Discover pearls' versatile and timeless nature for jewelry, gowns, headpieces, and decorations to make your wedding day look regal, romantic, and chic!

7 Reasons Why Pearls Should be Present on Your Wedding Day

Discover pearls' versatile and timeless nature for jewelry, gowns, headpieces, and decorations to make your wedding day look regal, romantic, and chic!

Planning for a wedding day has a combination of fun and stress. You have many things and designs, and you don't know what suits you the most. You worry about what accent can perfect the looks, from the accessories to the decorations to the bridesmaid's clothes. This question can come to your mind. Are pearls worth the hype? Should pearls make an appearance on my wedding day? Throughout the years, a mix of superstitious beliefs has been connected to pearl jewelry.

People say that is a form of bad luck, a symbol of the bride's tears in her married life. However, some claim that pearls on the wedding day symbolize good luck and prosperity and make the union fruitful and successful. Amidst these superstitions and hearsays, the pearl remains a wedding staple for many reasons; brides love pearls, and I am sure that devotion to these elegant accessories will stay for a long time. A pearl wedding never disappoints, and here are seven more reasons why pearls should be present on your wedding day.


7 Reasons Why Pearls Should be Present on Your Wedding Day

One of the significant concerns of brides-to-be is, "What will I wear on my wedding day?" A list of jewelry goes on and on, and you still can't decide. Do you ever consider buying a pearl? The pearl on the wedding day always adds a classic touch to a bride's features. Soft, dainty pearl jewelry adds a romantic look perfect for an equally romantic occasion. The pearly-white shade can't help but make a woman look immaculate and regal. Also, pearls are versatile. No matter what gown you wear, a piece of pearl jewelry gives beauty and elegance.

When choosing a piece of pearl jewelry, consider your dress's characteristics. Does it have a sweetheart cut? Is its neckline plunging? What is its shoulder cut? That way, it will be easier for you to choose the most complimenting pearl jewelry. Pearl bracelets are also a gorgeous addition to the wedding look. Pearl earrings are also a sophisticated addition to your accessory, contrasting your soft, romantic updo. Your pearl jewelry will help you look like the queen because you are the queen of your wedding day.

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7 Reasons Why Pearls Should be Present on Your Wedding Day

Another detail that worries the bride when she prepares for her wedding day is her gown. What would the cut be? How about the features? The dress and the bride are the focal points of the big event, so stressful preparation is expected. Today, many women opt to embellish their gowns with luscious pearls. Celebrities like vintage queen Grace Kelly and socialite Lauren Conrad are not exempted from this hype. If you are a vintage-loving gal and want everything to look classy, posh, and utterly romantic, then a pearl-embellished gown is your top choice.

Pearls give highlights to the details. Designers love that they can play with different pearl sizes to emphasize the gown's beauty. I can't understand how a simple pearl accent can transform a simple dress into a wedding-worthy costume. Those women who shy away from the sparkle and the glitz make the pearl appeal attractively. This stylish matte finish of the pearl is a winner. Whether wearing a corset-style dress with a pearl brooch or a bohemian-inspired long gown with a pearl lining, the pearl will captivate the people on your wedding day.

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7 Reasons Why Pearls Should be Present on Your Wedding Day

The fitting headpiece adds a gorgeous hint of romanticism, so brides are head over wedding heels for this one. Since Pinterest, brides have had the perfect picture of their hair and headpiece. Veils and tiaras are slowly fading from the spotlight. What is the headpiece design stealing the limelight from traditional headbands? Pearls! The pearl headpiece is a dramatic addition to your wedding fashion. Imagine a soft, messy updo with hints of pearls; it is one romantic look!

The fun part of opting for a pearl headpiece for your wedding day is that you can have any design. You can make a floral-shaped pearl-embellished headpiece and have a long string of pearls for a crown; you can use tiny pearls for a softer, cleaner look. If you are not a fan of dramatic, oversize headpieces, then the subtle effect that the pearl gives is perfect for you. You can even incorporate pearls in these headpieces if you're still into tiaras and veils. Whether you go for a Gatsby-inspired wedding or spring and vintage union, a pearl headpiece will always be present to amp up the beauty.


7 Reasons Why Pearls Should be Present on Your Wedding Day

As a fan of the pearl, I would surely choose a pearl-themed wedding instantly. I am not biased; it is because something is alluring about the pearl that is so hard to resist. It puzzles me how a mere round white gem can captivate the oohs and aahs of the people. Maybe those ladies felt the same way when they chose a pearl-dominated design for their wedding reception. Actually, who can blame them? Look at how a pearl can transform a simple paper into something extravagant and sophisticated. A pearl-themed wedding not only appeals to the vintage-lover nowadays; pearls can be used in every marriage.

If you want a spring-themed wedding, throw in some pearls with the flowers of your choice, and a fantastic transformation happens. Wrap some strings of pearl around a typical candle glass, and it seems like you have just been transported to a fancy restaurant in Paris. Having a pearl-themed wedding saves you from the stress and expenses of looking for a perfect florist. You can even do some DIY decorations, add a touch of pearl, and its looks turn chic. It helps you save money and makes your wedding day look lavish and posh without unnecessary stress.

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7 Reasons Why Pearls Should be Present on Your Wedding Day

The world of engagement and wedding rings is dominated by the queen of the stones -- the diamond. Next to the diamond, a long list of gems follows sapphire, ruby, opal, and many more. However, some women prefer their rings to be simple yet elegant. That's the time that Pearl enters the scene. The pearl wedding ring will appeal to you if you are a bride that shies away from all the chunky, sparkly stones for your call. Rich in cultural and superstitious history, it once believed that when a man gives a pearl ring to the love of his life, he promises her an experience of tears.

That has not been proven so far. Another fun fact that will prove that you should have a pearl wedding ring is that pearls are known to be hidden in the deep of the ocean; it takes a lot of effort to get it, which is why it is both exquisite and expensive. Pearls are elegant and costly enough for some people to feel they symbolize a wedding; a lot of effort, work, and patience are placed on the table. Design-wise, pearls are never the last. They are a combination of classy and alluring, and though they don't attract the same attention as a big, sparkly ring, it indeed is one of those weddings rings you can't take your eyes off.


7 Reasons Why Pearls Should be Present on Your Wedding Day

Whether you go for pastel shades or monochromatic ones, pearls help make your dear bridesmaids look fantastic. The most significant concern for brides regarding their bridesmaids is jewelry. Opting for the classic pearl necklace or bracelet for your bridesmaids is a perfect choice if you want them to have uniform accessories. In choosing pearls for your girls, choose pearl types with any body size. A regular-shaped pearl necklace is a top-notch choice. You can also add a pearl headpiece in a fancier style. Make your ladies your classic sidekicks with pearl jewelry.

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7 Reasons Why Pearls Should be Present on Your Wedding Day

One great thing about investing in a pearl is that it is timeless. Many weddings saw brides inheriting pearl jewelry from their mothers and fathers through the years—some owned by grandma, some given by Papa to Mama. Pearls will never go out of style; they will always stay in the fashion world. Nothing beats the pearl in being timeless. Perhaps you will wear a pearl heirloom from your grandparents on your wedding day; that's a great way to make a special day more meaningful.

However, some of us are not lucky enough to get priced jewelry from generations ago. Go for it if you plan to purchase pearl jewelry on your wedding day. It will live forever. No regrets! Pearl jewelry is a favorite fashion staple. Throw some pearl love to your wedding day and celebrate your newfound bliss in grace, class, and impeccable style.

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