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10 Best Jewelry Gifts for Women on Valentine's Day

10 Best Jewelry Gifts for Women on Valentine's Day

Oh, the beauty of Valentine's day. Everyone is joining in the V-day's hustle, going to designer stores and expensive shops to find the best Valentine's gift for the people they love. Searching for gift ideas for Valentine's day can be very daunting, but that is nothing compared to the stress of shopping for the gift itself. To allow you to express your love to the special people in your life without experiencing the stress of Valentine's day shopping, here are ten best jewelry gift ideas that women will love. These jewelry pieces are dainty, beautiful, and utterly classy. These ten romantic jewelry pieces will surely give delight to the woman you love.

1. Diamond stud earrings

If you always enjoy seeing your favorite person shining and sparkling, then these diamond stud earrings are the perfect gift. Simple but undeniably classy, this accessory is a romantic addition to her wardrobe. No matter how simple the clothes, the diamond stud earrings can make a plain-looking ensemble into a popping one. That is why it is one of the best jewelry gifts for women on Valentine's day, not only because it is dainty and lovely, but it is also a much-needed accessory for your sweetheart. If the saying "Diamond is a girl's best friend', " then you're gifting your girl with her new BFF for life. With high-quality diamond stud earrings from, you are guaranteed that the crystals will last a lifetime.

2. Gemstone Jewelry

If you want a non-traditional way of expressing your love, this gemstone jewelry can help you come Valentine's day. Unlike its diamond counterpart, colored gemstones have an exceptional beauty in them that cannot be explained. Perhaps that is the reason this is such a unique Valentine's day gift for her. It will remind her of ethereal beauty, the beauty that is peculiar but stunning. Ruby, emerald, and sapphire gemstones are among the most popular gems in the jewelry we can find today. These gems are beyond gorgeous, especially when mounted on rings, made as pendants, or as a brooch. Sterling silver chains and gemstone pendants make a killer tandem. On Valentine's day, give her a personalized gift with a gem that is her birthstone. Nothing can ever beat a gift that is breathtaking AND personalized. Dig the gems!

3. Initials Pendants

Speaking of personalized Valentine's day gift, nothing can ever beat the charm of an initials pendant. These babies that come in your sweetheart's name's initials are a sublime reminder of how you treasure her. Initials necklaces that come in a gold setting and sterling silver metals are best-sellers; even Hollywood celebrities love these letter pendants. What a great way to wear identity and fashion! Add a most needed accessory to her jewelry box with this item that will inevitably become her staple accessory. Trust us, we have seen that happen a million times already. These trinkets also come in different designs, fonts, and font sizes to choose the one that suits her taste the most! Check out's collection of this bauble, and you will find the one!

4. Vintage Jewelry

Vintage necklace, antique rings, classic earrings, you name it. Women go head over heels in love with something, especially when their description comes with the word "vintage." I don't know why, but vintage jewelry has a certain appeal to us; perhaps that is why an increase in estate jewelry sales was observed. Just knowing that there is a story behind jewelry makes it all the more exciting and valuable. Some estate jewelry comes from the collections of royals and prominent people. Now, who won't be intrigued by that? The more something is clouded with mystery, the more we love it. So, indulge, treat your lady love with some antique jewelry, and know the history. Scribble the story down for her as you present her this gift. If possible, photograph her reaction. You will be pleased.

5. Charms Bracelet

Is there anything more charming than charm jewelry pieces? It is a gift that hits the heart a lot because it is so meaningful. Through the years, more and more charms have been created. Nowadays, dolphin charms, dog charms, and all sorts of animal charms are becoming a trend, especially to those who find animals close to their hearts. Shopping charms, religious charms, are also popular in the market. IceCarat' charms come in.

925 silver is proof that it is made to be durable. If she's not a fan of silver, you can opt for the lovely gold charms. Just identify things that give delight to her or stuff she's passionate about. Then, find a charm that suits her passion. She will love every bit of it. Check out more reasons why you should give charm bracelets or charm jewelry as gifts here.

6. Custom Word Bracelet

Gold bracelet with words. I see them everywhere. It seems that this trinket has become one of the fashion favorites of women to wear with their other accessories. But who wouldn't love them? These custom words bracelet is such stunning jewelry because you can make it carry the name you always want your woman to remember. You can have "I Love You" and other sorts of words scribbled into the bracelet. How sweet is that? This trinket is also best for bracelet stacking and layering—what a romantic way of adding a little fashion something into your favorite girl's style. I'll bet my hats that she'll fall for you over again.

7. Birthstone Jewelry

Still, confused about what kind of gem should you give to your lady love? How about some real old birthstone jewelry? You can never go wrong with going for her birthstone because she will surely love it. Birthstones also have different meanings, so you can subtly express your message to her through pretty gems. If she's born in February, you're in luck. February's birthstone is the amethyst, a gem with such magnetic dark purple color. sells captivating birthstone jewelry from rings, pendants, to dangling earrings. Give a short description of the gemstone when you give her your Valentine's gift to her. Some gems come as sorts of amulets. When she knows you are helping her feel appreciated, you want her always to remember that you care.

8. Diamond-studded Bracelets

One can never have the wrong choice when it comes to choosing diamond-studded bracelets. A certified head-turner, these diamond studded bracelets are every girl's dream. Can you recall movie scenes where the leading lady gets a diamond bracelet for Valentine's and then gets sashayed into a romantic, fancy dinner with the eye candy on her hand? Well, once in a while. Those scenes make us weak in the knees. Give her a movie-worthy Valentine's day by surprising her with's diamond-studded bracelets. Tuck in some Chanel dress and scent, and attach tickets to an exquisite concert and a lavish dinner afterward. It does not hurt to become super fancy once in a while on Valentine's day. Although is here to help you with the bracelet concerns, make sure to have some reservations on theaters and restaurants on February 14.

9. Diamond dangling earrings

If you see your beautiful woman as the queen of your life, make her look like one with this great Valentine's day gift: dangling diamond earrings. Yes, we often see them in red carpet appearances attached to the A-listers and other ravishing stars' ears. Give her the surprise of her life with these ethereal dangling earrings. She would, no doubt, look like a queen. A diamond is a perfect investment of a lifetime, so make sure your stones are of the highest quality. Come and visit our diamond jewelry collection and be amazed at our prized diamonds' designs and prices! You won't be disappointed, we guarantee you.

10. Horizontal Bar Necklace

When Sarah Jessica Parker's Sex and the City character, Carrie, stepped out wearing a gold chain and a pendant bearing her name, everyone went gaga. The gold name necklace would then be everywhere, a fashion favorite of girls and women alike. Through the years, the customized name necklace experienced changes in its design. One of the most trendy names pendant style is the horizontal bar pendant with an engraved name. If your woman loves personalized jewelry, this name necklace on Valentine's day is ideal for a romantic present. Not only is it inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker, but it also bears her name. Is there anything better than that? You'll get her approval, and that's the best thing of all.

For more Valentine's day jewelry, visit our other fantastic collections. We have the best gold, sterling silver, stainless steel jewelry that suits everyone's taste. We are proud of our romantic jewelry collection; we suggest you check it, too, for an impressive Valentine gift-giving feat come February 14! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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