Different Diamond Colors and Their Meaning

If I ask you right now to think of the most special jewelry you can ever think of, I am betting your thoughts will eventually lead you to Diamond's land. Perhaps you have in your mind a clear diamond ring, all clear and with no color and beautiful in its glory, that rests on your dainty fingers. You raise your hand and examine its shine and glitz with equally sparkling eyes. As you behold the ring, you think of the Hollywood stars that would bet their life to receive such jewelry. Because what could be better than owning the clearest diamond there is?

I perceive it is an old fashion tradition that is still true today. The clearer the diamond, it will also be more valuable. Clear diamonds are rare in their right. Usually, a diamond would have tints of pink, gray, blue which are caused by various natural factors while the diamond is forming. It is a belief also that once a diamond has a color, it is not anymore as valuable as the clear colorless one. Well, that is sometimes not the case. In the diamond world, there are diamonds called "fancy" ones.

These diamonds come in various concentrated colors. Some of the most popular diamond colors are pink, blue, yellow, and green, and red. These diamonds are considered rarer than the clear ones, and surely more expensive. If I would have a choice, what diamond color would I get? Well, it's hard to decide considering they're all beautiful. But these diamonds are not only applauded because of their beauty, but they are also treasured for their meanings. What are these diamond color meanings? We'll find out.


♦ Brief Background

Pink diamonds are one of the prettiest diamond colors that could ever grace a ring. It is also known to be one of the rarest. The famous mining company, Argyle Mining, can excavate almost a million gems for the year, but only 0.01% of excavated gems are pink diamonds. The amount of resources that can be excavated from the place has also declined, thus, the chance to get another batch of pink diamonds is getting thinner and thinner, increasing the rarity value of this beautiful gem.

To date, Pink diamonds have earned millions of dollars from auction houses. Indeed, the right time to purchase a pink diamond. This popular diamond color is a precious possession because how many have seen a pink diamond let alone own one?

♦ Pink Diamond in the Media

The extreme value of pink diamonds has inspired filmmakers to make movies about it. One famous pink diamond movie is the hilarious "Pink Panther" that tells about an Inspector's endless pursuits to find the stolen pink panther diamond. Everyone has their eyes on the precious stone, and it took a lot of adventure to protect it. The movie had a revival in 2006, and it just showed how special pink diamonds still is in the diamond industry.

One of the fortunate celebrities to receive a pink diamond for an engagement ring was Jennifer Lopez. She got a gorgeous Harry Winston pink diamond engagement ring from then-fiance Ben Affleck. The price tag bore a whopping $2.6 million, now isn't that something to own? Unfortunately, the power couple broke up, and J. Lo reportedly returned the ring to Affleck.

Jewelers believe the ring could fetch more than its blowing price because it once graced the hands of Jennifer Lopez. If this pink diamond already belongs to the most expensive diamond colors, we're wondering how much it costs now.

♦ Meaning

If you're planning to purchase a pink diamond for an engagement ring, you're in luck. This diamond color's meaning represents love, loyalty, and romance. They say that when you give a woman a pink diamond, you assure her of a life filled with romance. Oh, what a feat, boy! But hey, owning a pink diamond is indeed a life filled with romance.

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♦ Brief Background

Blue diamonds are a product of a beautiful accident. A blue color form due to boron particles being trapped while the diamond is forming. The presence of the boron particle causes the diamond to absorb the yellow light. This absorption of light causes a blue reflection of the diamond. Blue diamonds come in different hues and shades.

A common color is a light shade of aquamarine and clear sky-colored diamonds. The more vivid the blue, the more valued the diamond. Blue diamonds are named as one of the most expensive diamond colors because this kind of gem is very rare, and supply is limited. The increased demand for this beautiful blue gem and the low supply caused a rapid increase in price through the years.

♦ Blue Diamond in Media

Perhaps one of the most iconic jewelry in the mainstream media is the Heart of the Ocean, also known as the necklace given to Rose by her rich fiance when they were on board Titanic. With a dramatic turn of events, this lovely necklace was thrown by the aging Rose back to the ocean, a symbol of her always giving her heart to him. This necklace inspired jewelry maker Harry Winston to recreate the Heart of the Ocean with a 15-carat diamond.

