Fashion and Jewelry Ideas for Your Maternity Shoot

One of the hottest pregnancy trends lately involves a lot of beautiful pregnancy fashion and equally attractive moms-to-be. The new trend is called "pregnancy photoshoot" where expectant moms rock their pregnancy style in honor of the baby that they will soon be holding in their arms. These pregnancy photography sessions are always too chic to look at. This blog is dedicated to all mothers-to-be who also want to have their pregnancy photoshoot. Here are some gorgeous looks that you can get inspiration from clothes to jewelry.

1. Bring on the white dresses!

When it comes to pregnancy fashion and maternity style, the secret is this: sometimes, less is more. You will look more presentable if you opt for muted colors or basic shades for your pregnancy outfits. A white dress will also look lovely if you are planning to take photos in a nature-inspired setting. Yes, you'll never go wrong with a white dress. For an additional pop of color, you can throw in some lovely turquoise jewelry in your ensemble. The contrast of these colors (plus the stunning backdrop of nature around you) will wonder your photos.

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2. The beauty of Muted Tones

If you are the kind of couple who loves rustic tones and basic fashion, you will surely love this second look. When doing a pregnancy shoot, you want to have your look as gentle and simple as possible. You don't want to have baby photos that would make you look overwhelming, don't you? Going for muted tones such as rose gold and plaid is always a great idea. If you feel a little fancy, you can always add a touch of something by layering some sterling silver pieces together. Rustic mom and dad are stealing the show right there!

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3. Stay simple and still be fabulous!

Maybe you will be asking, "How about if I do not like dressing up for photos, can a casual ensemble do?" The answer is a big fat, YES. Of course, you still can rock maternity fashion with simple pieces as long as you carry them well. Like this couple in the photo, you and your significant other can go for a relaxed, fun, maternity photoshoot. Some white top, a denim vest, and leggings will do for the mom-to-be. To look extra fashionable, you can also incorporate a long statement necklace with delicate details on it. You will surely ace your photo session with this outfit and jewelry!

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4. Let those gems lead your way!

Are you one of those would-be-mamas who have figured out that time is too precious for an intricate flower crown? Well, there's always an alternative for you. Not a fan of consuming so much effort on lovely blooms? You can always turn to your maternity jewelry collection. A string of sassy gems can pass as a great hair accessory. Rock that chic mama vibe by improvising the necklace. Now, you would look like a stunning, beautiful momma-to-be. All you need is just a little hint of creativity.

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5. Be classy and sophisticated

Who says a pregnancy photoshoot should only feature light, pastel, and floral colors? Nope, not at all. If black is your favorite color, you still can use that shade as the color of choice for your pregnancy wardrobe and style. Besides, nothing looks more classy and sophisticated than a flattering black dress, right? As for your pregnancy jewelry, you can always go for the luxurious basics such as stacked gold rings, gold bangles, or a dainty horizontal bar necklace. Less is still more with this fabulous look for your preggo shoot!

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6. Those sequins can slay!

Since you are the queen, go for the sequins! Ok, that was not a very good intro, but hey, choosing sequins as an item of choice for your baby bump wardrobe isn't a bad idea at all. It's casual, it's perfect, and it does not cause trouble very much. And you can be extra sparkly! How do you accessorize a top that already looks so eye-popping in its own right? Well, you can always accentuate it by going for remarkable huge accessories. You can add a smokin' detail with the help of statement ring or statement bangles! They're enough to make this look more dazzling!

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7. Bohemian look

One of the best looks to rock for your pregnancy shoot is the bohemian look. Why? Only because it looks so fresh and very lady-like without looking that you tried so hard. You look extra sassy without the overwhelming layers and expensive fabrics to wrap you. If you're also a fan of a bohemian look, you can go for a flowing oversize dress in cream. You can opt for boots or strapped sandals. With this style, flower crowns are a must. As for jewelry, you can go for a cute statement bohemian pendant with fringes on it! Perfection!

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8. Let those sparkles rule!

A mommy-to-be always needs to look extra sparkly! if sparkle is what they want, the sparkle is what they get. Combine the essential elements (white dress, diamond accessories) to achieve a much inspiring look. We won't deny that we are head over heels in love with this winter-inspired number; this beautiful mommy wore for her maternity shoot. She went for a clean white dress, and she accentuated it with a sparkly belt. If you dig this look, you can upgrade this by opting for diamond stud earrings as an accessory. Or perhaps you can add a bit of sparkle to the bangles!

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9. Sweet candy-inspired jewelry!

Another way to accessorize a little black dress for your maternity style (if you dig this look and shade) is to go for accessories that offer a fun contrast to the dress. You can go for the candy-inspired necklace. Going for a stunning contrast will give multiple dimensions to the look, which will really highlight the details. Yes, you rock the black material of the dress. There will be a lot of maternity jewelry that will complement it!

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10. Gypsy-inspired look

This next look may be considered unconventional by some, but hey, there's nothing wrong if you want to embrace the gypsy-inspired look for your pregnancy shoot. If indeed you will be going for this look, there are some basics that you have to consider. First, lace is life. Everything in lace always looks beautiful. Next, don't forget the color turquoise, a gypsy fashion favorite. Lastly, go for gypsy-inspired jewelry in the tones of silver, rose gold, and bronze. Rock it like Esmeralda, mommy!

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11. Crystal Jewelry

Another style tip for pregnancy fashion is this: let your belly be seen. The belly is the most excellent accessory. Sparkle more by going for crystal jewelry. Gems offer the best complement to any look. You can use gemstones according to your birth month, or you can wear something that reminds you of the birthstone of your little one.

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12. A Chic-vibe of black and white

When it comes to pregnancy fashion and style, color blocking is one of the most style-efficient things you can do. Two of the chicest colors you can pair together is black and white. They're both classy, sophisticated, and can blend with almost every place you want to have a photoshoot. Also, black and white are very flattering, and they help emphasize your sexy baby bump. Another fun thing about going black and white is that you can mix it with almost every accessory. Whether you go for a gold chain necklace or layered bead necklaces, you will always look stunning!

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13. Pearls and Lace

Nothing can ever beat the grace and the classiness of pearls and lace. There's no wonder why a lot of pregnant women just can't resist going for this stunning combination! If you are also a fan of lace, there's no better way to complement it than pair with a string of pearls. They will make you look immaculate! What we adore the most about this look is that it fits everyone, and it makes any pregnant woman look ultra-feminine with the shade and with the way it wraps around the body. Surely, lace and pearls are great pieces to choose!

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14. Pink or Salmon dress

Lastly, a pregnancy photoshoot is a celebration of womanhood and a celebration of pregnancy's beauty. You can give an ode to womanhood by opting for a pink or salmon flowing dress. Keep it casual by layering it up with a denim jacket. As for accessories, you can also go for a piece of jewelry with a lady-like touch to it. One example is this stunning floral-inspired necklace. It is perfection on every angle, and you can never go wrong with it. Rock on, momma! You deserve to feel the most beautiful in this stage of your life!

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With these fourteen looks, you can surely find inspiration to help you own your pregnancy photoshoot. Don't forget to go for the fashion that represents you and your pregnancy the most. This moment is a beautiful time in your life! Celebrate it beautifully with fabulous jewelry from! Check out our collection for more stunning pieces! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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