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20 Best Jewelry Pieces in Cannes Festival

20 Best Jewelry Pieces in Cannes Festival

Whenever the Cannes Festival comes near, beauties worldwide come to celebrate cinema and style with the best red carpet fashion and jewelry. This festival was no exception as we saw seas of beautiful celebrities wearing fabulous red carpet jewelry from Lorraine Schwartz to Bulgari. We saw lovely pairs of earrings, diamond necklaces, studded bracelets, and many more. Here we are featuring 20 of the best dressed Cannes celebrities with their dazzling jewelry. See if your favorite stars made it to the cut in the Cannes fashion department!

1. Toni Garrn

German beauty Toni Garrn surely stole the red carpet spotlight in Cannes when she stepped out wearing this oh-so-gorgeous black gown in sweetheart cut. German beauty was the look of sophistication, especially with her sparkly jewels. This blonde beauty is wearing Boucheron's Fleur de Jour jewelry as she attends the premiere night for the movie "Loving" during the said festival. Oh, who could ignore those diamonds?

2. Ana Girardot

The next Cannes jewelry that is absolutely on top of our list is Ana Girardot's statement earrings for the red carpet. She belongs to the stars who wore the best jewelry pieces for the Cannes festival. Her eye-popping diamond earrings remind us of an elegant springtime. Both her sparkly earrings and her brilliant bracelet came from the Damiere Cabochon collection of Boucheron. Sexy in all its angle, this jewelry is.

3. Valeria Golino

During the opening ceremony of the Cannes festival, one lady stood out from the crowd. Indie Queen Valeria Golino looked mesmerizing as always in her luxuriously beaded gown and her magnetic jewelry ensemble. The vintage beauty defined how it is to shine during the festival when she paired her regal red carpet gown with the elegant Chopard's Haute Joiallrie collection for the main event. She still looks good despite age, doesn't she?

4. Kirsten Stewart

The Twilight actress might have shed off her good-girl looks a long, long time ago; we do not deny that Kristen Stewart does look good in the new style she is embracing. The beautiful actress made it to our best-dressed list for the Cannes festival because of her unique style. She made rock punk look sophisticated in this number. As for her jewelry, the actress layered on some Chanel jewelry to complement her white dress. She looked amazing.

5. Gong Li

In an event where beauties from all over the world come and attend, an Asian celebrity stood out from the crowd (well, they always do, right?) Chinese actress Gong Li was the look of oriental perfection when she stepped out in a lace number that has a Chinese touch to it. One of the things that you will immediately notice on this look is her jewelry ensemble. Gong Li's statement necklace and earrings came from Piaget. Lovely, isn't she?

6. Eva Longoria

Is that the bride-to-be glow we see right there? It probably is considering that Eva Longoria stole many stares (and lenses) on the Cannes Festival red carpet. The Latina actress who is bound to get married soon looked oh-so-romantic in a rose pink number and loose hair. What added drama to her look was her studded earrings from Lorraine Schwartz. Beautiful and edgy look; Eva did so well with this one. You go, girl.

7. Anna Kendrick

She delivered such a soul-stirring rendition of "True Colors" with Justin Timberlake during one of French Riviera's most glamorous yearly event. Anna Kendrick also drew looks of approval when she flaunted down the red carpet in a canary yellow gown and statement jewelry. She was the picture of vibrant beauty. The "Pitch Perfect" actress stood out, thanks to her gorgeous jewelry pieces from Bulgari. Can't wait to see more of this lady!

8. Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst looked like a walking spring goddess during the popular May event with a gorgeous floral gown, and she stayed true to the theme with her lovely diamond stud earrings formed in the shape of a flower. Kirsten was one of the celebrities who were certified show stoppers during the Cannes Festival's opening ceremony. For her jewelry, she went for classic Chopard diamond earrings.

9. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek may not have been appearing in many red carpet events lately. Still, she made sure she returned to the French red carpet, looking every bit a fashion maven with her pastel gown and her luxurious choker necklace. Hayek turned heads once more with the stand out style she decided to rock during the famous event. The sparkly vibe is so unforgettable. Oh, and not to mention the choker necklace from Boucheron's Splendeur de Russie collection.

