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Best Coachella Looks and Jewelry

Best Coachella Looks and Jewelry

Coachella season is here once again, and we can't help but just revel on the best looks we have seen so far. From Kendall Jenner's lace perfection to Vanessa Hudgens' Coachella style (which is always spectacular), to Alessandra Ambrosio's fashion looks, we can surely say that the first days of Coachella in the fields of Indio, California did not disappoint. Of course, the best Coachella jewelry and the best looks Coachella has to offer don't only belong to celebrities; even fans of the said event also impressed. Here are 13 of the best dressed Coachella goers with their fantastic jewelry and ensembles.

1. Stay sassy with those hoops!

If you think the most popular music festival's theme only revolves around everything bohemian and goth, well, you should probably think again. One favorite, I have observed, happened to be the fashion of the 90s. You know what's next when it comes to 90s fashion: enormous jewelry, the grunge look, and flashy hairstyles. Staying on the sassy side of the 90s, she stood out with her sterling silver hoop earrings. She nailed the fashion scene in the fields, for sure.

2. White choker, anyone else loves that?

Don't worry; we are still into the classic black choker that usually steals the spotlight in every music festival event (it seems that lately, the goth look stands out more than the bohemian-slash-hippie ones). But we just can't avoid but notice this girl's unique Coachella jewelry. She looks elegant and classy despite her revealing look. Next Coachella, we will go for this white choker over the black one. And, if all else fails, we will also don an all-white ensemble. The perfect way to be noticed in the said music event is to look unique, and this girl's fashion just nailed it.

3. Ahh, perfection all the way!

This jewelry style, without a doubt, can be forever considered as a music party favorite. Tattered top plus fiercely layered necklaces? Nothing beats the classic look that can be given to any outfit by the pearl necklace. Pearl and gold necklaces make a good fashion combination that can make anyone look wonderful. If you are still gearing up for the 2nd leg of the Coachella weekend, let this no-fail look inspire you and your wardrobe so you can stand out in next weekend's Coachella events. Go on, girl; you are always born to stand out.

4. Black chokers, always on-the-go!

Like what we said earlier, black chokers are considered one of the best Coachella jewelry to wear if ever you want to look fashionable down to a tee. Sassy, sophisticated, and edgy, this black choker must-have if you plan to hit the parties in Indio, California. Take tips from this girl whose jewelry choices are beautiful and top-notch. She did not go for a traditional thin, black choker look, but she also added a little more spunk to her jewelry ensemble by adding touches of silver jewelry to her look. Impressive and genuinely a fashion inspiration.

5. Subtle Gypsy Fashion

These girls (best of friends, we assume) are great photo buddies, but they are also both fashion inspirations. If we talk about keeping it simple but keeping it rocking, can we refer to these girls' style? We are in love with their clean, fresh look, and we also are fans of their jewelry choices. One of the girls chose a traditional Aztec-inspired necklace while the other one kept it simple and subtle with her gold chains that remind us of those of Gypsy ladies. Overall, we are in love with this look.

6. Be a perfect fashion inspiration!

Can we talk about our favorite celebrity looks for a moment here? Specifically, let us all focus on the breathtaking Nina Dobrev, who, without any doubt, took the Coachella festival by fashion storm. No, she did not have to dress scantily, or have weird-looking ensembles; she just stayed clean, fresh, and super laid back that she is our Coachella fashion inspiration. Can you notice her lack of jewelry? This girl surely knows how to be beautiful in simplicity. Her gold bangles are enough for her. Gosh, Nina, please share some tips for us.

7. Yes! Coachella is for guys, too!

Who says looking fly during the Coachella events is only for the ladies? Wrong! Guys have a way to look fabulous, too. Take these three guys, for example. Baggy shirts and typical boy-next-door jackets, these men look fresh as summer with their necklaces. They were able to keep it fashionable yet manly enough, and it doesn't get better than that, right? So, for guys out these who also want to have their lives, take hints and tips from these fashion-forward guys right here. Take over your Coachella adventures with jewelry for men. (Tip: for more fashion looks for men, check out Vanessa Hudgen's boyfriend's Coachella style.)

8. Go for those turquoise jewelry items!

When push comes to shove, what jewelry are you going to have in an emergency? This Korean beauty right here shows us how it should be done. You can make your fashion statements with your style, but don't forget the finishing touches that only jewelry can bring. If you're running out of time for that, just do what this Korean girl did: she went for turquoise jewelry pieces. What makes turquoise pieces such a must-have in Coachella? Well, simply because these babies can make any look pop. Make sure to get yours for a fashion-filled music party.

9. Flaunt your sterling silver style!

Slay in the fashion department with your three fashion outfits using only one accessory: sterling silver jewelry. You've read that correctly; even if you go to the said music festival with only sterling silver jewelry pieces on hand for your accessories, you can still achieve having a best-dressed look for Coachella. Sterling silver jewelry pieces can make any outfit look popping and edgy; the way we want our Coachella outfits always to look. Just take it from this girl right here who nailed the fashion category with her sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry (or white gold ones, if you prefer) never disappoints. Just ask the Jenner sisters!

10. Mix your vibe with vintage glamour.

Can we incorporate all the looks from the different eras to achieve the best Coachella look? Of course, we can! Just look at one of the ladies in the music festival looking fly with her top-notch ensemble. Plaid shirt from the glorious 70s faded shorts from the '80s, jewelry style and hairstyle from the '90s, and this look is perfection. What makes '90s jewelry so perfect for Coachella? Perhaps the extravagance and the loudness of this jewelry always gets an A+ in Coachella festivals.

11. A Bohemian style always slays!

The next look we are to take inspiration from is one from Alessandra Ambrosio. We all know how Ale would always dominate the Coachella events in her super fashionable pieces and her beautiful Bohemian face. When it comes to the best Coachella fashion, take inspiration from Alessandra Ambrosio, and you will never fail. For this year, Ale went for the basic bohemian jewelry pieces like a gold chain bracelet, a chain necklace with a statement pendant, and additional sparkly details. Alessandra Ambrosio truly knows Coachella fashion. Follow her footsteps because she always looks spectacular. Her basic pieces have brought her to places, you know.

12. Going to an all-black Coachella look?

Kendall Jenner and Paris Hilton hit the Coachella fields with their all-black looks for Coachella's first leg. Since everyone will soon be rocking the all-black look (thanks, Kendall and Paris) in the next Coachella weekend, how can you truly stand out? Well, it all boils down in the little pieces. Go for fierce jewelry pieces that will surely amp up your look like this choker and chain necklace that this girl wore. The trinkets truly brought a fresh take on the look. Black is such a fun color in the fashion world; be fun and creative!

13. She knows her fashion too well.

Can we ever forget the Queen of Coachella, also known as Vanessa Ann Hudgens? Of course not! We ave the best for the last. One of the stars who has consistently kept their Coachella always looks on point is Vanessa Ann Hudgens. She, together with her beau, still looks stellar. From her eye-catching flower crowns to her over-the-top accessories, Vanessa once again gave us another fashion advice: never underestimate a statement necklace's power. The simple trinket can turn a simple look into one worthy of being called "Coachella's best dresses." So don't skip Vanessa's Instagram if you're looking for a good fashion look for the second look of Coachella. 

These are just 13 of the best Coachella looks so far, and it's just the first weekend. We can't wait for the second weekend and see more of these fantastic fashion looks. If you're still looking for Coachella-worthy jewelry, check out our collections for great pieces! Don't sit there waiting. Sparkle in Coachella, darling!

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