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Appropriate Aesthetic For Every Jewelry Set

Appropriate Aesthetic For Every Jewelry Set

Do you want the perfect accessory for your look? Then a jewelry set is what you need! All pieces are already paired and ready to wear. In the 80s, young women were wearing jewelry sets because they wanted to be "in." Nowadays, it seems like every other woman on Instagram has her style advisor. It's a luxury to have actually-to someone help pick out your outfit for you and make sure everything matches!

Okay, well, not exactly, but we are here for it. They're great if you want to have that polished look and create cohesion in your outfit! So consider this our love letter to jewelry sets-a a stylish lover who deserves more attention than they get today? If so, read on because there's plenty of reasons why a set still looks modern despite being outdated or old-fashioned (you know what I mean). It all goes to how YOU wear them - check these tips & tricks first before deciding whether or not fine jewelry should make an appearance during OOTD time.

1. If you want to make a fashion statement with your jewelry, don't get the exact gemstone as everyone else.

What's the difference between an identical gemstone jewelry set and one that changes designs? For starters, it must have EXACTLY THE SAME GEMSTONE DESIGN on each piece. But you can still go with matching pieces if their settings change - like ball stud earrings paired with geometric pendant necklace; beaded bracelet coupled up next to cocktail ring! They'll all look like they come from different sets because there are variations within metal types/colors used (i.e., gold vs. silver). Sometimes, it is because of the stones chosen for the design that made them limited at a time these were created.

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2. Thematic Jewelry can be Tricky to Deal With

It's important to think about the theme of your jewelry set when shopping. A modern, abstract-themed set will look much better than one that is literal in its design. You can take this thought and run with it by choosing items from different themes altogether! For example, nature-inspired wear might include studs shaped like honeycomb or hexagons on an engagement ring alongside stones featuring large flat surfaces made out of these geometric shapes (think agate).

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3. Save the matching jewelry set for a special occasion, and you'll be sure not to go wrong!

Red carpets are all about the matching sets. The classic glamour of these pieces is perfect for special occasions, especially when you stack them with lots and layers of sparkly stones that make any look more nighttime appropriate! Nevertheless, rings are a great way to symbolize your love for each other. A matching set of fine jewelry can show that you're committed in every situation, so don't be afraid! It's ideal for special occasions like weddings or honeymoons because it has lots of sparkles which make them appropriate at night.

It's all about that bling! If you're going for a flashy look, then sparkling rings are perfect. You'll have people envious of your sparkly fingers at any event- daytime or nighttime ones too!

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4. A solid gold and silver jewelry set is perfect for any day.

The day is not just for sparkly things. The daytime alternative to the gemstone jewelry set is a matching solid silver or gold piece, and we're here with some tips on how to get it right! For example, all gold chains will work better than shiny metal bracelets in your next office environment. If you want brunch-worthy style, then go with delicate Singapore Rolo necklaces paired delicately behind ears as well as chunky rope designs around waists. Or perhaps something more modern like layered earrings made up mostly of white gold topped by navy blue sapphire tears? You can even mix metals!

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5. Subtle Chic has everything you need!

The exception to every rule is a clear crystal jewelry set. The gold or silver? That's up to you! Even though we understand that wearing huge rocks is not the most subtle of looks, it's worth noting for those who want a more traditional and classic look. Now don't get us wrong- there are no rules about what type of crystal should go with which metal! Remember that sparkles aren't necessary when deciding on your jewelry set style; they're just an added design detail instead. And as always, keep our styling rule #1 at hand: choose two different pieces from one clear crystalline stone.

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So, there we have it. Jewelry sets are a great way to show off your personality. You can create them yourself or get creative with other people's jewelry by creating an outfit around it! For example, a pearl ring paired up nicely with shell earrings and a necklace made out of both pearls AND shells makes for one elegant DIY set that would look stunning on anyone. And yes, you can use your jewelry to tell a story. Indulge and discover! There are a lot of beauties to uncover! Keep sparkling!

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