Getting the Perspective on How to Choose the Ideal Necklace Length

Confused about what length of the necklace you should wear? 

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to necklaces. And we understand that picking out the perfect necklace for yourself can be tricky since it's hard to know what is just right without trying them all! 


14 inches: This 14-inch necklace is perfect for showing off your neckline! It creates a flattering, elongating effect that is perfect for open-neck clothing. Wear it tightly around your neck for an extra touch of glamour.

16 inches:  This is a snug fit against the base of your throat and it's a shorter length for majority.   It can be worn with almost anything and gives an elegant yet edgy look that's perfect for any occasion!

18 inches: The 18 inches necklace is the most common type of jewelry worn by people who have an active lifestyle. It can be worn anywhere from your collarbone to just under it, and it looks great with anything!

20 to 24 inches: The perfect necklace for all your styling needs, this 20-24 inch long piece can be worn anywhere between the collarbone and bust. It's great with pretty much any occasion! It's perfect for work, school, or any other formal event, but it can also dress up casual outfits easily. Either way, this will undoubtedly be a fun piece to add instant chicness. 

28 to 36 inches: If you're looking for a necklace that's long enough to go around your neck twice, then this is it! The 28-to 36 inch length will work with any outfit and can be worn on the bust or an inch below. It looks best when paired up with high necks for evening wear. 

36 to 42 inches: This necklace is perfect for any occasion! It is wrapped just below the bust line and looks amazing with any business or evening wear style! The length is versatile, making it stunning to wear even with t-shirts or summer dresses!

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18 inches: The 18-inch necklace is perfect for men who have a smaller build. The length makes it worn at the base of the neck, just below where your collarbones meet!

20 inches: The 20 inches necklace is the perfect gift for any man. It can be worn on your collarbone, and it's most commonly sized at this length-just enough room to fit without being too tight or loose!

22 inches: The 22-inch necklace is the perfect accessory for any man. It is a classic that never goes out of style and can be worn by itself or with a medallion.

24 inches: This necklace is designed to be worn above the breastbone. The 24-inch length rests between the chest and neck, creating an elegant frame that can also hold some personalization effect.

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Necklaces are a great versatile way to add some flair to any outfit. When you're looking for the perfect piece to complete your outfit, it's important that they match just right! Here at IceCarats, we feature a wide selection of necklaces chains that will suit your lifestyle. So, hurry! Check out our wide selection of chains and keep sparkling!

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