What is the best way to make sure your outfit shines brighter than any other? Add a touch of jewelry! The runways made several things clear: bold and ...

8 Trends in Jewelry To Hit the Stores this Season

What is the best way to make sure your outfit shines brighter than any other? Add a touch of jewelry! The runways made several things clear: bold and ...

What is the best way to make sure your outfit shines brighter than any other? Add a touch of jewelry! The runways made several things clear: bold and vibrant pieces always shine through in a sea of conflicting trends. From belts with pendants or earrings, there are so many ways you can turn even an average day at work into something worth remembering for years down the line. Never underestimate how important accessories have become this season.

Jewelry is one great way to make an outfit pop. This upcoming season, think colorful chunky bangles and collar necklaces for bold statement pieces that will see the light of day on your wrist or around your throat! Yet again, we're opting into supersized accessories: Huge chokers? Check silver jewelry with some sort-of subversive twist?? Got it covered! Even toe rings are making their comeback in 2022.

1. Plastic is the way to go

8 Trends in Jewelry To Hit the Stores this Season

Plastic jewelry is all the rage, and for a good reason, and is one of the most popular materials in making accessories. The popularity came about because it's lightweight, durable to wear repeatedly without breaking or tarnishing as other metals do. Easy to resize if needed, which means you can change your look effortlessly with different bracelets and rings too! You'll find that prices vary depending on how much work goes into each piece as well. Handmade modern jewelry can be expensive since designers have such an influence behind them.

This season, the oversized Plastic Jewelry trend is all about oversized pieces that can be worn in many different ways! You'll find necklaces, bangles, and even bracelets. The most popular type of accessory for these types of jewelry? Thick bangle-style wrist shots with multiple thin ones layered together or paired side by side on one arm to create an overall look of simplicity and perfection!

2. Get hooked on Beads

8 Trends in Jewelry To Hit the Stores this Season

Necklaces are one of the most popular accessories for women to wear. Beaded bracelets and necklaces can be worn with various styles, making them incredibly versatile pieces that will fit any outfit you put together! Necklace materials range from glass beads in different colors to tiny jewelry threads on a string. It's up to your style preference what type of necklace makes sense at certain times, depending upon where they fall within trend cycles.
The best part about wearing these beautiful chains? They're super easy to make using everyday items found around the home.

At the moment, it's all about strings of beads. From long beaded necklaces with varying colors and sizes to chunky ones featuring large metallic decorations carved into intricate designs. There isn't a type that someone can get away from these days! Beaded jewelry made of good quality materials without any paint or other decoration is considered a classic wardrobe. Staple as well, though; no matter what kind you go for, your look will have some ethnic flair added in. Thanks to those gorgeous jewels on display around them.
Although bucking trends just like they always do, the trendsetters are never afraid of making their statement through outfit and fashion choices instead of blindly following everyone else's lead.

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3. Style it with Bangles

8 Trends in Jewelry To Hit the Stores this Season

Wealthy, fashionable people in the ancient world often decorated their arms with bracelets. These were called bangles because they offered protection against sunburns and insects while also making a racket worn together as if sounding like bells (hence why we call them "bangers").

The bangle can refer to any type of bracelet, thin, rigid ones or heavy, bulky ones made out of ceramic, but usually means something circular closed by fold or hinge style more broadly used for fashion purposes.

It’s a bangle-style bracelet craze! This season, the stacking look is all over. Streamline your outfit with jewelry from head to toe and pair it up nicely by adding one of these simple accessories

The next big thing in fashion has been revealed: The Stackable Bracelet. With its sleek lines and versatile style, you can wear this piece at any event. My it be a formal dinner party or weekend brunch date where an edgy vibe would work best paired alongside some rugged denim shorts!

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4. Accessorize your Arms

8 Trends in Jewelry To Hit the Stores this Season

Arm cuffs are a must-have for every woman this coming year. Whether you go sleek and elegant, bold but daring, or just plain old subtle, they will make your outfit pop with their different styles! It's time to accessorize: wear them stacked on top of each other as well paired up nicely alone without anything else around these parties. Use thicker bands that may seem heavy-handed at first glance because adding some extra weight helps balance things out visually when put together properly.