The price tag carries a value of $20 million. Wow.Similar to the Heart of the Ocean, a necklace that has seen tragedy unfolding, another famous blue diamond necklace is the Hope Diamond. This captivating 45.52-carat blue diamond necklace is famous not only for its enchanting beauty and $250 million price tag but also to a chain of unfortunate events that usually befall the current owner of the necklace.

People who have owned the said jewelry all experienced grave misfortunes in their life. Although there's no official claim for this said: "Curse of the Hope Diamond," no personal owner has to suffer the curse once more. The Hope Diamond is now safe and sound in the National Natural History Museum in Washington D.C.

♦ Blue Diamond Meaning

The blue diamond is said to be a symbol of royalty and power. When you give someone a blue diamond, it means they have your utmost respect and love.

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♦ Brief History

To Portuguese, the black diamond is more famous for its name carbonados, a name was given because of the gem's attributes that are similar to porous charcoal. Since the initial unearthing of this unique gem, it has been prized for its peculiar beauty for jewelry. It was told that King Louise XVIII even purchased a black diamond himself for a very handsome price. This diamond is not only a wonder to the eye, but it is also a wonder to history.

Jewelers believe that the black diamond's origins date back as old as the solar system. However, despite this diamond color's astonishing qualities and its appeal to royalty, it has not always fared well in the diamond market. In fact, it has been deliberately shunned by jewelers and diamond traders because of its appearance and the level of difficulty it takes to design the black diamond.

Thankfully, everything changed in 1996 when jeweler Fawad Gruosi made a collection of gorgeous black diamond jewelry. Since then, the fate of the black diamond is forever changed.

♦ Black Diamond in Media

Perhaps the character in TV history that truly placed the black diamond on a pedestal was Carrie Bradshaw, one of the It Girls in the hit comedy Sex and the City. In a time when girls scream for a clear, sparkly diamond ring, Mr. Big broke tradition by offering Carrie a show-stopping black diamond as an engagement ring.

Boy, did it change the engagement ring scene forever? Although not everyone is a fan of the dark stone for an engagement rock, a huge amount of women are now joining the black diamond engagement ring craze. Who would not? This diamond is beautiful, it has the right sparkle, and it's way cheaper than your clear diamond.

♦ Black Diamond Meaning

Black diamonds are gems that are right for couples who just went through a very challenging time. People consider black diamonds as expressions of sorrow and desire for reconciliation.

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♦ Brief Background

Among the diamond colors, the most common of all is the yellow diamond. The yellow diamond originated all over the world, but if you are looking for a deep, perfect yellow, the South African yellow diamonds may fit your taste. Yellow diamonds come in various shapes and sizes.

These diamonds come with beautiful varieties of yellow from the lightest fancy yellows to the deep, vivid, more expensive ones. Although very common, these yellow diamonds come with a high price tag considering that yellow diamonds go with a high price tag due to clarity-wise, it is not very often you see a yellow diamond with a blister-free clarity value.

♦ Yellow Diamond in the Media

I can still imagine the elegant Kate Hudson standing with bright eyes and a beaming face in her fashionable yellow gown. On her neck graces a beautiful necklace with a yellow diamond pendant. She was captivating, yes, but it would be a lie if we say we were not drawn to her yellow diamond pendant, too.

The Isadora Diamond worth $5 million is considered one of the most expensive jewelry ever created especially for movies. The emergence of yellow diamonds in engagement rings has also taken Hollywood by storm. Some celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and Heidi Klum tossed the crystal clear diamond and embraced the yellow one.

♦ Yellow Diamond Meaning

The yellow diamond symbolizes hope and happiness for the future. If you give a woman an engagement ring that's embellished by the yellow diamond, you are giving her hope for a bright, prosperous future.

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Diamonds are not just clear ones. If you limit yourself to colorless stones, you will be missing the whole fun that comes with trying out diamond colors. Is not this the right time to toss the fashion tradition aside and explore the world of colors of diamonds? Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!

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