who said street-style can't be classy?

Can we all thank Gigi Hadid's street style for bringing back the '90s favorite accessory, also known as the choker necklace? She and Kendall Jenner, rock choker necklaces oh-so-frequently that the trend is making a major comeback. It still amazes me how these "It Girls" were able to make a trinket associated with a dark, haphazard ensemble look like something classy and elegant. Miss Hadid's street style on Instagram often features choker necklaces. Perhaps it is safe to say that this top young model loves the choker band so much. Just continue loving it, G! They always look perfect on you!

5. Aww, Zayn x Gigi overload.

If all of us follow Gigi's life, we'd all know one thing: she loves musicians. This stunning 20-year old blonde has dated Cody Simpson and Joe Jonas. Right as of the moment, her new main man is former One Direction member, Zayn Malik. Although the two don't always go all lovey-dovey on their respective Instagram accounts but look how sweet this photo is from G. How adorable is this? This necklace goes to show that there's no sweeter gesture than bearing pendant for your other half.

6. Sunshine in the Snow

In one of her recent shoots for the brand Versace, Miss G posted this photo captioned "Versace_official." Yes, Mohamed Hadid would be proud that his daughter is making a name for herself and making sure that she gets the big brands lining up. This one is quite a unique shoot for me. With all the sun-inspired jewelry she is wearing, she just looks like a little ball of the sunshine that bursts its flames everywhere; she is so cute and so sophisticated at the same time.

7. Fashion Sweetheart

Gigi Hadid was one of the best-dressed ladies during the 2015 AMAs, where she debuted a faux bob that caused a few gasps from the audience. Luckily, it was a fake bob. But the jewelry pieces on her hands were not. She blew a flying kiss to the crowd with her dainty fingers graced by designer rings that we can only dream about. She also wore a gorgeous all-white ensemble with a lot of cut-outs going on. No wonder why she landed on the best-dressed list, she looked ethereal!

8. Funky and Classy

And while we are talking about rings, can we just stop and look at this funky Gigi Hadid Vogue cover? I am not entirely sure what drew me to this photo; it could be her crazy hair or bright nude lips. Well, I also have a strong feeling the rings did the trick here. I can't put my finger on what color they are; a combination of aquamarine and turquoise, I guess? To put the case to rest, let's just say that Gigi's angelic face made this Vogue cover worth buying for.

9. Show-off those rings!

Now, it is becoming evident to me that Gigi's favorite accessories are rings. From the last two Instagram shots, she was seen rocking splendid rings. In the 2015 VMAs, this young socialite also wowed the crowd with her perfectly tanned skin from a holiday getaway with then-boyfriend Joe Jonas. She made her skin look more noticeable by donning a mustard yellow dress that channeled a bronze Greek goddess. To amplify her Greek-inspired look, she went for these gold rings. Can we just steal them beautiful rings now?

Summer, fun, and our days in the sun. Gigi Hadid seems to have it all. When you can go anywhere because you are wanted everywhere for free, you get to enjoy the excellent beaches and the free tanning experience. Jealous right now! Just looking at this photo of hers makes me wonder why I did not pursue a career as glamorous as this is. And speaking of glamor, can we just say Gigi's fashion and style are still there even if she's on the beach? This girl just keeps on surprising.

Remember when Gigi and Cody were the most significant thing and rocked the Coachella festival together like Teen Royalties? Well, I do, and somehow, a part of y heart wishes they'd be back together. Unfortunately, by the looks of it, that's quite impossible as of now. But, hey, I'm not losing hope. You see, Gigi was sparkling when they were together. Gigi Hadid is #goals, and there's no denying about it. Can we ever be as fashionable as her? Of course, we can! Check out's jewelry collection! Don't sit there waiting—sparkle like Gigi, darling.

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