Different Necklace Styles for Different Necklines

Not all necklines are made equal, and that's why not all necklace styles are made the same. Sometimes, choosing the perfect necklace style for our necklines can be quite tricky; but don't get all tangled up with the idea that there's perfect neck bling out there for your chosen top; in truth, it's all on how you balance the neckline's shape and the bling that you're about to wear. In this jewelry blog, you will know what necklace works best for boat necklines, bold necklines, v-shaped necklines, what makes them stand out more, and what makes them look drab. Read below to know more how to accessorize a neckline with the right jewelry style.

1. V-Shaped neckline

Tops that feature a V-shaped neckline, also popularly known as V-neck tops, can make our necks look longer and slender. This effect can make one look slim. This kind of neckline style favors those with round shapes as they tend to make a face look slimmer. What are the necklaces you should pair with your top with a V neckline?

a. V-shaped Necklaces

A great necklace choice for a V-neck top is one that also follows the V-shape when worn. This necklace style complements and not contradicts the look of your top, making it appear to be more slender. Since a bit of skin can be seen when wearing this top style, you can go for a statement necklace to complement your look.

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b. Thin Chain Necklaces

Another style of necklace that complements the V-neck's shape is the long chain necklace with a pendant. If you prefer to go for a much simpler accessory that would still look good against this neckline cut, this is the choice. Go for gold or sterling silver chain necklaces. Though simple, it still looks gorgeous.

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c. Beads and Pearls

The V-neck neckline cut is a perfect way to describe sophistication. It always appears so chic and so feminine. One of the best ways to accessorize necklines of this type is to go for sophisticated pieces, too, like pearls and gemstones. In this way, you keep the beauty of the top, and you add more to it.

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2. Square Neckline

This is the neckline that surely draws attention to the neck. This makes the facial features more structured, more defined. This kind of neckline cut favors those with diamond and heart-shaped faces. The amount of bare skin in square-shaped top calls for a roaring necklace, too. Here are some of the jewelry styles you can go for when you wear a square neckline.

a. Choker

Since a square neckline calls for attention, why not give it all the attention it needs with chokers' help? Choker necklaces offer just the right amount of "a little something" to the look. You can go for either a very bold choker necklace, or a dainty, classic one. The more it shimmers, the better!

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b. Pearls and Gems

Square necklines remind me of the classy vintage era where old Hollywood glam is at its finest. Are you a fan of vintage fashion? A dress or a top with a square cut on the neckline can be your top choice. Give the nod to the glamorous vibe of the 1950s by accessorizing your dress with a simple pearl or gemstone necklace. Aubrey Hepburn perfection!

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c. Layered Necklace

If you desire a more contemporary look to your square top, go for layered gold chain necklaces. The look is chic, cosmopolitan, and sophisticated, and you surely won't regret going for that necklace style.

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3. Round Neckline

Dresses and tops with round necklines are one of the easiest items to style and accessorize. Either for a casual or a more formal look, round necklines are always in trend. The secret to choosing the best necklace for this kind of neckline is contrast. To avoid looking lousy, practice the art of contrast in styling. In this way, the contrast will offer balance.

a. Long-chain necklace

Because the rule of contrast is so essential in matching necklaces with round necklines, you need to use the length of the neckline as the basis. If it is considered as a high round neckline (one that almost covers the collarbones), go for necklace styles of longer lengths like the one found in the photo. The contrast provides a complement and dimension to the look.

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b. Short-chain necklace

If you are wearing a low round neck top, always go for longer jewelry pieces, like this sparkly choker necklace. In this way, you offer the right amount of complement to the dress and your bare skin. You will look flattering with this necklace choice, and I am very sure!

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4. Off-shoulder top

One of the most trendy top styles nowadays is the off-shoulder top. Perfect as a staple during spring and summer, this top's style allows you to be creative with your accessory choices. Since it exposes a lot of bare skin, find accessories that will complement your skin tone well, and would give shine and dimension to the finished look. Here are three best picks of necklace styles that you can pair with your off-shoulder top.

a. Bold choker

Live up to the summer vibe, and be true to the boho look by donning a white off-shoulder top paired with neutral colors and an eye-popping gold choker necklace! I am so in love with this look because although it looks fresh and summery, it is still fashion-forward. If you are going to go for an off-shoulder cut for a top, don't ever forget to bring bold chokers; they can be an extra flavor to your overall look.

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b. Long-chain necklace

Do you want a casual stroll, but you still want to look as fashionable as ever? You can throw in some off-shoulder top and pair it with a long chain necklace. Do not think that since there is a lot of bare skin because of your top style, you are going to hoard on jewelry. Simplicity still goes a long way with this kind of look!

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c. Beads

Don't ever forget the fun, colorful, layered bead necklaces! If you want a fun, bold look, beads are among the best choices you can pick. They may look eye-popping, but they still make you look as effortlessly beautiful as ever.

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5. Boat Neckline

Unlike the V-shape neckline, the boat neckline does not offer a lengthening effect. Instead, it tends to give more focus to your shoulders and collar bones. Let your jewelry choice provide dimension to your look. The right necklace style will bring a lengthening effect.

a. Statement Necklace

For some, tops with a boat neckline can look drab and boring if it does not have contrast. To get this contrast to achieve the dimension that you want, go for a statement necklace with striking colors. You will surely be a standout.

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b. Long-chain necklace

If long chain necklaces are not your thing, that's not a problem. As an option, you can go for a stunning long chain necklace with a statement pendant. This will offer the dress a stunning contrast and will provide a different look to the eye. If you feel like layering your chain necklaces, don't hesitate to go for it!

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6. Strapless Neckline

Donning a strapless neckline allows you to be adventurous with your necklace choice. Your skin is a perfect canvass for different sorts of necklaces. Here are three necklace styles that will surely jive with this kind of top.

a. Black Chokers

Add a more sophisticated look to a strapless top by going for a choker necklace. This will create an illusion of faux modesty. Black chokers are always the classy choice for tops of this type. Take inspiration from supermodels Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. They love to go to their respective night parties with this style.

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b. Long elegant necklace

Create lengths using your jewelry. You can always go for a stunning long necklace to complement your strapless top. It may look typical and simple for such a bold top, but the contrast it offers is downright sophisticated.

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c. Chunky Necklace

If you're accessorizing a tubeless top, don't be afraid to go for bold, statement jewelry. One of the most popular necklaces styles for this kind of top is the chunky necklace. Throw in your multiple pearl necklaces or your enormous sapphires and emeralds, and it will give more life to your overall look. The chunkier, the better! And bear in mind to mix and match the colors properly.

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Now you no longer have to panic anymore when it comes to choosing the best necklace to wear with your top; it turns out that you let the top dictate what you are to wear to a particular event. Have fun with your strapless tops, own the vintage look with your square neckline, look like a summer goddess with your off-shoulder clothes. With the guide above, you will always nail the necklace game. To find high-quality necklaces, check out IceCarats.com's collection. Don't sit here waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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