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Favorite Jewelry Designers of Celebrities in Hollywood

Favorite Jewelry Designers of Celebrities in Hollywood

When it comes to celebrity fashion, jewelry will never be the last thing in mind. With so many jewelers vying for Hollywood stars, certain names don't need a special announcement. When it comes to celebrity red carpet jewelry, these popular jewelers take center stage. Famous stars like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Blake Lively, and Cate Blanchett have sworn to these jewelry designers. Some of the best diamonds and other sparkly gems you see in the red carpet scene came from these famous Hollywood jewelry designers. Here are 4 of those luxury style jewelers and the celebrities that love them!


Hers is a business that has been running for more than three generations. When her mom passed away because of cancer at 55, the young heiress decided to take her business a level up by renaming their business Lorraine Schwartz Diamonds and Fine Jewelry. Since then, Lorraine Schwartz jewelry has seen a change in the business model and increased attention. The stripling jewelry company started to gain huge notice when Halle Berry first stepped onto the red carpet wearing Lorraine Schwartz's jewelry creation. Since then, the designer has made luxury jewelry to Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Cate Blanchett. She has transformed from the fledgling jeweler to a world-class, sought-after designer.

What made Lorraine Schwartz famous aside from her red carpet jewelry creations are her engagement rings. This renowned jeweler has made the engagement rings of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. Her unique touch and delicate designs with huge gems are phenomenal. Kim Kardashian loves this line's jewelry collection so much that she even asked Kanye to give her a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker necklace as a "push present." High-quality gems mark this company's name, and there's no doubt why stars go crazy over them.

Aside from Halle Berry, who started the Lorraine Schwartz fever in 2002, there is already a long list of stars who have flaunted this company's jewelry in their red carpet ensembles. During the 2014 Oscars, actress Viola Davis wowed the crowd with her diamond cuff bracelets from Lorraine Schwartz. On that same event. Sandra Bullock flashed her jewelry ensemble from LS. One of the most iconic fashion pieces is the Lorraine Schwartz brooch Cate Blanchett wore when she won her Oscars. If you would scan the red carpet photos nowadays, it is impossible that you wouldn't see the name of this famous jewelry maker.


Today, when we talk about the name Neil Lane, we would always associate it with red carpet fashion. The designs of these jewelers have been a part of the neckline, the fingers, and Hollywood's A-listers' wrists. With his extraordinary designs that included an antique touch on diamonds, Lane has become one of the most sought after jewelers when awards season comes near. But did you know that this world-renowned jeweler did not have any Hollywood connections despite his fame nowadays? All he did was feed his love for jewelry pieces by starting with scraps he finds around his home. Now, he is dominating the world of luxurious jewelry.

Besides spending his time creating masterful creations for Hollywood A-listers, Lane is also known for his Neil Lane Engagement Rings line. It is quite safe to say that celebrities flock to get one of his engagement ring creations. Zooey Deschanel flaunts a three-carat Asscher cut engagement ring given to her by Ben Gibbard. On the other hand, Emily Blunt was given a Neil Lane Edwardian three-carat engagement ring by John Krasinski. On the other hand, Kristen Bell went for a colored engagement ring with Neil Lane's three-carat colored diamond ring. Even Ellen de Generes jumped on the bandwagon when she gave one of Lane's diamond ring creations to Portia de Rossi.

Like Lorraine Schwartz, the once unknown Neil Lane has now got his name plastered all over magazines as one of the jewelers who give a unique jewelry style to A-list celebs. Olivia Wilde arrived during the Oscars looking divine in a Neil Lane diamond choker and earrings. Jennifer Lawrence also put his creations on display during the Golden Globes. Even Jennifer Garner looked magnificent with a Neil Lane choker during the Oscar Awards!


If you browse Vogue, Elle, and other high-fashion magazines, you won't help but notice a recurring name every time you see the magazine's red carpet fashion section. It seems like every Hollywood Star you know is wearing his designs, and no, we are not talking about jewelry here. The name of Harry Winston appears more than any other fashion designers' name. You wonder, who is Harry Winston? He is a jeweler who started his empire in the year 1926. Winston had an eye for jewelry at a young age as he was able to buy a real 2-carat emerald for only twenty-five cents and later sold it for $800. He also saw this potential when he purchased Arabella Huntington's jewelry collection. Although deemed old fashion during that time, Harry Winston redesigned the jewelry and made lots of money.

If you search for the most expensive jewelry in the world, you are sure to find Harry Winston's creation or collection on the list. As the owner of the Hope Diamond, Winston donated it for further gem enrichment collections. The most memorable Oscar jewels worn by the brightest of stars are also associated with the name of Harry Winston, making him one of Hollywood's favorite jeweler. Perhaps to many, he is more recognizable when Marilyn Monroe, in her movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, sang the line, "Talk to me, Harry Winston, tell me all about it!" Often, Harry Winston can dominate the jewelry scene in every red carpet event. For example, during the 2012 Golden Globe, the company made stars like Natalie Portman, Sofia Vergara, and Jessica Chastain sparkle even more with their ravishing diamond jewelry. During the 2016 Oscars, Charlize Theron was the big winner in the fashion department when she flaunted the red carpet wearing a whopping $3.5 million worth of necklaces, earrings, and rings, from Harry Winston. He is still without equal when it comes to sparkle and shimmer.


The jewelry that has gained the reputation not only through its stunning jewelry pieces but also because it has been such a part of the modern culture like being such an influence in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." Even up to now, Tiffany and Co. have lived up to its name. They deliver the finest, luxury-style jewelry to everyone. For more than a century, this jewelry line has made everyone, from royalty to celebrity, to political leaders, feel fantastic because of their jewelry pieces. Hollywood also greatly favors Tiffany and Co. because it can never go missing, especially when we talk about red carpet jewelry style.

Tiffany and Co. are famous for many things. It was considered a prime producer of beautiful chinas, jewelry, and other artsy stuff when first introduced. As time went by, though, the owners decided that the business's focus will be solely focused on jewelry. Since that time, its name traveled far and wide. Everybody started to want Tiffany and Co. pieces, especially the classic, iconic ones like their chain bracelet. Their engagement rings are also a total knock-out in sales. Their diamonds and their gem creations are among the best in the world. When it comes to gifting jewelry, it seems like everyone always prefers pieces from Tiffany and Co.

For almost one century and a half, Tiffany and Co. have been known to grace the most celebrities' necklines, fingers, and wrists. Events like the Oscars, Met Gala, Golden Globes, and Met Gala would often see sparkly jewels from the said store. At the recently concluded Met Gala event, Tiffany and Co. provided jewelry for the most prominent names like Lily Collins, Lupita Nyong'o, Margot Robbie, and Elle Fanning. All these ladies stood out in utter sophistication and beauty. In the 2016 Oscar's, stars like Reese Witherspoon (who wore $1 million worth of jewelry) and Cate Blanchett were both draped in Tiffany and Co. jewels. By the looks of it, we're sure to see more from this famous jewelry house.

These are just 4 of the most loved jewelry designers in Hollywood. You can see more of their creations online. You will get even more excited to see more of their designs once you start to follow them. And, who knows, your favorite stars may love these jewelry designers, too. Do you also want to have your jewelry moment without spending too much on bling? Well, good news. is selling red-carpet-worthy pieces that will offer you high quality at a very affordable price. What are you waiting for? You don't need a luxury designer to shine! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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