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Amethyst: All About The February Birthstone

Amethyst: All About The February Birthstone

Unpolished amethyst stones are perfect as romantic gifts for the love month of February. The most romantic time of the year is about to arrive, and the store's "Romantic Gifts" Isles will swiftly and surely be emptied once more. People from here and there will flock once again to find the perfect, ideal, and jaw-dropping romantic gift they can give for the Valentine's. Have you found yours already? Well, if you are still in confusion, we are here to help you. Have you heard of the famous and stunning purple-toned gemstone called the Amethyst? Do you know that it is one of the most romantic gift ideas for the month of love?

The February birthstone is Amethyst, a beautiful gemstone with a deep, captivating purple hue.

Birthstone jewelry has been a popular gift for the years, not only because all of them are dazzling gemstones, but they also come as a very personalized gift from one person to another. It's like being gifted with an album of your favorite music artist; it's not about just scrambling nonstop for the perfect gift that you think would be "okay" for the recipient well-thought-of gift. If you have a friend or a special someone who is a child of February, delight them with amethyst jewelry! It's not only fancy; it is especially for him/her. What is Amethyst?

The Amethyst is a gemstone considered as one of the most popular quartz used in jewelry making.

Its primary feature is its striking purple color, seductive enough to captivate anyone who will look at it. Although some other gems also bear the deep violet color, the Amethyst is quite the standout. This exquisite gem can change its color from deep purple to a bluish one, or sometimes, shows the color similar to that of a raspberry. One fascinating thing about this gemstone is its color zoning, giving it the capacity to change colors from light to dark.

The beautiful Amethyst is a semi-precious stone but had once been as expensive as emeralds and rubies, thanks to its rare quality.

However, a huge deposit of Amethyst was discovered in Brazil, making the gemstone much more affordable. If it were not for the discovery, this quartz must be very, very expensive. Places like Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and the US are popular for having large amounts of amethyst deposits. The great thing here is in every region, a different kind of Amethyst is produced ranging from very pale to intense colors and, most often, varying clarity. This gem's varying qualities is one big reason people adore Amethyst; there is always a type for every fashion taste.

History of Amethyst

The name "Amethyst" came from the Greek phrase that means "not intoxicated." The Greeks use this gem as protection from drunkenness, seduction, and blurry sense of judgment. They believe that the Amethyst can make them establish sound reasoning and help them make wise decisions. The Europeans also relied on an amethyst amulet every time they went to battles holding on to the belief that the gem will give them additional healing and a controlled temper. On the other hand, Egyptians use the Amethyst as a special form of adornment to their look. It is believed that Cleopatra wore an amethyst ring to become a wiser ruler and a cunning woman.

The Egyptians also consider the gem a symbol of royalty; they even make sure amethyst stones adorn a pharaoh's tomb. They believe that this quartz brings good fortune and wisdom, allowing the wearer, living or the dead, to make a righteous judgment and avoid deceit. The ancient people did not only use the Amethyst as an amulet; they have also discovered many healing properties of this stone. During the middle ages, the Amethyst is used as a medication for insomnia and gout. It also could make warriors stay on alert despite the physical weariness that war and battles can bring.

What does it mean when you give someone amethyst jewelry?

If you're going to give someone a piece of amethyst jewelry, what does it signify? The Amethyst is a perfect gift for someone who is moving away, who is to start college, a new career, or is already in the baby steps of creating a new business. Since it is an emblem of protection against deceit and seduction, this is a perfect way to tell your friend that you are always making sure they are in the right path and that they will be spared from people who hold bad intentions against them, because as we all know they are many. It is also a fun way to remind them always to make the right choices. Venturing on a new life can be quite stressful and can elicit some unwise choices from us. Having an amethyst on hand can somehow remind your friend to be careful with their crucial life moments of decision making.


But kidding aside, if people from the past had this deep love and trust for the Amethyst, I am sure it still pretty much works its power. By giving your friend some amethyst jewelry, you might be giving them a much-needed fashion boost.

Popular People with Amethyst

The love for amethyst jewelry is undeniable on the red carpet as they have been seen adding glamor to the stars' red carpet looks. Here we have three beautiful ladies and stunning actresses rocking our amethyst rings and earrings. Perhaps one of the chicest Lupita Nong's looks, Lupita, walked the 2015 Golden Globes' red carpets with this ethereal gown that reminds me of gods and goddesses. Just check out at how the colors glow against her skin tone! What makes this look much more glamorous is the huge amethyst ring that she used as an accessory.

The purple ring complements her gown, bearing different hues of purple. The final ensemble looks something that a queen would approve both in the dress and in the accessory. Such a perfect choice for a beautiful face. It seems like the Amethyst is one of the most loved gems by the stars when it comes to their red carpet appearances. Most veteran actresses in the red carpet and the awards season seem to know that to look good, you need to incorporate the Amethyst in your wardrobe.

Take it from one of the best actresses out there, Julianne Moore. She undoubtedly sparkled with her emerald green gown embellished with beautiful sequins. To make the look top-notch, the actress wore huge and eye-popping round amethyst earrings. The accessory is a breath of fresh air against Julianne's strong gown. The stark contrast gave off a best-dressed list result. The love for amethyst jewelry is undeniable in the red carpet as they have been seen adding glamour to the stars' red carpet looks. Here we have three beautiful ladies and stunning actresses rocking our amethyst rings and earrings.

Last but not least, Avatar star Zoe Saldana. Known as one of the show stoppers in the red carpet, Zoe did not disappoint with this luster-filled lilac dress and her huge amethyst ring. The clothing and the jewelry complement each other, and I can't get enough with the amount of class in this outfit. Her overall look shouts, "Queen!" all over. That huge amethyst ring is the bomb!

Amethyst Gift Ideas

Knowing the Amethyst and its aesthetic properties, one cannot simply say no to it when given a gift. These gems are beautiful, versatile, and exude a ton of elegance. Here are some amethyst gift ideas that will surely melt hearts this February!

Give delight to your favorite girl this Valentine's day with this beautiful amethyst drop earrings. You'll never go wrong with this elegant pair. She can use it to her office, her party, and even a romantic event. This drop earrings glow in subtle beauty, just like your love for her. Attach a note that says, "You will always be wonderful," and you will surely get some knees buckling!

Another beautiful addition to her collection is this gorgeous amethyst pendant. I don't know about you, but I am head over heels in love with this pendant's shade! It is so beautiful and so profound that I want to eat it. This jewel reminds me of mermaids and sea adventures, but maybe it's just me. I love it, and for that to come from, a woman says a lot about her, possibly liking it, too. Can you imagine her walking towards you in all her ladylike style with this baby on her neck? If yes, get your girl some sparkly amethyst beauty! Rough edges are of beauty, too. Check out this unpolished amethyst stone that is peculiar, unique, and undeniably captivating. What a message to deliver with this ring!

Are you still looking for the best romantic gift this Valentine's? Do you want to pop the question on this special love month? Break free from the traditional diamond engagement rings and excite her with this charming amethyst engagement ring; it is unique, romantic, and quite the standout. You will surely get the sweetest, "Yes!" The amethyst gem is a perfect birthstone for February not only because it looks so romantic but also it is a different kind of beauty, something any woman would want.

Do you fancy the amethyst gem? Browse through our collection of the most precious ones and get a discount! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!

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