In a world where we're always looking for ways to make ourselves look thinner, arm cuffs are clever because they show off your arms in all their glory. They also work well with any sleeve length and can be paired off the shoulder if you match them right. Just remember that there needs more space between these two elements than usual otherwise, it will look crowded on top.

A good way around this problem would be pairing shorter pieces over longer ones, so each individual element has some breathing room while still feeling cohesive overall, but don't go overboard!

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5. Go ahead, Adorn your Body

8 Trends in Jewelry To Hit the Stores this Season

Telling someone you have a toe ring means they can never take your fashion prowess for granted! Toe rings are one of those things that will make anyone's feet look beautiful and feminine, regardless of whether it be in the morning or evening. It doesn't matter what time of year because we all need our toes adorned with something pretty at least once every day. That way, when Summer starts calling out to us from its clarion call across these past few months impatiently awaiting deliverance into fruition, she'll know just who is ready first!

On the other hand, wearing waist chains is an excellent way to command attention. They can be worn with any color, style, or material as long it's bolder than your choice! The best part about this accessory? You don't even need a top paired underneath since they give off the unique vibe that will make all eyes on you, including those of people trying desperately not to look too closely at the person next in line behind them.

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6. Emphasize your Neck

8 Trends in Jewelry To Hit the Stores this Season

Collar necklaces are the perfect accessory to make you stand out in a crowd. They come in different styles, materials, and colors, so there's one sure-to please for any outfit or occasion!
For something more affordable, try pearls on your next shopping trip just because they've been around forever but still manage not only eternal beauty but also remain relevant today. These timeless pieces will never go outdated no matter what trends come along the way!

What makes a collar style different? Unlike custom-designed necklaces, it rests flat against the body rather than dangling freely. Often this piece of jewelry is wide and bold in design to draw attention. Perfect for making even an outfit with simple white t-shirts look fashionable! Browse our collection today for some new ideas about how you can take your wardrobe up another notch by adding one or more stylish accessories.

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7. Let your ears sparkle with these glamorous earrings

8 Trends in Jewelry To Hit the Stores this Season

The latest evening wear collection was a glorious blast from the past, with designers returning to old favorite styles and reactions. Music-inspired dresses were met by glittering jewels that would have been at home at any high society party in London during Queen Victoria’s reign!

This one is the trendiest of all trends. Frosted flowers with their unique detailing and oversize beaded drops that are intricate enough to make even the most expert crafter envious. What will they come up with next time!? Plus, there's all this elaborate metalwork too. I predict we'll see more of that when everyone wants something big statement-worthy without breaking into three different payments on Christmas Eve!

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8. Let your Necks Shine and Pop

8 Trends in Jewelry To Hit the Stores this Season

Metal chokers are perfect for a more daring look and one that gives out an appeal. These jewelry pieces can be delicate or tough, depending on your taste! Metal Chains feature versatile styles like silver chains with huge spikes hanging from them. They're great paired up next to sleek necklaces because not only do both outfits seem elegant but also match well against dark colors as well. Think black coal shirts in contrast to white jeans, thanks to how much light reflects off each shiny surface differently and makes those deep shine details pop.

Sometimes the simplest of pieces can be a showstopper. This season, go for chunky metal necklaces that draw attention and make an impact with their bold statement-making style: in various colors like crystal rhinestones or large chainlinks on silver chains. Sleek finishes such as sculpted metal backgrounds give off just enough shine without being too distracting when worn next to skin tone clothes, especially during cocktail hour!

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Jewelry shouldn’t be reserved for the colder months; it can make any outfit more memorable. Bold colors and shapes will take center stage this season as we embrace our inner vitality by mixing things up with statement pieces that speak volumes about who you are! Bold chunky bangles? Check cleansing collar necklace or whimsical beads? Yes, please! Plus elegant earrings to top off your look properly!

You can't escape the power of jewelry and fashion. Whether it be what you wear or how people perceive your clothing, your jewelry, your style, everything has some level in translation with society and culture at large through trends that pass by as quickly as seasons do on Earth. They say " passesby" because these passing moments leave their mark. In those who experience them first-hand, a story then shares sad stories from generation to generation using words so that others may learn a valuable lesson! So, what are you waiting for? Indulge and discover! There are a lot of beauties to uncover! Keep sparkling!

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