15 Gemstone Gift Ideas This Valentine's Day

Gemstone jewelry has become one of the most romantic gift ideas for Valentines. Not only because gemstones are beautiful. This is also because all gems carry with them interesting facts and meanings. There are gemstones for moving on, gemstones for success, and gemstones for romance. If you plan to give gemstone gifts on Valentine's day, check out these fourteen gems for romance!


Why: Known as the gemstone that strengthens marriage and romantic relationships. It is the stone of "successful love." Emeralds bring unity to friendships. This gorgeous green gemstone also symbolizes unconditional love -- the kind that sacrifices, that gives, and that completes.

What to get: If you're looking for an ideal jewelry gift this Valentine's day, go for a breathtaking emerald ring. Not only does it exude class and sophistication, but it also symbolizes the strength of your love. Make it more fun by popping the question this February 14. Emerald engagement rings are a must on that romantic day.

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Why: If you are looking for a gemstone that reinforces love and devotion in relationships, then the garnet stone is for you. It's a stone that strengthens a couple's love and devotion. It also can increase sexual intimacy. For new relationships, garnet stones help deepen the bond. For long term ones, it helps rejuvenate the fire that's in there. It can also alleviate feelings of animosity and anger and helps soothe arguments.

What to Get: A garnet necklace pendant is a simple yet profound way of making sure your significant other is aware about how much you care for her. Garnets are also perfect as a gem in bangles.

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Why: If what you are looking for in your gemstone gifts brings back trust, tourmaline is a great choice. Tourmaline is known as an all-natural aphrodisiac that brings romance not only to the material but also to the spiritual level. This is a perfect Valentine's day gift for someone who has given you so much love.

What to Get: A tourmaline necklace is one of the prettiest options you can take. The almost-rainbow color of this stone is in itself a captivating piece.

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Why: With its fiery colors, it is undeniable that ruby is one of the fascinating gems to give this Valentine's day. It has been a long-standing wedding gem because of how it embodies love and passion in a relationship. The ruby gemstone fires up the passion and drives away the negative energy. The ruby is a gemstone for lovers, indeed.

What to Get: Without a doubt, what you need to get is the ruby gemstone ring. It's a beautiful addition to your partner's jewelry and a special piece to prove your love and devotion to her. Yes, get the ruby gem!

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Rose Quartz

Why: Rose quartz is also popular with its name "the stone of unconditional love." This is for couples who can stand the test of time. This is also for those who promote self-love this Valentine's day. If you are single and want to give yourself a gift this romantic day of the year, go for rose quartz. This gem is believed to help single hearts find new romances.

What to Get: A dainty rose quartz ring is a perfect choice if you want to go low-key. A rose quartz charm is a great gift for charm lovers.

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Why: It turns out that turquoise is not only a stone for bohemian fashion lovers; it's also a cute gift this Valentine's day. Why? Turquoise is a stone that brings healing and protection to the heart, soul, and mind. A turquoise stone is also a symbol of one's fidelity to their partner. This gemstone is versatile, so it"s a suitable gift for every relationship.

What to Get: A statement turquoise necklace is a way to tell your beloved how she rocks. You can also opt for a dainty turquoise midi ring for extra glam.

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Why: The fiery orange color of the carnelian gem is not only made to be enjoyed by lovers; it comes as a great gift for parents, too. In fact, the carnelian gemstone is believed to have the power to strengthen the love and trust between a parent and a child. This is an astounding choice if you are looking for Valentine's gift for mother or grandmother.

What to Get: One of the most famous carnelian trinkets is bead jewelry. Carnelian beads gathered together in a string, create a vibe of antiquity to it. The recipient will love this a lot.

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Why: It's the diamond, need I say more? The diamond has become one of the most iconic symbols of love, thanks to the fact that most engagement rings are now made out of this clear, sparkly rock. The diamond is said to symbolize complete devotion for a companion. If you want to let her know that she's the one, say it with a diamond.

What to Get: The top choice would be a big chunky diamond ring given on one knee. But if you're not yet planning to propose or if you're already married, you can go for a pair of diamond stud earrings.

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Why: There is something mystical about the moonstone gem. And when it comes to romance, mystery and surprises are kinds of a good idea. If your goal is to surprise her by giving her something unique, present her with a moonstone. The mystical and almost ethereal look of this stone will somewhat surprise her with delight. Trust us. Get it.

What to get: A moonstone pendant set in white gold is a dazzling piece to take home to your sweetheart. A moonstone ring also takes the cake in the gift category.

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Why: Thanks to Prince William and his sapphire engagement ring to Kate Middleton, we now have new "engagement ring goals." Yes, nothing can beat the blue sapphire's romantic blue beauty, and it's giving a whole new meaning to romantic gemstones. If you plan to get a colored gem, go for a sapphire. It's not only beautiful; it also can bring back the calm in a relationship.

What to Get: A blue sapphire engagement ring, if you may. A set of dangling sapphire earrings can also be considered.

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Why: If you are feeling heartbroken this Valentine's day, don't worry. These gemstones are not only for lovers but also for those who try to heal and love themselves more. This stone is called the rhodonite, also known as the stone for self-love. This stone is believed to have the power to heal the hearts that still have love scars. This stone also opens the heart to forgiving and forgetting. If you or someone you know needs a little cheering up this Heart's day, this gem is a top choice.

What to Get: A rhodonite bracelet is a great wardrobe addition for someone who wants to feel validated on couples' day.


Why: For those who are from Asia, specifically the Chinese civilization, the jade gemstone is a stone that is a "gift from heaven." Therefore, high esteem is given to this beautiful and mystical gemstone. They believe that this gem is so pure, it can heal and protect relationships. If you want to tell your favorite girl that she's heaven-sent, give her the gift of jade.

What to Get: A popular jade jewelry piece is the bead necklace. If your girl loves earrings, a pair of jade drop earrings will delight her, too.

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Why: The amber gem is an exciting gift of nature to us. Amber is not made from minerals from the soil. It's the fossilized resin from trees formed for millions of years. If you're lucky, you may find insects trapped inside your amber stones. They say that amber is a symbol of long-lasting love. It is proof that you will love your partner for a long, long time.

What to Get: One popular amber jewelry is an amber midi ring. If you have some time (and some extra cash to spare), get amber stones that have insect inclusions on them. They are more valuable.

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Why: The pearl is one of the most beloved natural gemstones in existence. They are timeless, and they are forever classy. Its white shade and its dainty appearance say that the pearl gem is a symbol of pure, innocent love. A pearl also signifies fidelity and devotion in marriage. For unmarried couples, giving the gift of pearl is like telling you are making sure your love remains pure.

What to Get: A string of pearls. None else. Pearl necklace. Go for it!

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With this list of gemstone for romance, you can now have many options to give the love of your life this Valentine's day. Make sure you're giving it with a sincere heart. She deserves it. For high-quality gemstone jewelry pieces, you can check out IceCarats.com's gem jewelry collection. With classy jewelry pieces, we assure you that she will love it! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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