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Diamond Vs. Cubic Zirconia: How to Identify Which is Which?

Diamond Vs. Cubic Zirconia: How to Identify Which is Which?

With all the sparkling stones that take part in the jewelry world, sometimes, it’s quite baffling to identify which is which. One of the famous and sought after gems is diamond. Oh, this stone will always land in the first place when owning a precious ensemble. I think there's no question about that anymore. People seem to choose this stone as their priority. Well, the only time that it can land second place is if someone would prefer choosing their birthstones instead.

But, did you know that because diamonds have been known to be precious, that there are now a few alternatives that you can surely choose from? From Moissanite to amethyst, there are quite a bunch of selections that will seize your thirst for brilliance. Please take note; diamond simulants do look good and feel like it’s the same thing. SO, it's never a bad thing to try something you think will work out for your taste of fashion. Talking about that, let's talk about this one stone that is often said to have an identical appearance to diamonds.

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Going back to history, CZ was discovered in the 1930s, but the process of creating synthetic CZ was not perfected until the 1970s. Cubic Zirconia is designed with a recipe. Its main ingredients? Zirconium oxide together with minerals like calcium oxide. They're not limited to just a crystal clear color but are available in different hues. In fact, Swarovski was the first one to use cubic zirconia in their styles. This started the popularity of CZ being a staple in the jewelry world.

Contrary to people’s belief about this stone, it was initially discovered and crafted in Russia. As time went by, substitutes for natural stones have been short in supply, and that is why CZ paved their way to becoming discovered by laser technology. Then, later on, someone noticed that it looked identical to diamonds but with a lesser price. That’s when the production of CZ jewelry began blooming.

Is it Real?

It seems like the majority are saying that they are fake. But are they really? Cubic Zirconia is known to be a gem of its own, which doesn’t mean that they’re not authentic. It’s a smart option if you’d like to choose a cheaper alternative for diamonds. These stones are created in the lab, making them lack the natural imperfections that diamonds have. They may be considered as too perfect or fake-looking, but they aren’t fake.

Do they have Superpowers?

Ever wonder if you’ll end up obtaining superpowers by the time that you wear specific gemstones? Astonishing and somewhat hard to believe, right? Yes, it will be fantastic to have supernatural powers. However, that’s not the power that this stone is referring to. Over the centuries, gemstones have been associated with mystical powers. This stone is believed to enhance focus, improve clarity and release the ego. Being practical, that’s what it pertains to. They are associated with balancing the body's health, both physical, mental levels, and intuitive knowledge. Cubic Zirconia is believed to procure spiritual powers that enhance chakra, which stabilizes the body. It is also known that wearing pieces of CZ jewelry can help you connect to Angelic realms.

How to Tell the Difference

They say that the best way to identify their differences is to put the stones under the light. But is that the only basis? Yes, the diamond showcases more light, whereas the cubic zirconia projects a rainbow appearance. However, this isn't the sole basis or procedure on how to identify one from the other. This includes looking at the physical appearance, chemical, and visual properties. Besides, knowing these factors will help you choose the right and the best one that you desire. Let’s go ahead and tackle the different aspects that will make you say, “I can’t believe that I didn't notice these before.”


When it comes to colors, the majority would always choose colorless stones because of their rarity. The colors of Diamonds range from D to Z, which signify colorless to yellow. Yellow is pretty but of course, who wouldn’t want to choose a clear as ice gem? I think everyone deserves to have it every once in a while. D colored diamonds are usually considered more expensive than the rest. However, each level may obtain a higher price depending on the setting where the diamonds are mounted.

For CZ stones, being known as created in a lab, they were molded to showcase a clear diamond's subtle resemblance. Alluring and akin to the D colored diamond. Still, CZ stones can be available in other colors. So a vast selection of cheaper alternatives is for you to uncover.


When it comes to Value, cubic zirconia is significantly inexpensive than diamonds. Sad to say, but these stones are worth next to nothing. If you have a cubic zirconia engagement ring and plans to resell it, we recommend retaining the ring's setting because this stone carries no value in the market. Talking about diamonds, we know that this gem has already been sought after and a keepsake. It has been known to be a perfect heirloom gift. Diamonds are stunning gemstones with timeless glamour. Moreover, its value and price depend on its 4C's, namely Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.

Nevertheless, no matter how different Cubic Zirconia and Diamonds are, they still display a gorgeous ensemble. Even though they say that one carat of CZ will only cost a few dollars and one carat of diamond costs thousands still, prices can't deny the glimmer and brilliance that these pieces project.


This is one of the characteristics that differentiate diamonds from cubic zirconia. And yes, we can say that CZ has an advantage this time. As diamonds are considered genuine products of the earth, we can’t ignore the fact that they often have flaws and imperfections. These flaws are called inclusions, which take away the diamond’s clarity. It has a scale wherein the lowest clarity grade is known as “Included,” whereas the highest is “Flawless.” Flawless diamonds are the high-priced ones because they are rare. Well, no matter how much inclusion a diamond may have, always remember, imperfections create perfect ensembles.

On the flip side, if you intend to have a piece of great clarity, then choose cubic zirconia. It has outstanding clarity and is always known to be flawless. So supposed you'll be face to determine if which one is diamond and which is cubic zirconia, with the aid of knowing the clarity differences, you'll be able to identify if which is which.


This refers to the depth of brightness or luminosity. It is the white light reflection of the stones. If we were going to compare it, diamonds have a refractive index of 2.42, whereas cubic zirconia is at 2.16. This only signifies that diamonds shine brighter than CZ stones.

Sadly, Cubic zirconia contains no true brilliance. The lights pass through it differently, which reflects less radiance to the eyes. By looking at the two gemstones under the light, you can immediately tell the light reflection difference. And, spotting a fake diamond isn’t going to be a difficult task. Nevertheless, the diamond’s brilliance is incomparable to other stones.


Well, we know that this definitely can be a deal-breaker. Prices of diamonds compared to cubic zirconia are more significant if basing it on the carat size. The more the carats are present, the most costly it becomes. For instance, you'll have a bigger CZ stone than a diamond. You’ll still be surprised to know that a tiny diamond still costs more. Cubic Zirconia is way cheaper than mined diamonds. Yes, many may say that it's worth nothing, but it's always practical to choose an alternative rather than going home empty-handed if you're on a budget.

So, there we go. We have given some insights as to how to identify a diamond from a cubic zirconia stone. It can be overwhelming, yes, and you may say that you cannot see the difference. But as the adage goes, "once you see it, you can never unsee it." We hope that the tips given can help you when you're ready to purchase a perfect present for your loved ones.

As we know, paying a higher price can be daunting, but then cubic zirconia can be one of the best simulants that can make you feel like it’s the real thing. We're not saying that you should rather choose CZ stones over diamonds. What we're conveying is for you to identify their own characteristics. They both glimmer and project a stunning ensemble. They have their pros and cons. But most importantly, they create a beautiful masterpiece that anyone would adore having.

So, are you now confident enough to select the one you think may be suitable for you and your loved ones? If not yet, visit us at We make sure to showcase our mesmerizing selection that you will surely adore. We feature glamorous choices of diamonds and cubic zirconia jewelry that will amaze your eyes. So, what are you waiting for? Indulge and discover! There are a lot of beauties to uncover! Keep sparkling!

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