February Birthstone Jewelry Pieces You Must Have

February Birthstone Jewelry Pieces You Must Have

February, the month of love blooms and the month of romance. This, together with the touch of love, emphasizes fashion and jewelry. If you are born in February, and you are curious about what February birthstone is for you, check out these sparkly pieces on our list. February birthstone jewelry pieces are precious, romantic, oh so feminine. Check out these beautiful pieces that will surely make you fall in love. As a February baby, you are innately romantic. You love romance; you love the touch of class in your fashion.

Sparkle with glam with a touch of color with this dazzling pair of amethyst gemstone earrings. This touch of purple in the gemstone is a favorite of royalties. Even the most influential people in religion consider this stone as a very sacred one. They believe that amethyst is a gift from above. Choose a different kind of lavish with a touch of luxury with these gorgeous amethyst earrings. You will love this. Planning to pop the question to a woman born in February, but you are not yet sure what to get her? Opt for the colored gemstone that has captured the heart of both royal and ecclesiastical personalities through the years. The amethyst belongs to the category of expensive, only-for-royals jewelry pieces. If you want to give your girl the thrill of her life this special month of hearts, surprise her with this sophisticated amethyst ring set in white gold. She can't be able to resist this for sure.

Lately, another gemstone trend has started to occupy the hearts of many fashion mavens everywhere. This new trend: raw gemstone pendants. They're chic, but they also have a boho touch in them. They are perfect for street style and beach style. If you are looking for everyday jewelry that also represents you, the best option is to go for birthstone jewelry. And if you're born in February, your choice is an amethyst pendant. Even though it is simple, it can make a statement. So get your amethyst pendant and amethyst necklace now. Although amethyst is the most popular and the official gemstone of February, there are other four options for those who aren't into amethyst that much.

Bloodstone Gem

One of these options is the bloodstone gem. Bloodstone? Is it looking similar to its name? Well, sort of. However, the bloodstone's most distinguishing factor is that it looks like it has a medieval touch to it. It's dark but very elegant. One jewelry where you can use bloodstone is a ring. If you want to have a jewelry look that copies the Game of Thrones, get this bloodstone ring. Are you also a firm believer in the healing power of gemstones? Well, we have good news for you if you are a February baby. One of your birthstone gems is popular for being a healing stone. Yes, bloodstone has been used for many years as a healing stone.

Many people consider this gem as one of the purest gems here on the earth, and because it is pure, it has strong healing properties. Bloodstone is the symbol of good health and long life. For a more meaningful gemstone choice, go for bloodstone. However, if you're opting for more romantic bloodstone jewelry, you can go for this stunning ring. Exhibiting the touch of classy vintage, you can use this ring if you want to make a statement, or you simply just want to feel extra classy. This is also perfect for your month as a February baby. Whether a splurge or a gift for someone else, this special ring is sure to bring delight to anyone who will wear it. Why wait? Get this special ring now.

Hyacinth Gemstone

The next gemstone on our list is the strong, vibrant hyacinth gemstone. What is hyacinth? This stone is a reddish-brown variety of zircon. Its color can often play between yellow and red-orange. This is a semi-precious stone. According to Greek mythology, this stone originated from the blood of a young man named Hyacinth, who was killed by the demi-God, Apollo. Hyacinth is beautiful gemstones that are perfect for classy looks. Hyacinth earrings work best for those with a fiery, upbeat personality. As early as the 15th century, hyacinth was considered as the official birthstone for February. Aside from this, hyacinth is also the birthstone of the month of January for the Russian and Italian calendars versions.

This gemstone is believed to aid in bringing prosperity and good luck to anyone who wears it. If you want a gemstone that cannot only bring beauty but also bring good luck to your life, use this hyacinth goodness. Go for hyacinth jewelry! Indulge in multi-color goodness with this gorgeous pair of iridescent earrings inspired by the Aurora Borealis. This earring is not only beautiful; it also carries amazing properties. Did you know that this stone actually is considered a major talisman? Those who swear by this stone believes that this gemstone can ward off diseases, bad luck, and unhealthy relationships. They say that those who own a hyacinth welcome good fortune and receive a clearer sight of the future. Now, isn't that enough to convince you to get a hyacinth stone?


Staying true that February is about romance and elegance, the moonstone gem belongs to the top 5 gemstones for February. The moonstone is the official gemstone for February in the Hindu Calendar. The most distinct feature of this gemstone is that it has a look that seems like the light is glowing from within. This is a mystical looking stone that is believed to bring a sense of calm to the wearer. This stone is used to alleviate anxiety. For a stunning moonstone piece, go for this midi ring. Whenever I think about the moonstone gemstone, I can't help but think that this stone is perfect for the girls who have the mermaid and elvish spirit in them.

The stone looks so mysterious, so mystical that one can't simply ignore it. It seems to bring out the princessy feel to every woman out there. Just by donning it, you immediately look magical. More so if you choose this stunning moonstone finger piece. It's sure to captivate those who see it. What are you waiting for? Go get one! Because of its features that are somehow similar to the pearl, the moonstone is often used as an alternative for the natural gemstone. It also has the same elegant touch and iridescent quality. If you are looking for a special February birthstone jewelry, choose this breathtaking moonstone pendant in a gold chain necklace. This dazzling gemstone is also believed to bring out the special beauty aura that brings a different glow to your look. Want to feel youthful and look younger? This is the solution.

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Last but not least, another option as a gemstone for February is the pearl. Since the 15th century, the pearl has been considered as one of the birthstones for February. The pearl is a symbol of pure, chaste love. Pearls are also popularly used in engagement rings and wedding bands. That is why it is perfect as a gem for a romantic month. If you plan to get pearl jewelry, one of the best choices is this elegant pearl necklace. Let your class shine through with this one-of-a-kind design. Another option for you is a pearl bracelet. It's a great difference when you have a piece of pearl jewelry that is more handy and versatile and especially breathtaking when you want to make a statement. For old Hollywood glam, having pearl jewelry is a must.

Nothing spells "vintage sophistication" than a pearl bracelet can. Also, pearls say something about you. Pearls are the symbol of elegance and of unending timeless style. So before you go confused about what to get for your February gemstone jewelry, get your luck by indulging in a pearl bracelet. Last but not least, this lovely pearl ring. Honesty, who doesn't want an excellent pearl ring to cap off their fashion? Since February is the month of hearts, there is no denying that many engagements and proposals happen in this month. So if you think you are one of the guys out there who wants to pop the question (and if she happens to be a February girl), don't forget to incorporate pearls to your ring of choice. Also, by giving her pearls, you tell her that she is someone you will love until the time ends.

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With all these beautiful jewelry choices, you can stand tall this February. Bring on the high fashion with the help of your birthstone jewelry pieces. Choose the one that suits your fashion and personality, and it will help you stand out. Wondering where to get your jewelry? Visit IceCarats.com. We have a huge selection of gemstone trinkets you can choose from. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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