Chic & Trendy Styles that You'll Adore about Pearls

What's not to love about pearls?  Pearls have a timeless beauty that is hard not to adore.They are perfect for any occasion. But should a modern woman invest in them today, though?  Certainly, without a doubt!  What's the biggest trends for pearls nowadays?  To get the style you want, it's all about mixing things up for the perfect look.  Read on to find out what will work best for you.

1. The Single Pearl Stud

Single stud earrings are the newest trend. With every season, they've become more and more popular, and this year is no exception! The fashion judges has fully endorsed these spunky little pierced bits of jewelry that can be worn anywhere, even to work or school!

The accessory that's perfectly ideal for any formal occasion, these earrings are an effortless way to add some extra class into your outfit.  They'll make you feel like the life of every party with their understated yet bold style.

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2. Rainbow Colored Pearl Jewelry 

The classic pearls has made a dramatic return to style in recent years. We can't help but notice how designers have seamlessly incorporated them into bold candy-colored jewelry trends!

The latest trend in jewelry is all about multicolored pearl necklaces, and there's no better place to find one than at You can either go for something casual like an array of colorful pearls or striking multicolored gemstones. Whatever you pick, we've got you covered!

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3. Bigger is Better

We've got you covered in the wow department.  Giant hoops and chunky chains are all the rage this season, but there's something about oversized jewelry that is 'oh so big' as statement pieces. Go for the big all around necklaces, simple cuff pieces, or those super-sized pearls for an ultra-model look! 

We've got your back with our vast selection of gorgeous pearls in all shapes and sizes and even some with that special bling for an extra dazzle. There's always something perfect waiting for you right here at IceCarats.

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5. Vintage Heirlooms

Pearls are well known as one of the most elegant and timeless pieces for fashion.   They can tell you stories about their owner and they never go out of style.  It's almost impossible for them not to be unique.   Every pearl's special glow have a story to tell and makes investing in them even more worthwhile and worthy.  

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Pearls continue to be one of the most elegant ways to wear jewellery, and now, we are all aware of both the how and the why of this. Pearls are often considered to be a representation of sophistication as well as ageless beauty. They've been a go-to accessory for women of many ages and tastes for as long as anybody can remember, and in recent years, they've seen a surge in demand. Pearls are making a comeback in the fashion world, and IceCarats is the place to go to for gorgeous collections of pearl jewellery.

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