Discover the most precious and expensive jewelry pieces owned by the world's most famous royals, from Marie Antoinette's necklace to Princess Diana's ring.

Royal Jewels: Uncover the Most Expensive Jewelry of Royals!

Discover the most precious and expensive jewelry pieces owned by the world's most famous royals, from Marie Antoinette's necklace to Princess Diana's ring.

Jewelry is a fashion piece that has a way of making a look complete. Nowadays, jewelry has become one of the symbols to express love and devotion. But jewelry and adornments mean more than that to some, especially to the royals (insert Kate Middleton's jewelry here). Even long before royal fashion has become the trend, jewelry has been a staple in expressing wealth and status. Civilizations of long ago used their royal jewelry pieces to state their influence and socioeconomic status in the community. In this blog, we will understand royalty's most precious and expensive jewelry.

We must say that the royal ladies (and even the gentlemen) loved to embellish themselves with different royal jewelry pieces. Ranging from all kinds of expensive gems (ruby, diamond, emeralds, and sapphires) to ethereal tiaras, sophisticated brooches, expensive bracelets and pendants, and extravagant charms, the jewelry collection of royalties can be out of this world. Truly, these ladies don't only know how to rule; they rule their fashion as well. Here are some of the most expensive royal jewelry that everyone should know about, from the British monarchs to the French queens.

1. The Necklace of Marie Antoinette

Royal Jewels: Uncover the Most Expensive Jewelry of Royals!

This royal is not only controversial; she also owns one of the most expensive royal jewelry pieces. Marie Antoinette's necklace is estimated to have a current cost of around $3.7 million. The said necklace is of astounding beauty. The accessory is embellished with many white diamonds. Also, a pair of yellow diamonds adorn the said jewelry. A pink diamond can be seen on the necklace's bottom to make the value more expensive. The necklace is set on platinum that has an estimated weight of 8.05 carats. The overall carat weight of all the diamonds in the necklace is around 13 carats.

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2. Queen Mary's Diamond and Pearl

Royal Jewels: Uncover the Most Expensive Jewelry of Royals!

When you are the first female ruler of one of the world's strongest empires, it's just right that you deserve a special treat. That's why Queen Mary, England's first, had jewelry pieces whose prices are beyond us. One of the most popular jewelry pieces owned by the Queen was the famous Diamond Riviere. Made of 34 vintage cut diamonds set in silver and gold, this jewelry is now priced at $1.8 million. Another jewelry piece she owned that also made a list is the La Peregrina Pearl, the most famous pearl necklace in history.

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3. Princess Margaret's Brooch and Tiara

Royal Jewels: Uncover the Most Expensive Jewelry of Royals!

Belonging to a royal family does bring a lot of jewelry perks. Princess Margaret can attest to that. Margaret, Elizabeth II's younger sister, has her fair share of eye-popping royal jewelry pieces. One of her famous possessions is the Monogram Brooch, which has a personalized design, has an initial "M" on it. The said brooch has a set of circular-cut diamonds. Another piece of jewelry of hers is the Poltimore Tiara. One stunning feature of this jewelry for royalty is its ability to be converted into a necklace and brooches. The estimated price of both jewelry pieces combined is $2.1 million.

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4. Duchess of Windsor Jewelry

Royal Jewels: Uncover the Most Expensive Jewelry of Royals!

Wallis Simpson wasn't only known as the American divorcee who made a king abdicate a throne; she was also a royal family member who owned one of the most popular and expensive royal jewelry. The said jewelry is known as the Cartier Panther bracelet. This treasure is a lovely bangle embellished with diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. The said Panther bracelet made history because Wallis owns it and because it was sold in an auction at a whopping price of $12 million.

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5. The Katharina Tiara

Royal Jewels: Uncover the Most Expensive Jewelry of Royals!

The Countess Consort Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnesmarck was not only known for her exceptional beauty; she was also made famous by a famous piece of jewelry she owned. The Swedish Princess perhaps owned one of the most beautiful tiaras among royals, wherein the precious possession was a gift by her husband, Guido Henckel von Donnesmark. The famous tiara comprises eleven pear-shaped emeralds and pink Colombian diamonds. It was a thing of beauty and price when sold in 1979, and it garnered a price of $12 million.

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6. Princess Diana's Sapphires

Royal Jewels: Uncover the Most Expensive Jewelry of Royals!

When we talk about royals, jewelry, and fashion, it is impossible to forget the late Lady Diana Spencer. Once known as Princess Diana, this soft-spoken, beautiful blonde was the center of royal press attention thanks to her style and jewelry ensembles. While she had access to the royal jewelry pieces (and some of the trinkets she received as gifts during her wedding), several works stood out and continue to mark in people's minds: the famous sapphire ring. It was Diana's engagement ring given to her by Prince Charles. A sweet gesture was made by Prince William when he proposed to Kate Middleton with the same engagement ring. Because of its significant historical value and its beauty, it is considered one of the most expensive engagement rings today. Pretty spectacular, huh?

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7. Necklace from the Art Deco Era

Royal Jewels: Uncover the Most Expensive Jewelry of Royals!

The Art deco years have produced beautiful pieces of jewelry that are always worth the dig in. One popular and expensive art deco piece is this emerald necklace with a bountiful amount of history. This stunning necklace of spectacular color belongs to a Spanish Flamenco dancer named Anita Delgado. Eventually, the performer became a Princess in Kapurthala, officially making this necklace part of the royal collection. This one-of-a-kind necklace is embellished with many diamonds for extra sparkle. The star of the show is ideally the gorgeous emeralds. It has been auctioned at the famous jewelry house Christie's and is valued at more than 100,000 pounds.

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8. Emerald and Diamond

Royal Jewels: Uncover the Most Expensive Jewelry of Royals!

It seems like royals favor emeralds and diamonds so much more. To add to the list of aristocrats who favored emeralds (in addition to the most expensive jewelry pieces owned by royals) is this emerald and diamond necklace owned by Marie Jose, the Queen of Italy. This royal was famous as the last royal of Belgium. However, there was something about her; not everyone knows: she owns an extensive jewelry collection, which includes this gorgeous emerald and diamond necklace. The said necklace was filled with so many sparkly diamonds. The emeralds, on the other hand, were numbered at fifty pieces. This necklace was a creation of Van Cleef and Arpels. Such majestic jewelry for a stunning royal. This breathtaking creation price has not been revealed, but we're placing our bets that this will cost a fortune! That is for sure.

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9. Tiara and Pecten Shaped Brooch

Royal Jewels: Uncover the Most Expensive Jewelry of Royals!

The royals of the 19th century were very particular with jewelry. Perhaps it is the very reason why they collected so many precious trinkets. Thanks to them, we now have trinkets that are not only beautiful but are filled with so many stories of history. Last but not least, on our list are the tiara and the pecten shell-shaped brooch owned by Queen Marie of Romania. Born a true blue royal, this Princess turned Queen donned many spectacular jewelry pieces. The tiara that belonged to her boasted solid gold and stunning expensive gems. It was a tiara fit for a princess. Another piece of jewelry from her collection was the brooch shaped like a pecten shell. The brooch includes a monogram of her tiara, fashioned with an M initial. Both are very beautiful and expensive.

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Without a doubt, royals are the owners of the world's most expensive jewelry pieces. They are privileged to own such breathtaking collections, and other royals also gift them. How amazing is that? Up to now, these monarchs and kingdoms continue to impress people with their jaw-dropping ice and jewels. Who can blame these people for owning such huge treasures? They deserve that, too. We can't wait to see another batch of pricey jewelry from our favorite royalty. We have our eyes on you, Duchess of Cambridge.

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