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13 Lucky Charms for The Year of the Rooster

13 Lucky Charms for The Year of the Rooster

They say that luck in life is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Luck comes at the best opportunities. One of the best times to feel lucky again is in this New Lunar Year. The Year of the Rooster is soon upon us, and it's a brand new time to attract fortune again. Chinese culture holds a lot of lucky charms that they believe bring prosperity to a lot of people. If you think you belong to those people who also believe in the power of charms, here are 13 lucky Chinese charms for New Year. These pieces of lucky jewelry Chinese can bring a lot of success to your life this year.

1. Four Clover Leaves

Four-clover leaf pendants have left a mark on everyone's mind as the ultimate lucky charm. This belief has originated from Ireland but did you know that even Chinese people believe in this charm's capacity to bring good luck to life? According to legend, four clover leaves help people avoid the giver of bad fortunes. Four clover leaves have four meanings: faith, hope, love, and luck. Other accounts tell that this charm stands for fame, wealth, health, and a loyal kind of love. Attract good luck in your life always by wearing a four-clover leaf pendant.

2. Horse Shoe Pendant

There are various reasons why horseshoes are considered good luck by a ton of people. Some day that horseshoes bring good luck because they are made out of iron. Iron, they say, helps drive out mischief fairies and elements that seek to bring bad luck to one's life. A popular legend tells of a blacksmith who made a horseshoe and attached it to the devil's foot so the evil one can stay away from him forever. Whatever the reason is, it's cool to hang a horseshoe in your place. You can also get horseshoe pendants you can attach to your necklace for extra good luck strength.

3. The Dice Charm

Since dice is always present in every game of luck, it's no wonder that the dice's symbol has renowned for being one of the most popular lucky charms out there. They say that when someone wears a dice, they increase her luck at winning in life. Though that has not been proven yet, we are sure of one thing: the dice can also be a fun charm to wear. Look funky and adventurous with the help of a dice pendant. Who knows, luck may come in your way when you wear this lucky item.

4. Lady Bugs

In most countries, ladybugs are just common insects that can be seen anywhere. To others, especially German people, ladybugs are a symbol of luck and good fortune. Some people say that when a ladybug lands on you, you let it stay. Brushing it off also means brushing good luck off your life. They also say that when a man and a woman spot a ladybug simultaneously, they will fall in love. The deeper the color, the higher the chance it can attract luck. Make luck a constant part of your life with ladybug earrings!

5. Lucky 7

All throughout time, the number 7 has been associated with so many things: luck, perfection, fortune, the best. Even the Greeks call this number as the perfect one. Perhaps most of us have heard that 7 is a number of fortune. They say it is connected with the fact that there are seven days a week, seven rainbow colors, seven days of creation, so on and forth. If you also consider the number 7 your number of luck, you can carry luck with you all through the day by wearing a number pendant. You will attract luck non-stop.

6. Lucky Number 8

However, it is not only the number seven, but that is also bagging it in the luck department. It turns out that for most cultures, the number 8 is also considered the number of luck. In Chinese culture, their word for "eight" sounds pretty similar to the word for prosperity. They say that number 8 is a symbol of infinity, meaning the luck that comes into your life is endless. Also, the shape of the number eight shows balance, which is an essential part of success. If you don't like the number 7, you can wear the lucky number 8 instead.

7. Rabbit's Foot

The next one on our list rabbit's foot. Although this lucky charm has become a much-heated subject of debate (some people doubt its authenticity when it comes to giving luck), it is still trendy. They say that a rabbit's foot has the power to can ward off the influence and power of evil magic. However, the sight of a bloody rabbit foot hanging in my belongings doesn't really appeal to me. If you want to include the rabbit foot charm but don't like the sight of it, you can opt for this cute rabbit pendant you can wear with you everywhere.

8. Other Animal Lucky Charms

It's not only the rabbit that belongs to the "lucky animals" category. Throughout different cultures, animals like fishes, birds, and even legendary creatures have become an icon of luck. For Chinese culture, fishes are an important part of feng shui because they bring luck and money into one's life. Pigs are often used by Germans as gifts to welcome New Year. The scarab beetle has a long-standing reputation of bringing luck even since the Ancient Egyptian era. If you are looking for animal jewelry pieces that can bring luck, you can go for a fish brooch or scarab beetle pendants.

9. Rainbow

Just by looking at the rainbow, you will see what makes it such a popular lucky charm for many people. Another thing that makes it so distinct is the legend that surrounds it. They say that you will find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Rainbow charms are also known to be a great source of encouragement. Just looking at the rainbow and its colors will tell you how much they can cheer one person up. Invest in a perfect rainbow necklace or rainbow earrings for added beauty and added luck.

10. Coin Charms

A popular adage says that if you find a penny on the street, don't throw it away. If you keep a penny you saw, it can give you good luck. So goes with any coin charms out there. When you get a penny that is face-up, get that lucky one! Aside from pennies, Chinese coins also come as a lucky charm. Chinese I-ching coins are symbols of luck that are often given as gifts at weddings and New Year's Day. Find your penny of luck with pendants that resemble coins.

11. Jade Bracelet

Perhaps one of the most popular lucky charms for Chinese people is the jade. According to popular Chinese beliefs, jade gemstone can help the owner attract love and good fortune. It also can ward off the possible evil events. The Jade gemstone is known as an imperial stone, thanks to how special it is treated in China. Jade bracelets are usually given to newborns so that good luck will follow them all their lives. Business owners also keep jade stones in their stores. If you want to get lucky fast, invest in a piece of excellent jade jewelry.

12. Bamboo Charms

Actually, the bamboo called "lucky" isn't the bamboo we are all familiar with. It is just the cousin of the actual bamboo. The name of this lucky stalk is Dracaena. They say that the more the stalks of the bamboo, the more chance for a person to be lucky. A bamboo with three stalks means long life, a life with love, and a life with wealth. However, some dracaena has more stalks than three. This gives a higher chance at the luck department. Carry luck with you all the time with this beautiful bamboo brooch.

13. Dream Catcher

Dream catchers have Native American Origin. The dream catcher's main feature is its intricate web-like design. However, this doesn't just serve as an attraction or a design. In actuality, the web has a purpose. They say that the web-like feature helps in catching evil dreams as it enters into a house. Because this dream catcher prevents nightmares, it helps invite love, prosperity, happiness, and fun into a household. Many people hang dream catchers at the entrance of their homes.

If you want to carry luck with you wherever you go, get a pair of dream catcher earrings or dream catcher rings. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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