Best Engagement Rings: Ring Trends for 2021

Best Engagement Rings: Ring Trends for 2021

Intricate details, exceptional styles, and timeless elegance are just a few of the many qualities customers seek when searching for a ring. While coming across the perfect engagement ring requires a keen eye and vast knowledge, it has never been so easy to uncover your ideal ring design. The engagement rings that have captured our hearts and minds over the years are now at our fingertips. Analyzing statistics pertaining to gemstone cuts, precious metals, color options, and more enables us to cook up this list every year.

As they say, "No one can ever stop two hearts that are eager to love one another, not even the pandemic!" So, with the being said, engagement rings are a key factor of weddings that should be personalized for each couple. This makes it hard for individuals to decide on the type of ring to buy, and the process can get even more overwhelming when there is a limited budget.

If you are looking for an engagement ring, you may be wondering where to begin or the best path to follow to find your perfect ring. For most people just starting their engagement ring journey, the process can seem overwhelming though certain steps can help make it easier. Here’s the list of the rings that you should consider this year!

1. Statement Engagement Ring

Did you know that wearing statement engagement rings has been in vogue since the 1920s? Both the men and women wore them to indicate they are ready to be married. People still opt for statement engagement rings but with a modern twist. The larger stone, more intricate band, combined or alone with gems on a ring that would reflect fire, can be seen widely today.

Let's face it—there may be times you need to give your special someone something more: a gift of love to celebrate your anniversary, or just because they deserve it. A stunning engagement ring creates a moment in time when your actions make your feelings clear. The story of you giving this ring can create a memory that lasts forever and ever. If it’s your love, honor, or anniversary, show the depth of your affection with a mesmerizing engagement ring—a gift as unique and meaningful as the love you share.

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2. Colored Engagement Ring

What would you respond if you were offered a gold engagement ring, one with diamonds and all? I’m pretty sure you would have a heart attack. But what if the ring could be colored too? What if your jewelry did not only hold up for years but also for everything life threw at it? Color is trendy, and that’s why getting a colored engagement ring is fun.

A stunning colored engagement ring with a shining diamond is undoubtedly astonishing. A traditional engagement ring can be beautiful, but if you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life, color may be just what you need. From purples to blues and yellows, a colored ring will celebrate the bride-to-be's personality and will continue to shine long after it’s been worn. Explore our collection of unique rings today.

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3. Halo Engagement Ring

Halo setting engagement ring is derived from a Latin word that means "in the shape of a half moon." It is a magnificent way to dress up a gorgeous ring. This setting displays a center stone on a bed of smaller stones that are very charming and can be either vintage or modern according to the groom's choice.

The halo engagement ring is a wide, flat, solid band with a halo of small diamonds surrounding the center stone. Princess Diana's engagement ring popularized this design style, and like many celebrity trends, it caught on with brides-to-be across the country. Today several major ring brands offer halo rings for their wedding bands with diamond halos ranging from 2-4 millimeters.

Halo setting was designed to encircle the diamond with small, closely set round brilliant-cut diamonds. This unique design is much different from any other diamond ring setting, making halo settings perfect for engagement rings.

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4. Vintage Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are a very sophisticated choice of jewelry that can be worn only for a lifetime. There have been many different kinds of engagement rings worn by the bride, and the amount of money on them has been growing over the years. Today, more and more people prefer to purchase vintage engagement rings because it represents their style statement.

When you say the phrase “vintage engagement rings,” you may picture something your grandmother would wear, but that doesn't mean these rings are outdated. In fact, vintage engagement rings can help create a romantic and unique setting for your diamond. Vintage engagement rings have gained popularity in the past few years, and for a good reason!

Everyone loves a traditional engagement ring, but it is not for everyone. If you’re looking to express your individuality, go for something vintage.

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5. Two-Tone Engagement Ring

Every piece of jewelry is customized to match your style. We spend a lot of time making sure both men and women love our jewelry. We use an innovative process to create a unique, sleek, perfectly matched two-tone engagement ring for you.

A two-tone engagement ring is an elegant and stunning engagement ring that can be worn on any occasion. It has a significant advantage over other engagement rings as it looks like those expensive solid gold engagement rings but at much more affordable prices.

A two-tone ring has two colors in the intersecting band. It represents coming together and shows that you promise you will be there for your future spouse no matter what. This is a perfect symbol of ones’ love. The colors meld together perfectly to form a sign of everlasting affection.

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6. Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Three stone engagement rings are an excellent choice for modern brides or anyone looking for their unique ring to convey more than one level of meaning. The ring designs can be seen in many wedding magazines today and are often chosen by women who want to create a custom set with multiple diamonds representing different things.

These rings, often the main diamond with two smaller diamonds on either side, are the most popular engagement ring. Their classes design signifies the past, present, and future of your marriage. Besides diamonds, gemstones are also popular. The most famous gems for an engagement ring are emeralds, amethyst, and rubies.

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7. Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaires! The most iconic engagement ring and truly a bride-favorite! Have you ever seen a solitaire engagement ring that’s absolutely breathtaking? I have. They’re undeniably gorgeous and for excellent reason.

What does a solitaire engagement ring do? A solitaire engagement ring is a single diamond or a solely stone. It has not been attached to any other diamonds by means of brazing or cementing, and it has not been set in any other way, such as parallel or tapered fingers. It has also been faceted. These characteristics make up a Solitaire ring, which is both one of the oldest styles in diamond rings and one of the most sought-after consumers today.

These rings are symbols of romance. When you buy one, you don’t have to worry about it being the perfect representation of two lives becoming one. It’s the perfect representation of one life becoming more complete.

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So, there we have it! Engagement rings are one of the essential pieces that women ask from a man during an engagement. We are sure that you have heard a lot about the features and designs of the engagement ring, but the following information is something you need to know before deciding. Either you are considering purchasing an engagement ring for your dear ones, a gift for your closest friends, or planning to choose one for yourself, these rings have played a special and unique place in everyone’s life, no matter if they're men or women.

An engagement ring is the ultimate representation of romantic love. You won’t find two more perfect things in the whole world than you and your someone special when you decide to spend the rest of your life together. When you’ve found that special someone, it’s not hard to imagine spending the rest of your days right there with her. But engagement rings are more than just beautiful—they also carry a long history and impressive symbolism.

And yes, who doesn't love a good wedding? Especially when it's your own! With all the excitement that's bound to happen, you are going to want to record every moment. Whether you are nervous about not doing a good job or just unable to remember it all, always try to indulge and discover! There are a lot of beauties to uncover! Keep sparkling!

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