10. Lily Donaldson

In a red carpet event where the black color is considered a fashion staple by many, you need to accelerate your fashion game for you to stand out. Lily Donaldson knows that very well. The Victoria's Secret model brought back the grunge style with a sophisticated twist. Our attention is particularly focused on Lily's black and gold stunning earrings and her golden ring and bracelets. Inevitably, she brought life to those Saint Laurent jewelry pieces!

11. Naomi Watts

What is the best way to accentuate an enchanting gown? Go for enchanting jewelry. We took that inspiration from Naomi Watts, who cemented her name once more on the best-dressed list with an ethereal looking lilac gown that is all covered in sparkling details that seem to depict brilliant butterflies. To complement her dazzling look, the blonde actress went for a color-filled choker necklace from Bulgari. The details of these two pieces are perfect.

12. Julianne Moore

Veteran actress Julianne Moore, also known as one of the faces who always stands out in red carpet events, did it once again. She outshone a ton of celebrities with her emerald sequin gown and black details. Now, how else could you make an emerald gown pop but by using emerald earrings to go with it? She used Chopard's emerald dangling earrings, and we can say that she made an excellent choice. She looked divine on the red carpet!

13. Cheryl

Although she did not appear on the red carpet scene with the new beau Liam Payne of One Direction, Cheryl still looked as captivating as always in her bold patterned number. She looked oh-so-sexy with the prints and patterns (right choice for eschewing on the never-ending black gowns, C!). She kept the look classy by opting for laid-back jewelry. Her jewelry ensemble was composed of opals, rose gold, and white gold pieces all from De Grisogono fashion house.

14. Bella Hadid

Nowadays, the other beautiful daughter of Yolanda Foster is starting to escape the shadow of fame of her sister, Gigi Hadid. Of course, she has all the right to do so because Bella is another beauty to behold, evidenced by this look, she donned for the prestigious French film festival. The tanned beauty went for a skin-tone colored gown, and she paired it with dainty jewelry from De Grisogono. Way to go for standing out, Bella!

15. Jessica Chastain

When I first laid my eyes on this look, a specific phrase came to my mind: she's from the Roaring '20s. I couldn't put a finger that made this look like it came from the Jazz Age. Perhaps, it was the color. Probably, it was her jewelry. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that Jessica's choice to go for this fashion style paid off in the red carpet scene. Jessica Chastain's long chain studded with diamonds came from the Extremely Piaget collection.

16. Aishwarya Rai

This beauty is truly one of the faces you cannot ignore in the fashion scene. Indian beauty Aishwarya Rai captivated both audience and photographers when she appeared on the red carpet, looking every bit a fashion inspiration with her romantic loose hair and bold lips. She also took advantage of the sexy vibe her look sends off by opting for the dazzling Halo Delilah necklace and Hopi ring from the jewelry house Boucheron.

17. Blake Lively

Breaking into the best-dressed list of every fashion company, the beautifully pregnant Blake Lively sure did get many thumbs up for her Cannes Festival look. Rocking a baby bump isn't one of the easiest things to achieve, but Blake did just that. In her Cinderella blue gown, she bedazzled everyone. What added more beauty factor to her gown were the dainty rose gold earrings from Blake's favorite jewelry designer, Lorraine Schwartz.

18. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, who was obviously all smiles during the festival, made a statement of her own: through her jewelry. The star, who attended the premiere night for George Clooney's "Money Monsters," looked very regal in a black number and a top-notch emerald necklace from the Red Carpet Collection by Chopard.

19. Kendall Jenner

Although we know, some models who attend the event are not there for cinematic purposes but aesthetic ones, we commend the models who always pull all the stops to look enviable. Kendall Jenner is one of those head-turning models who know what looks good on them. For Kendall, it was this see-through the number and her lavish Chopard dangling earrings.

20. Sonam Kapoor

Another Indian beauty made it to our red carpet best-dressed list. The name of this captivating lady is Sonam Kapoor. She earned tons of praises for her Cannes festival looks. We are in love with this romantic pink gown, ethereal cape, and floral choker necklace from Bulgari.

These 20 looks from 20 beautiful women are truly commendable. I don't even know where to start praising them, for they have lived up to the Cannes Festival's fashion standards. We can't wait to be amazed at more of these looks at next year's event. They so deserve to be on the best-dressed list. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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