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Comparing Different Diamond Shapes

Did you know that there are different diamond shapes? Though the differences might be small, these diamond shapes can significantly impact the price and quality of the diamond. This guide will explain the most popular diamond shapes and give you an idea of how they vary from a well-known shape like a round brilliant-cut gem.

Yes, we know that diamonds have been one of the most popular choices in jewelry for many years and will always be one of the favorites. Yet, some people don't know that there are different diamond shapes, and they all have their own unique traits. If you're looking to get a diamond engagement ring, this article can help you choose this world's most well-known gemstone.

Different diamond shapes like round cut, princess cut, asscher cut, emerald cut, and many other popular diamond shapes help to create unique and beautiful engagement rings. The variety of diamond shapes gives you the option to put your own touch on the ring. This aspect makes the engagement ring really personal and original. You can have different cuts in each of the corners of the band or altogether over the entire band or just one corner.

Here are 12 main diamond shapes for an engagement ring:

1. RoundProduct example

The most sought-after shape is the round-cut diamond. Round-shaped diamonds offer the best light reflection and brilliance to a diamond. As far as I remember, fashion magazines and salespeople have recommended the optimum cut diamond. They often point out that a round diamond is most expensive because of its rarity in nature. They further state that these inclusions are less evident in this shape than the other shapes of diamonds.

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2. Radiant 

Product example

Radiant-shaped diamonds are truly one of a kind. These diamonds are often referred to as radiant cuts, emerald cuts, or traditional cuts, and these diamonds offer a unique curved appeal covering roughly 60% of the diamond's surface. The radiant-shaped diamond is the most popular cut within the fancy shape category. It’s also known as a “square modified brilliant” and has 57 facets that sparkle from every angle. Fewer facets mean less light is being reflected away, making a diamond appear brighter than its round counterpart.

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3. Oval Product example

This diamond shape has the longest known history and was popularized and modernized in the 1960s, which possesses the same brilliance. The oval stone shape is complementary in smaller hands as it accentuates the look of one's finger.

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4. Emerald Product example

Emerald cut diamonds are known for their original and unique appearance that can’t be found in any other cut. The emerald diamond has long been admired as the most elegant of all gemstone cuts. Unlike fancy colored diamonds, their color is natural and pure. This was designed to accentuate the qualities of emeralds.

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5. Princess Product example

Princess-shaped diamonds are among the most beautiful and rarest of all diamond cuts introduced in the 1980s. They are a variety of round brilliant but have a more pointed appearance. They suit both classic and contemporary ring designs well, making them versatile and suitable for many different styles.

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6. Heart Product example

Have you ever seen a heart-shaped diamond? Did it take your breath away? A brilliant and colorful heart-shaped diamond is considered one of the most special diamonds in the world. It is regarded as a symbol of everlasting love between lovers or friends. This shape is trendy, especially at romantic events.

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7. Pear Product example

There is no more obvious fact that most diamonds are precious. The words pear-shaped diamond aren’t descriptive of the shape of a diamond, or else they would be priced based on their shape. The dimensions of a pear-shaped oval make it different from other types of oval-cut diamonds. This shape is the hybrid of the round brilliant and the marquise.

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8. Cushion Product example

This was the most common shape of the diamond until the 20th century, which has been around since the 1700s. It’s not your imagination: cushion-shaped diamonds are all the rage…at least for those who know what they’re looking for. The cushion shape has been trending on the low and the high end of the diamond price spectrum lately because its versatility makes it an attractive option to buyers who want a distinct look.

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9. Trillion Product example

The trillion-shaped diamond is a stunning and unusual shade of blue. This shape consists of three equal sides like a triangle. It has perfectly squared corners and facets that make it appear as a square-cut diamond. It’s round and clear like an oval diamond, but it’s also a trillion-shaped diamond.

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10. Asscher Product example

This originated in Holland, Netherlands, in 1902, introduced by Joseph Asscher. The asscher-shaped diamond is a diamond cut known for its square corners and window-like shape. The shape of this diamond is a little more unusual and may not be for everyone. It’s quite angular and square, with sharp edges and corners. Make sure you look at it in various lighting conditions, from ordinary indoor light to brighter sunlight.

11. Baguette Product example

A baguette-shaped diamond is a unique diamond that looks like a loaf of French bread. It is cut into slender baguette slices, yet the cutting pattern creates an illusion that these slices are connected at the ends. These diamonds are considered to be a symbol of wealth and prosperity in China and throughout Asia.

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12. Marquise 

Product example

Marquise diamond is a perfect example of how the simplest idea can sometimes have the most profound impact. This is the perfect engagement/wedding ring choice for many women because its shape has been worn as a symbol of special love and commitment for over 300 years. The marquise cut is one of the most classic shapes in jewelry.

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So, there we have it! I hope I was able to give some insights into the different diamond shapes available in the market. Remember, depending on the desired look and use, one shape may be preferable over another. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but not every girl is the same. Women have very different personalities and tastes, just like diamonds, which come in many shapes. Your personality can tell a lot about your tastes and whether an oval, pear, heart, or round cut would suit you best.

Now that we know how to shop for diamond engagement rings, it’s time to choose a diamond shape. The trick is learning the differences and similarities of each diamond shape which will allow you to find the perfect shape for your beloved. Indulge and discover! There are a lot of beauties to uncover! Keep sparkling!

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