April Birthstone: All About the Famous Gemstone the Diamond

Every birthstone is special; there's no denying about that. But what honor and privilege would it be to have a diamond for your birthstone? Whenever someone asks you what the birthstone for April is, don't you go all proud when you say diamond? Indeed, this stone is one of the prettiest in the world and the most valuable one. However, this gemstone for April isn't only limited to its beauty; the meaning behind the diamond stone is a pretty fascinating one. Let's find out more about the diamond birthstone.


The love for the rock started in the Indian country. It was believed that the Indians were the first to trade diamonds to people, even starting as early as the fourth century. India was one of the blessed countries when it came to diamonds as they were easily harvesting this precious gemstone from their streams and rivers. However, these diamond yields could go only to India's rich few, which is the class of highly wealthy people. However, after some years, the news about India's beautiful clear crystal has attracted European citizens. Then suddenly, the diamonds were being transported to India to the Venetian diamond trade. By the year the 1400s, the diamond quickly became a fashion staple for the people in Europe.

Since the demand for the rock is increased, India's limited supplies became inadequate to cover the increasing want for diamond jewelry. Thankfully, another country found its abundant reservoirs of diamonds. Brazilian miners discovered that diamonds were down under when they found diamond specks when they were panning for gold. Since that time, Brazil has dominated the diamond industry for almost 150 years. Through the years, and after tremendous demand for this sparkly crystal, the diamond products of South Africa were discovered. Up to this day, South African diamonds are some of the most actively traded gems.


Nothing much has been said about the origin of the diamond as a birthstone. Generally, people believe that it all started during the times of the Bible when a priest wore a vest with 12 colorful stones embedded in it. Eventually, people began to associate the colored stones with the months, and consequently, zodiac signs. The gem assigned to April was the diamond, and a lot of lore came with it.

People have begun wearing their official birthstones for special protection and amulet or a good luck charm since those times. This belief for birthstone jewelry even came to the point where people would wear each birthstone for increased protection and wisdom every month. However, a more popular belief stood out, which said that wearing your official birthstone throughout the year could fully amp up the wearer's chances to invite good luck on his or her way.


Diamonds are not only popular with its exquisite qualities, the incomparable shine that only this stone can bring, and the value of these stones. Diamonds also prove that good things come from hard experiences, like what the stone experienced before becoming such a beauty. Many people believe that wearing a diamond is also a symbol of emerging beauty after a set of personal challenges and struggles handed to them by life and choices. Unsurprisingly, the diamond stone is also a symbol of courage and resiliency despite hardships.

In ancient times, diamonds were believed to be tears of the gods and being able to own one means you invite these powerful entities' blessings. In Sanskrit, the diamond's name is called "vajra," which can also be translated into the word "lightning." In the Hindus' rich mythology, vajra means a powerful weapon of one of their gods named Indra, the most powerful one of all. Diamonds are believed to carry with them powers that can increase and amplify energy. For those who practice crystal healing, the diamond birthstone is one that does need any recharging at all. The stone is connected to bringing energy and vigor to its owner and other crystals. Its apparent qualities are associated with more evident wisdom and sound judgment, which allows the owner to make more useful decisions.

As to love, diamonds are a symbol of beauty and immeasurable emotions, but they are also proof of commitment towards another. Even in ancient times, diamonds were considered stones of purity, innocence, cleanliness, and virtue. This particular gemstone is also used for symbolizing eternal love and chastity; it is also a reminder for couples to stay strong and immovable no matter the challenges in love and marriage. This is perhaps why diamonds are a big hit when it comes to wedding bands and engagement rings!


Are you wondering what it means when you give a diamond gift to someone in your life? If you have a friend who is struggling with something and wants them to know that they have to keep the faith and keep going, give a diamond gift. Diamonds are a fail-proof symbol of strength. Remind him/her that they will emerge better than who they are right now if they keep going and never give up, just like the diamond. Of course, with all honesty, who could ever resist not being inspired by a sparkly, captivating diamond? Your friend will be so moved.

If you are going to give a diamond gift to someone you love, they will be thrilled as these stones symbolize commitment and loyalty. Plus, when someone gives you a precious gemstone, isn't that a clear indication of a person's deep affection? Diamond jewelry pieces are one of the most wanted gifts by women, and perhaps the meaning behind the shiny stone is what makes it so magnetic to women. Indeed, it is an honor to receive such a stone from someone you love.


What are the most popular diamond jewelry to splurge on for yourself or someone else?

1. Diamond Ring

There is no contest about this. Even in Hollywood, there seems to be an unnamed contest of engagement rings. Stars like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, all have their sparkly diamond rocks coming in with lucrative prices. It seems that diamond rings must-have for engagement rings, whether they come in blue, pink, yellow, or even black. Diamonds are forever so better to have that for wedding fancies.

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2. Diamond choker necklace

Scan every red carpet look from every awards night in Hollywood, and you will see that undeniably, the choker necklaces made of diamonds usually take the cake in every fashion ensemble. Think of Lorraine Schwartz or Neil Lane, the famous jewelry designers who graciously loan their jewelry pieces to A-list stars. Kim Kardashian has been obsessed with her Lorraine Schwartz diamond chokers that she even wished one as a "push gift." Well, she isn't fancy? It's hard not to love this piece of jewelry as it can transform your look instantly!

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3. Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings have been a favorite of many for almost five decades. The classic look of this accessory reminds fashion of vintage glam and old Hollywood sophistication. What people love most about diamond stud earrings is the versatility that comes with it. They can wear the said trinket to a social event, or a regular out of town function, or maybe just in a simple romantic date. These earrings may be simple, but they have an incomparable fashion class. If you want to amp up your little black dress, then go for the diamond stud earrings. These blings are worth the hype and the splurge.

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Have you always wanted to follow the diamond birthstone trend, but you feel that the price is too much for you? Well, there's good news. If you're looking for an April diamond birthstone alternative, three other gems can qualify as such! They are sapphire, clear quartz, and opal. Although not officially endorsed as an April birthstone, these stones are considered such by the British, Roman, Italian, and Tibetan calendars. These gems are also fascinating ones that can compensate for the high price of the diamond.

April birthstone jewelry is lovely pieces because they are considered one of the most expensive and luxurious pieces in the jewelry world and because they have surprising meanings behind. As an April kid myself, it is an honor and such fun to be tagged with a diamond for my birthstone. Diamond pieces should be of the highest quality. If you are looking for excellent and affordable diamonds, check out IceCarats' diamond collection and prepare to be in awe. These rocks are of the highest quality, and we made sure you get what you pay for. If you want to live the birthstone tradition, IceCarats.com can help you with that. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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